News: Granton Locals #2 (9 Nov 1917)


Surnames: Wright, Dorst, Brooks, Nonhof, Osgood, Wallace, Neitzel, Garbisch, Helm, Montgomery, Roder, Davis, Brown, Breseman, Marsh, Thayer, Moldenhauer, Hagen, Richards, Petznick, Mason, Mertens, Calkins, Ellis, Haltaufderheide, Good, Minett, Bartz, Hales, Porath, Crevecour, Hitzke, Beeckler, Reimer, Winn, Ingham, Grenfell, Braatz, Reiff, Dixon, Moore, Cole, Snyder, Handke, Schune, Scoles, Pietenpol, Wolf, Graves, Grassman, Sparks, Heibel, Marg, Kimball, Agin, Witt, Arquette, Thiede, Waterman, Beeckler, Timerson, Zorn, Jenkins, Schmidt, Baer, King, Kohl, Schlinsog, Oosterhaus, Lawson, Handt, Winn, Amidon, Knorr, Housley, Viergutz, Marte, Mitchell, Mahn, Ide, Lindman, Goldbeck, Kuechenmeister, Flunker, Kurth, Keller, Bornhoft, Jahr, Schoengarth, Deutsch, Hickox, Haase, Andres, Voigt, Reisner, Teatz, Lee, Dennis, Mallory, Beaver, Holmes, Vine, Hale, Martin, Roehl, Kemmeter, Hatch, Washburn, True, Wendel, Page, Blake, Bredlau, Sternitzky, Hitzke, Lange, Millard, Kunde, Krause, Huntzicker, Thames,

----Source: Granton News (Granton, Clark County, Wis.) 11/09/1917

Veronon Wright spent Friday with relatives at Marshfield.

Miss Nellie Dorst caem home from Withee last week Friday.

Mrs. Chas. Brooks spent Friday with friends at Neillsville.

Mrs. Al Nonhof came home from Unity on Saturday.

Mrs. Rella Osgood entertained the R.N.A. Tuesday evening.

Chas. Wallace of Route 4 visited Neillsville relatives on Monday.

Miss Elsie Neitzel went to Neillsville on Monday.

Miss Clara Garbisch returned to Rochester, Minn. on Tuesday.

Mrs. A. Montgomery was a Neillsville visitor on Saturday.

Paul Roder and daughter Edna visited at Neillsville on Saturday.

Gordon davis was here from Chili on Saturday.

Mrs. Henry Brown and son Harry were over from Chili on Saturday.

Mrs. Jake Breseman of Marshfield was a village shopper on Saturday.

A.B. Marsh of Neillsville was here on business last Friday.

Mrs. W.J. Thayer entertained the Circle on Wednesday.

Walter Moldenhauer came down from Spirit Falls on business on Friday.

Mrs. Gus Hagen spent the first of the week with relatives at Neillsville.

Ed Richards of Route 2 left for Montgomery, Iowa, Monday evening on a month's visit among relatives.

Robert Petznick made a business trip to spencer on Friday.

Mrs. Laura Mason and Master Almond Osgood went to Marshfield on Saturday.

Mrs. Clark Calkins and son Isaiah of Almond, and Mrs. Gilbert Ellis of Bancroft went home on Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Kearney Davis and daughters Maurine and Charlotte spent Saturday at Marshfield.

Earl Haltaufderheide attended the wedding of his brother Edwin at Marshfield Wednesday.

O.E. Good, after 2 years residence in the town of Sherwood, moved back to his old home in Iowa.

Wilford Minett is boarding at Frank Davis' and attending school in the village.

Mrs. Ferdinand Helm will entertain the Ladies Aid of Rev. Hasz's parish next Wednesday.

Mrs. Alfred Bartz is hostess for the Windfall Birthday Club meeting today, Friday.

Miss Ella Hales and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Porath visited friends at Neillsville on Wednesday.

Mrs. A.W. Hales went to Marshfield Thursday on a couple days visit to old friends.

Ernest Crevecour, Elmer Hitzke and Edwin Haltaufderheide were at Marshfield on Saturday.

The Misses Haidee and Daphne Beeckler. Pearl Brooks and Lydia Neiman were Marshfield visitors on Saturday.

Mrs. Aug. Reimer and daughter Evelyn are visiting at Beloit since Saturday.

Mrs. Floyd Winn is entertaining a company of Red Cross knitters this Friday evening.

Rev. Ingham, District Supt., went home with Rev. Grenfell from here on Monday.

The Mesdames Richard and Carl Braatz entertained the Ladies Aid of Rev. Reiff's parish on Wednesday.

Mrs. Ernest Dixon and baby Donald went to Greenwood Friday on a week's visit to relatives.

Miss Marjorie Moore of Ogdensburg is visiting her cousin Mrs. Leonard Cole here since Tuesday.

Mrs. Estella Snyder, after a week's stay with Mrs. Fred Handke, went home to Neillsville Friday evening.

Herman Schune came up from Altoona Monday for a visit at his brother Adolph's.

Miss Jessie Scoles of Neillsville spent the weekend here with the John Pietenpol family.

Mrs. Fred Wolf of Fond du Lac is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Walter Graves since last Friday.

Miss Emma Grassman accompanied Mrs. Henry Grassman and daughter Evelyn home to Auburndale Tuesday for a short visit.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Haltaufderheide autoed to Marshfield Wednesday and attended the wedding of their son Edwin.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Sparks called here by the death of his mother, Mrs. Bloomy Sparks, last week, went home to Havannah, N.D. on Monday..

Fred Heibel enroute to Mondovi from Marshfield Monday, exchanged pleasantries with old friends at the depot that day.

Ralph Marsh came home form Duluth Sunday on a week's vacation visit with his mother Mrs. Mary Marsh, and sisters Ora, Amy and Thea.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Marg were Neillsville visitors on Wednesday.

Miss Gertrude Kimball went to Minneapolis Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. H.S. Agai spent Thursday with Dr. Housley at Chili.

A.C.F. Witt was at Marshfield on business on Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. John Arquette of Loyal took the train here for Minneapolis on a visit to relatives, on Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ewald Thiede went to Unity Saturday and made an over Sunday visit to relatives.

Mrs. Clark Waterman and daughter Helene were over from Chili and visited at K.A. Beeckler's last Friday and Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Timerson of York spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Timerson at the Marshfield Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Zorn, their daughter Elizabeth and son Grant went to Omro Saturday on a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins.

Mrs. W.S. Davis entertained a company of laides at a knitting party in honor of her sister Mrs. Gertrude Kimball last Friday.

Mrs. Peter Schmoll and Mrs. Aug. Schmoll, with Mrs. F.J. Baer, autoed down and attended the Ladies Aid at the Richard Braatz home on Wednesday.

Geo. King went to La Valle Wednesday to spend the balance of the week with his wife, who is visiting her parents there.

Mrs. Lorenz Kohl of Marshfield came Wednesday on a several days visit with her sister, Mrs. Walter Schlinsog.

Mrs. Oosterhaus, after a visit at H.T. Lawson's, went home to Waldo, Thursday. Mrs. Lawson accompanied her as far as Marshfield.

Mrs. Fred Grassman and her daughter, Mrs. Geo. Miner, with baby Miner, spent Wednesday with the Henry Grassman family at Auburndale.

Paul Brandt, Clark Brooks and the Misses Irene and Elda Viergutz autoed to Neillsville and visited friends on Monday.

The Circle elected officers Wednesday and they are: Mrs. Floyd Winn, Pres.' Mrs. Frank Davis, Vice Pres.; Mrs. G.E. Amidon, Secretary; Mrs. A.J. Knorr, Treasurer; Mrs. W. M. Winn, Trustee for 3 years.

Mrs. Herman Voigt, after a two week visit and stay with her old neighbor, Mrs. Chas. Reisner, went home to Marshfield on Wednesday.

Mrs. Hanna Mahn of Neillsville is assisting Miss Abbie Ide with the work incident to packing and getting ready to move, since Saturday.

Mrs. A. Lindman of Milwaukee and Mrs. W. Goldbeck of Plymouth, after a visit at the Reinhold and Carl Kuechenmeister home, left for Plymouth on Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Flunker of Cascade, who were on their honeymoon trip and visiting at Robert Petznick's at Kurth's corners, were summoned home on short notice two weeks ago, owing to his call to the U.S. Army.

Robert Keller, with his sister Mrs. Bornhoft, who is here from Chicago, spent much of their time of late with their father Christian Keller at Marshfield Hospital where the latter is alarmingly ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jahr and Miss Amy Marsh visited relatives at Neillsville Thursday evening of last week and attended the musical comedy given by home talent there that evening.

Miss Lorna Keller, after a 6 day visit under the parental roof on Route 2, returned to her work at Neillsville on Monday.

County Judge O.W. Schoengarth and family and G.C. Deutsch and family autoed over from Neillsville Sunday and called on village friends.

Harry Davis is brakeman on the Limited Duluth to Elroy passenger train now, and lives at Duluth since late last week.

Mrs. Orren Hickox entertained a company of lady friends at a knitting party Tuesday afternoon in honor of Miss Gertrude Kimball.

Ernest Haase of Hustler and Mrs. Rudolph Andres of Tomah, cousins, arrived here last Friday evening for a visit with the Fred Grassman family and to attend the wedding of their nephew Alvin Grassman next day.

Miss Anna Teatz came home from Whitehall Friday on a few days visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Aug. Teatz and more particularly to attend the Kurth-Grassman wedding.

Mrs. C. Bornhoft of Chicago came last week Tuesday to assist in the care of her father, Christian Keller, who is so ill at the Marshfield Hospital, and for a visit with her relatives in this vicinity.

Mr. and Mrs. T.F. Lee went to Neillsville Wednesday on a visit to the Elmer Dennis family. They will visit relatives at Minneapolis before their return and probably be gone a week.

Mr. Mallory went to Stanley Saturday on professional business and came home Tuesday.

Mrs. Kearny Davi and Mrs. Geo. Beaver spent Tuesday at Marshfield, where the latter consulted an eye specialist.

Mrs. A.C. Holmes, after a several days visit here with Mrs. Homer Downer, returned to Neillsville Saturday evening.

Arthur Vine, after a several weeks visit among relatives in the town of Grant, went home to Crandon Monday.

Lucas Hale, Mrs. John Martin, Mrs. Carl Roehl, Mrs. J.M. Tompkins and Mrs. P.J Kemmeter were Neillsville visitors on Tuesday.

Mrs. Ralph Hatch and children Grace and James, arrived home on Monday from a 3 week visit between Staples and Detroit, Minn., and Fargo, N.D.

Mrs. Geo. Miner and baby Fred of Milo, N.D., came last week Thursday to attend the wedding of her brother Alvin Grassman and to visit relatives for a short time.

Roland Washburn of East Lynn left for Des Moines, Iowa last Friday. Miss Irene Viergutz, who accompanied him as far as Merrillan, returned on the next train.

Miss Esther True came up from Merrillan Monday to visit at E.A. Beeckler's and attend our Lecture course number and dance that evening. She left on the return trip Tuesday noon.

Mrs. Gus Hahm is visiting Mrs. Aug. Guttrupf, a former Lindsey neighbor and friend, in Chicago, since Tuesday. Mrs. Hahm will be gone a week or more and will visit friends at Fond du Lac and Stevens Point on the return trip.

Mrs. Henry Braatz and son Leonard went to Burlington Tuesday on a 10 day visit to her mother and sister, Mrs. Kurzrok and daughter Flora, who have lately returned from a summer's stay at Stoneham, Colo.

Miss Nellie Dorst went to Withee Monday, and after a few days visit there will continue on to Sheboygan on a further vacation visit among relatives and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Blake went to Loyal Monday on a several days visit with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bredlau. Mr. and Mrs. Blake are planning on being at home in Chicago again by Thanksgiving and this visit is in the nature of a farewell.

Mrs. Henry Sternitzky returned home from Loganville Tuesday. She reports her 7 week old grandson baby Otto Henry Hale to be a fine fellow. Mother and bay are well, and Miss Lucille Sternitzky remained for a more extended visit.

Mrs. Hitzke entertained a pleased company of neighbors and friends at a shower for Miss Elsie Kurth one evening late last week.

Leo Lange of Merrill, after an extended visit with his brother Carl and family in the town of York, went home Saturday. He expects to spend the winter at Gleason.

Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Millard of St. Charles, Minn., after a visit with their sons Will and Vernie in the town of Loyal, left on the home trip on Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Kunde and daughter Dorothea came up from Milwaukee Friday adn made an over Sunday visit at Henry and Herman Krause's on Route 3.

Miss Ruth Huntzicker went to Marshfield Saturday and made an over Sunday visit to friends, the Misses Gleason and Ritter went over on Sunday's midnight limited and accompanied here home on Monday 's A.M. limited.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Grassman and baby Evelyn came from Auburndale Friday evening to attend the wedding of his brother Alvin the next day, and Sunday with some home folk in the towns of Lynn and York.

Charles Thames of N.D., after a 10 day visit with his cousin H.S. Again, and the latter's wife, left on the home trip Tuesday. This is the first time the two men have seen each other in 50 years.

Warren Page has resigned his position as guard at the state's prison in Waupun, and is at home in Neillsville since Saturday. He was a welcome visitor among village friends here on Monday. Grandpa Dews, who make his home with Warren at Neillsville, is in failing health and seriously ill the past two weeks.

Evan Wendel, after a summer's stay with relatives in the Gus Hahm family, went to Mora, Minn., Saturday to spend the winter with Heber Pischer and family. Mrs. Wendel is a young man of 27 years of age who, leaving his wife and baby boy in Germany three years since, came to this country and declare his intention of becoming a citizen, and has taken out his first papers, but owing to the war, has as of yet, been unable to get the wife, and baby across.

The Women's organization in the Council of Defense, failing to get the desired results in the Food Pledge card canvas made some weeks ago, the village supervisor was instructed to make a supplementary canvas which was completed Monday with very satisfactory results. Mr. Winn, who is as yet quite indisposed, was ably assisted in the work by his daughter, Miss Ruby.



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