Peter & Colista (Dolf) LaFlex

Thorp, Clark Co., Wisconsin

Peter LaFlex was born March 23, 1858 in Canada, where he lived as a boy and received his education. He was married to Colista Dolf at Colby in 1876 and came to Thorp in 1877 as one of the first settlers. He homesteaded a 40-acre farm in the Town of Reseburg and had lived there for 60 years, dying at the age of eighty-five.

Colista preceded him in death on Feb. 4, 1941. Both Peter and his wife are buried in the East Thorp Cemetery in Clark County, Wisconsin.

Census Records




PETER LAFLEX, born 23 March 1855 in Cornwall, Ontario; died 15 February 1942 in Owen, Wisconsin.  He is the son of Ignace Fex and Ellen Taillon.  He married Colista Dolph born 5 February 1856 in New York on 30 May 1877 in Mayville, Clark County, Wisconsin.  She was the daughter of Leander Dolph and Hannah Clark.


Note about Peter LaFlex:

Peter came to the U.S. via Detroit in 1874 or 1877


Note about Colista LaFlex:

She died 4 February 1941

Burial was by Bogumill Funeral Home


Children of Peter LaFlex and Colista Dolph;

1.      Edward Alexander LaFlex, born 27 Febuary 1878 in Reseburg, Wisconsin; died November 1965 in Wisconsin; married Goldie Eleanor Krummard 05 June 1904 in Colby, Wisconsin.  She was the daughter of Edwin Krummard and Margaret unknown. 


Children of Edward and Eleanor LaFlex:


            1.      Anonyme LaFlex

      2.      Laura Belle LaFlex, married Eugene Gierach

                                        3.   Marvel LaFlex, born 28 December 1908 in Thorp, Wisconsin;

                                        died 30 December 1985; married Waldemar Hilgendorf on 30

                                        June 1928, she was born 7 October 1907.

                 4.   Peter Amos LaFlex, born 18 May 1911, Thorp, Wisconsin.     

     5.   Anonyme LaFlex, born 29 March 1913; died 29 March 1913

     6.      Arthur Edward LaFlex, born 15 April 1914 died 18 March 1998    

      in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Don Klumb tells me that Arthurís

      oldest daughter died of cancer.  He also had one son, Arthur.

     7.      Anne May LaFlex, born 15 February 1917 in Thorp, Wisconsin.


Note from Don Klumb about Anne:

She died of liver cancer at a young age.

Kenny was her son and he died in the Army.


Note from Nikki Ann LaFlex:

Her parents were Kenneth and Marriane LaFlex.  Kennethís mom was Anne May LaFlex.  She never married.

     8.      Josephine LaFlex, born 21 March 1918, Reseburg, Wisconsin;

Died 1918 in Wisconsin.

                                       9.   Madaline LaFlex, born 07 April 1920 in Reseburg, Wisconsin.  


                                        One of the above is Donald Klumbís line.


2.      Alfred Louis LaFlex, born 15 August 1879 in Reseburg, Wisconsin;

January 1963 in Wisconsin; married Sarah J. Biddle in Wisconsin.


Note:  SSN 394-10-0041, Wisconsin


Children of Alfred LaFlex and Sarah Biddle:

1.      Belva LaFlex, born 26 Feruary 1910

2.      Goldine Ruth LaFlex, born 05 February 1912 in Worden, Wisconsin.

3.      Milola Mae LaFlex, born 04 June 1924 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.



3.      JOSEPHINE LAFLEX; born 25 March 1881 in Reseburg, Wisconsin;

                            died 12 July 1960 in Stanley, Wisconsin; married HENRY POPPE 03    

                            July 1898 in Warner, Wisconsin.  He was born 26 March 1876, Hixton,  

                            Clark County, Wisconsin; died 18 March 1967 in Wisconsin and was

                             the son of Ernst Poppe and Barbara Hassenpflug.



                             Both Henry and Josephine died in Chippewa County, Wisconsin 


                             More about Josephine LaFlex:
                             Burial:  1960, Riverside Cemetery, Withee, Wisconsin

                             More about Henry Poppe:

                             Burial:  1967, Riverside Cemetery, Withee, Wisconsin


                             Note about Henry and Josephine LaFlex;

                             Darlene Poppe is their granddaughter.


                             Children of Josephine LaFlex and Henry Poppe:

1.      Clarence Rudolph Poppe, born 24 February 1899 in Longwood

Wisconsin; died 14 March 1972 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin; married Florence Agnes Ruth Kenny 07 July 1925 in Neillsville, Wisconsin.

2.      Sadie May Poppe, born 14 August 1900 in Longwood,

Wisconsin; died 20 December 1989 in Minneapolis, Minnesota; married Richard Albert Sorenson 06 October 1920 in Withee, Wisconsin.

3.      Barbara Ellen Poppe, born 06 January 1902 in Longwood,

Wisconsin; died 21 May 1988 in Stanley, Wisconsin; married (1.)  Archie Nathan Nourse 25 May 1921 in Withee, Wisconsin, two daughter, Nelda and ___________; (2.)  Walter LeRoy Emmerson 15 September1940 in Clark County, Wisconsin.  One child, Sandi Emmerson.

4.      Oliver Peter Poppe, born 24 September 1904 in Longwood,

Wisconsin; died 31 May 1971 in Lakewood, Los Angeles County, California; married (1) Marion unknown (2) Helen Wanda Nikrosius 11 July 1935 in Staten Island, New York.

5.      Anonyme Poppe, born 1906 in Longwood, Wisconsin; died

1906 in Longwood, Wisconsin.

                                  6.   Colista Beatrice Poppe, born 28 January 1908 in Withee,

Wisconsin; died 12 March 1999 in Chippewa County, Wisconsin; married (1) Blasius George Oberle 14 November 1925 in Neillsville, Wisconsin, they had one son, Bill Oberle (2) Robert Richard Collins 02 November 1947 in Royal, Wisconsin.

7.      Harry Poppe, born 09 January 1911 in Reseburg, Wisconsin;

Died 09 January 1911 in Reseburg, Wisconsin.

8.      Antoinette Myrtle Poppe, born 09 January 1912 in Longwood, Wisconsin; died 02 January 1981 in Owen, Wisconsin; married Charles Olaf Amundsen 30 March 1935 in Owen, Wisconsin.

9.      RUSSELL EVERD POPPE, born 15 August 1917 in Reseburg, Wisconsin; died 19 March 1992 in Santa Monica, California; married (1) Freida Tisdale 19 November 1937 in Clark County, Wisconsin.  They had 1 child, Sharlene Lenora Poppe. (2) VIOLET JANE STEELE in Clark County, Wisconsin.  She was born 09 October 1925 and was the daughter of Harry Steele and Clara Inga Strand.  They had 5 children; Darlene, Jerry, Linda, Pat and Debbie.

10.  Kenneth William Poppe, born 01 October 1919 in Reseburg, Wisconsin; died 14 February 1995 in Cloquet, Minnesota; married Ethel LaFlex 21 December 1941 in Bessemer, Michigan.  They had 2 boys, Gary and Dale and 1 girl, Cindy Lou.


4.      Joseph LaFlex, born 25 March 1881 in Reseburg, Wisconsin; died 25

                            March 1881, Reseburg, Wisconsin


                            Note:  Joseph and Josephine were twins.


5.      Myrtle Maybell LaFlex, born September 1882 Reseburg, Wisconsin;

Died 17 July 1940 in New Hudson, Michigan; married Gustave Grimm.


6.      Effie Eleanor LaFlex, born March 1884 in Worden, Wisconsin; died

23 December 1911 in Worden, Wisconsin; married Peter Frederick Glasshoff 07 October 1900 in Reseburg, Wisconsin.  He was the son of Peter Glasshoff and Marguerite Thiesen.


Children of Effie LaFlex and Peter Glasshoff:

1.      William E. Glasshoff

2.      Chester V. Glasshoff, born 28 April 1903 in Worden, Wisconsin; died 31 July 1990.

3.      Ernest Glasshoff, born 07 May 1905 in Worden, Wisconsin; died February 1981 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

4.      Russell F. Glasshoff.

5.      Anonyme Glasshoff, born 19 December 1911 in Worden, Wisconsin; died 19 December 1911 in Worden, Wisconsin.


Note:  Iva LaFlex told me that Effie (her aunt) die after giving birth to her 5th child.  The child was born dead.  She died 3 days after having a C-section that was done on the kitchen table.



7.       Leander Leonard LaFlex, born 20 March 1886 in Reseburg, Clark

County, Wisconsin; died 21 April 1974 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin; married Charlotte Francis Harris 05 November 1913.  She was the daughter of Asa Franklin Harris and Emma Rosemond Chapin.


Children of Leander LaFlex and Charlotte Harris;


1.      Lenora Effie LaFlex, born 16 November 1914 in Colby,

Wisconsin; died 09 March 1997 in Mount Morris, Wisconsin; married Ray Bauer.

2.      Viola May LaFlex, born 27 February 1916 in Withee, Clark

County, Wisconsin; died 09 July 1994 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin; married Erwin H Zeihl.

3.      Doloris Marie LaFlex, born 15 March 1917 in Morse, Wisconsin;

died 27 May 1984 in Wisconsin; married (1) Clarence Regal; married (2) Robert Ribble.

4.      Leander Leonard LaFlex, born 19 July 1918 in Morse, Wisconsin

Died 02 February 1945, in World War II, at the age of 27; married Wilma Luebke.

5.      Russell Florian LaFlex, born 20 February 1920 in Morse,

Wisconsin; died 04 February 1992 in Neehah, Wisconsin; married (1) Viona Wood; married (2) Etha Wilson; married (3) Velda Anna Hermina Bartel on 04 July 1965 in Metz, Wisconsin.

6.      Roger LeRoy LaFlex born 26 November 1921 in Morse,

Wisconsin; married Ruth Olson 26 November 1945 in Waupaca, Wisconsin.

7.      Norman Irving LaFlex, born 15 December 1923 in Morse,

Wisconsin; died 31 January 1924 in Morse, Wisconsin.

8.      Delbert Earl LaFlex, born 05 November 1924 in Morse,

Wisconsin; died 20 July 1961 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin; married Velda Anna Hermina Bartel 01 Jume 1947 in East Bloomfield, Wisconsin.


Note:  Roger says that Delbert died from Appendix and staff infection.  Was a diabetic.


9.      Ellen Lulu LaFlex, born 28 May 1930 in Withee, Wisconsin;

Married (1) Loren Hansen; (2) George Workentine (3) Leo Beyer (4) Tom Tolen (5) Jim Haggen.


8.      Frank Franklin LaFlex, born 03 July 1889 in Reseburg, Wisconsin; died May 1983 in Stanley, Wisconsin; married Adeline Lydia Johanna Anton 14 July 1921 in Thief River Falls, Minnesota.  She was the daughter of Hans Anton and Louise Hesse.


Children of Frank LaFlex and Adeline Anton:


1.      Anonyme LaFlex, I am told by Iva LaFlex that this child died at 7 months, in the womb.  The doctor felt that it was best for the mother to carry it to term.  It was stillborn.

2.      Oliver Clayton LaFlex; born 30 June 1922 in Thief River Falls;

Died 08 October 1975 in Stanley, Wisconsin; married Felicia Djubenski 09 September 1950 in Willard, Minnesota.


Note:  WW II Private First Class U.S Army


      Note from Iva LaFlex:  Oliver died from Sclera derma.


3.      Phyllis Mae LaFlex, born 13 February 1924 in Thorp,

Wisconsin; died October 30 2003 at Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Clare, Wisconsin; married Louis John Wald 14 May 1946 at St Pauls Lutheran Church in Reseburg, Wisconsin.


Note about Phyllis LaFlex:

Graduated from Thorp High School in 1942.


Note on Phyllis and Louis Wald:

They moved to Chippewa Falls in 1947, where they lived until
moving to Altoona in June 2003. She had been a waitress at Reiters steakhouse for 45 years, then was a part-time cashier at Gordys IGA Wissota.


Burial of Phyllis Wald:

Forest Hills Cemetery, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

Pederson-Volker Funeral Chapel, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Member of the Christ Lutheran Church in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.


Children of Phyllis and Louis Wald:

     1.  Joanne (Glenn) Tucker of Lexington, Texas

2.       2. Chuck (Barb) Wald of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.


4.      Wanonah Marvel LaFlex, born 18 October 1925 in Thorp, Wisconsin; married Sidney Weiss 08 February 1844 in Chicago, Illinois.


5.      Donetta Lorraine LaFlex, born 24 March 1927 in Thorp, Wisconsin; died 16 September 1997 in Thorp, Wisconsin; married Malen Lawrence Teclaw 24 September 1949 in Withee, Wisconsin.

      Note from Iva LaFlex:  Donetta died from Liver cancer.


6.      Earl Lauen LaFlex, born 09 August 1929 in Thorp, Wisconsin; married Omie Sheppard 10 September 1960 in Dunwoody, Georgia.


7.      Iva Marie LaFlex, born 26 July 1932 in Worden, Wisconsin; married Clifford Elmo Bloom 08 August 1952 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


8.      Maynard Frank LaFlex, born 30 May 1935; died 04 October

1999, Stanley, Wisconsin; married Sharon Doreen Maves 29 November 1958 in Our Saviours Lutheran Church, Stanley, WI.


Note from Iva LaFlex:  Maynard died of lung cancer.


Note:  Maynard joined the US Navy in 1954. During his naval career he served in the Vietnam Conflict. While in Vietnam he received the commendation medal with combat distinguishing service. He returned to the United States and was honorably discharged in 1974.



Note about Frank LaFlex and Family from Paul Forster: Frank La Flex lived across the road from Eidsvold School (on the old Wry place) in 1948 and 1949. The school census data for those years list a son, Loran, aged 18 (in1948) born August 9, 1929; daughter Iva, 16 born July 26, 1931; son Maynard, 13, born May 30, 1935; son Le Roy, 8, born August 3, 1939; and a daughter Patsy, 6, born March 11, 1942. No evidence of the  family in 1947 or 1950.


9.      LeRoy Dean LaFlex, born 03 August 1940 in Reseburg,



10.  Patricia Antoinette LaFlex, born 11 March 1942 in Reseburg,

Wisconsin; married Wayne Vernon Madison 14 July 1959 in Gilman, Wisconsin.



11.  Virginia Ann LaFlex, born 07 July 1944 in Withee, Clark County, Wisconsin; die 07 July 1944 in Withee, Clark County, Wisconsin.



9.      Harry LaFlex, 25 September 1891 in Reseburg, Wisconsin; died

                                                         December1961 in Cloquet, Minnesota; married Mildred Viola

                                                         McMahon in Thorp, Wisconsin.


                                                         Note about Harry LaFlex.  Mary was his twin and she died at birth. 


                                                         Children of Harry LaFlex and Mildred Viola McMahon:

1.      Charles H. LaFlex, born 29 August 1916 in Thorp, Wisconsin;

2.      Francis LaFlex, born 08 July 1917 in Superior, Wisconsin; died May 1974 in Wisconsin.


3.      Viola LaFlex, born 17 February 1919 in Superior, Wisconsin.  Married Amos Pretzel.


4.      Ethel LaFlex, born 09 September 1923 in Cloquet, Minnesota; married Kenneth William Poppe 21 December 1941 in Bessemer, Michigan.  His parents were Henry and Josephine Poppe.

                                       Children of Ethel and Kenneth Poppe:

1.      Cindy Poppe

2.   Gary Poppe

3.   Dale Poppe


5.      Harrietta LaFlex, born 25 February 1930 in Superior,

Wisconsin.  Married Wayne Ylicopsa

6.      Margaret LaFlex

7.      Robert LaFlex

8.      George LaFlex

9.      Larraine LaFlex

10.  Eugene Harry LaFlex, born 1 December 1928; died 1 December 1998; married June Wentz, 10 November 1962 in Livingston.


Children of Eugene and June LaFlex.

1.      Marian LaFlex, married Clayton Frank.

2.      Susan LaFlex, married Richard Dvorak.

3.      Elaine LaFlex, married Bill Popelka

4.      Hank LaFlex

5.      Russel LaFlex.


 Note about Eugene Harry LaFlex:

                                          Gene enlisted in the Air Force in 1948. After his discharge in

                                          1952, he moved to Jardine and logged with his brother Fran

                                          before becoming a carpenter. He was a member of Local 1172

                                       His work includes the cabins at Olympic Village in                                                         Yellowstone Park, many of the bridges and overpasses on I-90 between Billings and Livingston, and the beautiful finish work in one of the courtrooms in the Yellowstone County Courthouse. He retired in 1990 after 35 years of carpentry. His profession was also his hobby.


                                       Note about Eugene Harry Poppe:

                                       He died from cancer.


10.  Mary LaFlex, born 25 September 1891, Reseburg, Wisconsin;

Died 25 September 1891, Reseburg, Wisconsin.



11.  Jessie James LaFlex, born 21 November 1896 Reseburg, Wisconsin;

Died 15 March 1977 in Stanley, Chippewa County,Wisconsin.


Note about Jessie James LaFlex:

He spent his life as a bachelor. 

Served in World War I


12.  Emil John LaFlex, born 21 February 1899; died 12 November 1979 in

Minneapolis, Minnesota; married (1) Eugenie Petit in thorp, Wisconsin;

(2) Myrtle Dora Fleischer 30 June 1947 in Iowa.


Children of Emil and Eugenie LaFlex:

1.      Richard Amos LaFlex, born 11 February in Gilman, Wisconsin; 

Died 02 August 1972 in Pequot Lake, Minnesota; married (1) Gloria Palmquist; (2) Sadie Ann King 10 November 1951 in Swanburg, Minnesota.


LaFlex Family Photos

(Click on photos to enlarge them)





Back row second from right is Sylvia LaFlex wife of Peter Amos LaFlex (parents Goldie and Alexander LaFlex).  1st row left to right are Arthur's(parents Goldie and Alexander) 1st wife Margaret, Goldie Eleanor Krunmard LaFlex and daughter Anna LaFlex.


Madeline LaFlex b 7April 1920, Reseburg, Clark County, Wisconsin.  Parents Alexander Edward LaFlex and Goldie Eleanor Krunmard.

Goldie Eleanor Krunmard, parents were Edwin and Margaret Krunmard from Colby, Wisconsin and Alexander Edward LaFlex b Feb 1878 in Reseburg, Clark County, Wisconsin, holding grandson Eugene Gierach. Eugene's parents were their daughter Laura Belle LaFlex b 15 Feb 1906 in Thorp, Wisconsin and Arnold Gierach.

Left to right, Bobby LaFlex, his father Peter Amos LaFlex and cousin Maynard LaFlex.  Peter Amos LaFlex's parents were Alexander Edward LaFlex b Feb 1878 in Reseburg, Clark County, Wisconsin and Goldie Eleanor Krunmard.  Goldie and Alexander married 5 June 1904 in Colby, clark County, Wisconsin.    Maynard LaFlex's parents were Frank LaFlex b 3 July 1889 and Adeline Lydia Johanna Anton b 12 Nov 1901, Iowa.  Maynard and Alexander LaFlex were brother's and their parents were Peter LaFlex and Colista Dolph.

Left to right is Elmer Klumb, his wife Madeline LaFlex, her parents Goldie Eleanor Krunmard and Alexander Edward LaFlex and their son's wife Charlotte Harris and son Leander LaFlex.

Bobby and Donetta's parents were Peter Amos LaFlex(his parents were Alexander Edward LaFlex and Goldie Eleanor Krunmard) and Silvia LaFlex.

Kenneth Kennedy's parents were Anna LaFlex(parents Alexander and Goldie) and Kenneth Kennedy.

On the left is Arnold Gierach and Laura LaFlex.   Believe that Laura's parents were Alexander Edward LaFlex and Goldie Eleanor Krunmard.  She was born 15 Feb 1906 in Thorp, Clark County, Wisconsin.  I do not know who the couple is on the left.





Darlene Poppe, Janet Rogalski and The Clark Co., WI History Buffs.



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