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Sherman Twp., Clark Co., WI

The contact for this cemetery is Stan Schwarze.


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Birth Death Notes & Military Spouse Married Parents
o Backus, Frank 14-May-1878 21-Nov-1951   Norma Upson 1900  
tx Baldwin, Bert A. 25-Mar-1890 18-Jul-1879   Minnie Fenhouse Jun-1916  
t Baldwin, Dale E. 24-Sep-1923 21-Nov-1998 WWII-1st Lt. U.S. Army Air Corps      
y Baldwin, Marjorie 19-Jan-1924 10-Nov-1997       Harold & Vera Freeman
tx Baldwin, Minnie 1-Aug-1892 28-June-1955   Bert A. Baldwin Jun-1916 Fenhouse
xy Bargander, August M. 27-Dec-1872 8-Nov-1951        
tx Bargander, David 12-Dec-1917 5-Sep-1999   Erma H. 30-May-1944  
tx Bargander, Erma 13-Aug-1922 26-Feb-2001 D. House of the Dove Marshfield David Bargander 30-May-1944  
xy Bargander, Isidor J. 26-Jan-1915 1-Feb-1978 WWII-Tec 4 US Army      
xy Bargander, Olive 30-Mar-1924 26-Mar-1985        
x Bargander, Rose J. 13-May-1882 23-Jan-1952        
  Barker, Duane           Elmo R. & Ruby (Oehler) Barker
oy Barker, Elmo R. 22-Feb-1909 30-Sep-2000   Ruby Mae Oehler 25-Aug-1932 Seth and Louise (nee Malchow) Barker
o Barker, Ruby Mae 11-Jul-1912 20-Oct-1983   Elmo Barker 24-Aug-1932 Ambrose & Nellie (Speering) Oehler
o Bauer, Brad 5-Jan-1979 8-Nov-2002   Single   Roger & Carolyn (Kastberg) Bauer
o Bauer, David A. 18-Sep-1966 22-Feb-2011   Single   George Jr. & Esther (Gennett) Bauer
o Bauer, Esther Rachel 8-May-1031 23-Nov-2020   George J. Bauer Jr. 14-May-1949 Mark & Monica (Edreas) Gennett
x Bauer, George J. 18-Jul-1929 21-Feb-1998        
coy Bauer, Jerome R. 15-May-1935 12-Jul-2007   Iris Voelker 1956 Oscar & Laura (Litka) Bauer
cy Bauer, Iris J. 17-Jan-1935 Living        
ocy Bauer, Laura E. 10-May-1908 17-Feb-2002   Oscar Bauer 6-Sep-1927 William & Ida (Foelske) Litka
cy Bauer, Oscar G. 19-Dec-1904 14-Aug-1998   Laura Litka 6-Sep-1927  
to Bauer, Wallace "Wally" 12-Apr-1928 12-Apr-2004   Donna Redig 18-Jun-1960 Rowland & Beatrice (Hubing) Bauer
o Beaver, Matthew J. "Matt" 28-Sep-1898 23-Dec-1983   Mary Fleming / Rosette Schuld / Rosalind Rueth Miller 28-Sep-1926 / 23-Jul-1935 /30-Aug-1952 John & Mary (Domine) Beaver
o Beaver, Rosalind R. 28-Apr-1912 15-Jun-1982   Joseph Miller / Matt Beaver 12-Oct-1931 / 30-Aug-1952 Frank & Bertha (Schweiger) Rueth
xy Bechler, Harold R. 24-May-1914 11-Jan-1997   Rita A.    
xy Bechler, Rita A. 17-Apr-1915 13-Jan-1963   Harold R. Becher    
xty Beels, Harold 4-Feb-1910 21-Jan-1978   Olive R.?    
o Beels, Linda M. 1948? 26-Dec-2017 b. Cedar Rapids Iowa Kenneth Beels 8-Nov-1969 Othel & Maxine (Potter) Rogers
xty Beels, Olive R. 1914 8-Mar-1976   Harold Beels?    
x Beidel, James W. 1-Feb-1930 Living   Mary M. Schara 26-May-1954  
xo Beidel, Mary Magdalene 19-Jul-1932 16-May-2022 b. Marathon Co., WI James W. Beidel 26-May-1954 James Jr. & Mary (Baumann) Schara
x Beilenberg, Gustav C. 18-Jul-1874 30-Jun-1964   Marcia E.    
x Beilenberg, Marcia E. 26-Mar-1882 27-Jun-1971   Gustav C. Beilenberg    
txo Below, Bertha 8-Mar-1872 20-Dec-1938 b. Buchrolz, Pommerian, Germany Fredrick Below 1-Sep-1892 Charles & Wilhelmine MellenthiunLuepke
tx Below, Fredrick 1-Dec-1867 25-Aug-1945   Bertha Luepke 1-Sep-1892  Matthias & Henriette (Suhr) Below
txo Below, Jennie L. 5-Mar-1906 8-Apr-1996 b. Town of Richfield; D. St. Joseph's Hospital Martin F. Below 6-Nov-1924 Halvor & Julia (Norby) Moen
txo Below, Martin Franz 1-Oct-1902 1-Jan-1995 d. Continental Manor Abbotsford Jennie L. Moen 6-Nov-1924 Fred & Bertha (Luepke) Below
x Bender, Wayne A. 7-Jan-1932 24-Feb-2000        
x Berger, Louise 13-Aug-1921 27-May-1991        
xy Berghammer, Henry C. 19-May-1910 21-Sep-1989 Mary E.?    
x Berghammer, Mary E. 24-May-1913 9-Mar-1987   Henry C. Berghammer?    
x Beyer, Earl 29-Jul-1914 3-Jan-2001        
fs Beyreis, Blanche L. 4-Jan-1904 31-Jan-1973   Ernest F. Beyreis 20-Jun-1922 Kayhart
fs Beyreis, Ernest F. 19-Feb-1899 1-Apr-1991   Blanche L. Kayhart 20-Jun-1922 Edward & Martha Beyreis
tx Bialozor, Earl W. 7-Jun-1924 28-Aug-1999   Elizabeth Harder 27-Mar-1965 Andrew & Catherine (Janus) Bialozor
to Bialozor, Elizabeth 16-Nov1919 25-Mar-2005   Earl Bialozor 27-Mar-1965 Henry & Hedwig (Clusen) Harder
o Bishop, Edna L 24-Dec-1895 12-Aug-1973   Frank Bishop 24-Feb-1921 Hebert
o Bishop, Frank B. 4-May-1891 3-Apr-1976   Edna Hebert 24-Feb-1921  
tx Weeks-Bixby, Ethel 1862 1903        
x Bjornstad, Ingeborg 23-Mar-1904 19-Aug-1989   Ole Bjarnstad    
tx Bjornstad, Ole 8-May-1898 15-Mar-1977   Ingeborg    
x Blaisdell, Amos Guy 18-Mar-1884 4-May-1960   Francis  Aug 1910  Wilber F. & Mary E. (Duffy) Blaisdell
tx Blaisdell, Francis Marie; #2 23-Apr-1882 20-Sep-1914 b. Spencer, Wis.; d. heart attack Amos G. Blaisdell  Aug 1910  Carl & Augusta (Berndt) Stoltenow
x Blaisdell, Margaret Louise 14-Apr-1900 31-Aug-1900        
x Blaisdell, Mary E. 28-Aug-1854 4-Jun-1931 b. NY Wilbur F. Blaisdell 30-Apr-1872 Duffy
x Blaisdell, Wilbur Fayette 4-Mar-1850 4-Jan-1929 b. St. Lawrence, NY, died at his home in Dorchester, Wis. Mary E. Duffy  30-Apr-1872  
x Blake, Harriet 13-Jul-1818 7-Sep-1907   Rev. E.F. Blake    
x Blanchard, Carl E. 24-Aug-1927 8-Mar-1978 WWII/Korea/Vietnam;S. Sgt US Air Force; D. St. Joseph's Hospital LaVerna    
tx Blanchard, Ellen M. 31-Jul-1950 17-Mar-1993   Steven W. Blanchard    
x Blanchard, Homer K. 29-Jun-1899 9-Jan-1960   Lydia C.    
x Blanchard, Laverna V. 4-Nov-1929 18-Jan-2002 d. Colonial Center Colby Carl E. Blanchard    
x Blanchard, Lydia C. 24-Jul-1902 25-Jan-1985   Homer K. Blanchard    
x Blanchard, Steven W. 29-May-1956 Living   Ellen M.    
o Blankenburg, Elmer V. 14-Feb-1898 4-May-1980   Estella Anderson 6-Jul-1960 Frederick & Mavina (Jordens) Blankeburg
x Blankenburg, Frederick 1858 1943   Malvina A.    
x Blankenburg, Malvina A. 1859 1919   Frederick Blankenburg    
x Blondy, Adam   2-Aug-1882        
f Bodish/Bodisch, Infant Girl 11-May-1910 11-May-1910 Info provided by Linda Cottrell-Sanders     John & Julie (Odey) Bodish
x Bodle, Anna M. 1849 1909        
txo Bodle, Donna 30-Jan-1881 31-Oct-1941   Harry Bodie Jan-1910 Blaisdell
  Bodle, Baby Girl   Oct 1911 assumed buried here     Harry & Donna (Blaisdell) Bodle
tx Bodle, Harry Jun-1874 1950  

#1 Jessie M. Hoey

#2 Donna Blaisdell

Jan-1910  David W. & Annie M. Bodle
to Boe, Joseph R. 21-Nov-1907 22-Nov-1983   Leona Kuester 24-Oct-1935 Henry & Randena (Erickson) Boe
tx Boe, Leona 25-Dec-1916 22-Nov-1991   Joseph R. Boe 24-Oct-1935  Kuester
xy Boehning, Alfred C. 28-Jun-1906 14-Dec-1974 d. Neillsville Mem Hospital      
tx Boehning, Phillip Shane 9-Nov-1970 16-Jul-1988 d. Car accident      
txo Boers, Beverly Mae 2-May-1948 12-May-1948        Lawrence & Ruth (Stargardt) Boers
xo Boettcher, Anna 1-Dec-1889 3-Dec-1936 b. Altamont, Ill. Max H. Boettcher 20-Jan-1920 Julius & ? Winters
oy Boettcher, Max H. 9-Jun-1888 22-Jan-1983 WWI-Pvt US Army Anna Winters 20-Jan-1920 Herman & Henrietta (Straut) Boettcher
y Boettcher, Walter 4-Dec-1920 22-Nov-1997        
xy Bofenkamp, Rev. Andrew 20-Jun-1916 1-Dec-1997        
o Boge, Debra Ann 1959? 2-Oct-1963 Obit says buried here     Melvin and Phyllis Boge
x Boge, Raymond L. 9-Apr-1925 16-Feb-1995        
o Boland, Sunnie Selene 22-Aug-1960 1-Jan-1961       Leon & ? Boland
xo Bombard, Beauford Raymond 19-Feb-1863 22-May-1944 b. Alden, Ill. Sarah M. Freeman 14-Aug-1887  
tx Bombard, Calvin E.; #2 29-Feb-1932 4-Jan-1993 Korea - PFC U.S. Army Gail 16-May-1953  
to Bombard, Dale M.; #2 19-Sep-1925 8-Jul-2002 WWII-US Army Doris Goodell / Lorraine (Eilers) Steines 11-Oct-1947 / 17-Dec-1983 Milton & Mildred (McVean) Bombard
tf Bombard, Doris A. 3-Sep-1928 17-Apr-1978   Dale Bombard 11-Oct-1947 Everette & Cecil Goodell
tx Bombard, Gail 14-Mar-1934 Living   Calvin E. Bombard 16-May-1953  
tx Bombard, Mary Frances 1956 1956       Calvin & Gail Bombard
fs Bombard, Mildred L. 1-Jul-1903 30-Apr-1974   Milton Bombard 11-Oct-1922  
fo Bombard, Milton Wm. 12-Jul-1899 10-Nov-1990   Mildred McVean 11-Oct-1922 Beauford & Clara (Freeman) Bombard
xo Bombard, Sarah M. 19-Jul-1863 11-May-1949 Husband's obit says m. 1887 Beauford R. Bombard 14-Aug-1884 Elmer & Nancy (Serris) Freeman
tx Bombard, Sharon 1951 1951       Dale & Doris (Goodell) Bomard
tx Boock, Marian 7-May-1911 3-May-2000 d. River Falls Hospital Norbert Boock 3-Apr-1937 Oelrich
cto Boock, Norbert 25-Jul-1909 5-Feb-1997 Age 87; d. Colonial House Colby Marion Oelrich  3-Apr-1937 Arthur & Emma (Aufderheide) Boock
x Borchardt, William 13-Feb-1860 4-Dec-1933 Accidental death      
x Born, Doe E. 13-Aug-1822 6-Apr-1883 First name hard to read      
x Born, Glen 26-Oct-1864 7-Apr-1885 Dates hard to read      
x Born, Victor S. 10-May-1881 21-Oct-1882        
tx Borth, George F. 16-Feb-1875 Jul-1963 b. Wellington, Renville, Minn. Ida Mueller 4-Feb-1903  William J. & Amelia Minnie Borth
tx Borth, Ida  29-Jul-1878 1935 b. New Ulm, Brown, Minn. George Borth  4-Feb-1903  Mueller
x Borth, Valda I. 29-Dec-1903 27-Jan-1980   Alfred Ernest Borth    
z Box, Thomas H. 1858 15-May-1917 Civil War Vet      

Major portions of the updates to this cemetery have been provided by Lorraine Markee & transcribed by Ken Wood on 05/01/2006; Some pictures provided by Tanya Paschke

Updated 20 May 2020


Explanation of the Sources (Column A)

o = obituary, f = family record, t = tombstone, c = cemetery record, n = Neillsville Court House record, s = social security death index, m = marriage = announcement, q = query, x = info provided from obits and tombstone readings by Lorraine Markee, transcribed by Ken Wood, y= Info provided by Kathey Englebretson; z=Veteran Burial list from 1938




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