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Sherman Twp., Clark Co., WI

The contact for this cemetery is Stan Schwarze.


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Birth Death Notes & Military Spouse Married Parents
tx Dall, Annie 12-Aug-1909 11-Jul-1993       Dittner 
c Damon Family Stone            
tx Damon, Andrew A. 1859 13-Dec-1938   Carrie Heath 4-Jun-1881  
txo Damon, Carrie A. 12-Oct-1862 20-Nov-1948 B. Hamilton, South Park, Col.  Andrew A. Damon 4-Jun-1881 Heath
tx Damon, Charlotte 20-Feb-1915 7-Nov-2001   Forrest Damon    
tx Damon, Ethel I. 12-Nov-1898 10-Jun-1950       Andrew & Carrie (Heath) Damon
tx Damon, Forrest "Frosty" 30-Dec-1913 6-Mar-1985   Charlotte    
tx Damon, Frank A. 1885 1934        
x Damon, Glenn E. 9-May-1891 2-May-1955 WWI-Wis. Cpl Co B 123 Inf; S.S. Ph     Andrew & Carrie (Heath) Damon
tx Damon, Ina M. 11-May-1882 26-Oct-1977       Andrew & Carrie (Heath) Damon
x Damon, Joseph S. 21-Apr-1827 20-Dec-1899 Civil War-Co. C 28 Main Infantry Susan S.?    
x Damon, Susan S. 26-Apr-1836 18-Jul-1922   Joseph S. Damon?    
x Damrow, Amelia / Emilie 15-Mar-1867 20-Jan-1944 b. Germany, immigated 1884 Herman Damrow   Martin Neuman
tf Darge, Mona 12-Dec-1964 27-Jul-2007   Allen Ress - Div   William & Pearl (Ritter) Darge
o Daubins, Marcella L. 4-Jun-1922 15-May-2010 B. Medford Frank Tippelt

Harold Daubins



Charles & Emma (Zuleger) Mueller
x Davel, Amy H. 28-Feb-1878 10-Aug-1967   John A. Davel    
x Davel, Gladys 1907 1908       John & Amy Davel
xo Davel, John A. 23-Jan-1876 23-Aug-1954   Amy H.    
x Davis, Cecil J. 31-May-1901 19-Sep-1915       E.F. & ? Davis
x Davis, Grace 9-Dec-1895 28-Oct-1974       Louis & Verna Dering?
tx Day, Bradley James 5-Jan-1984 18-Nov-1984       James & Jody (Pokallus) Day 
tx Decker, Minnie C. 26-Nov-1896 31-Aug-1988   Oscar F. Decker    
tx Decker, Oscar F. 17-Sep-1896 25-May-1987 WWI-Pvt US Army Minnie C.    
tx Degnitz, Alvin Emil 26-Feb-1921 26-Nov-1991 US. Marine Corps Angeline Markowski    
xo Degnitz, Angeline 16-Nov-1925 17-Mar-2013   Alvin E. Degnitz    
txo Degnitz, Carl 4-Jul-1884 16-Mar-1937 B. Sherman, Sheboygan Co. Frances Torke 17-Apr-1911 August & Caroline (Hoefs) Degnitz 
tx Degnitz, Frances E. 4-Apr-1890 23-Jul-1978   Carl Degnitz 17-Apr-1911 Fred W. & Mary M. (Borgenhagen) Torke
txf Dering, Dennis D. 1-Nov-1949 23-May-1994       Louis & Verna (Ecke) Dering
txf Dering, Larry 22-Sep-1950 25-Oct-1970   Dawn Kopf 9-Oct-1971 Louis & Verna (Ecke) Dering
xfo Dering, Louis 16-Nov-1914 13-Aug-1970 b. Prentice, Wis. Verna Ecke 10-Oct-1936  
xfo Dering, Verna 28-Aug-1911 18-Mar-1999   Louis Dering 10-Oct-1936 Henry J. & Clara Louise (Janning) Ecke
ox Dick, Polly E.  1842 11-May-1880 b. NY

1.John Riley Menasco

2.Lucius C. Dick

 #2. 17 Jun 1876  George Cory & Abigail (Seely) Goodfellow
tx Dickinson, Julius 19-Apr-1854 11-Dec-1928   Nancy Smith    
tx Dickinson, Nancy 1853 1938   Julius Dickinson   Smith
oy Dickinson, Freda 28-Dec-1892 21-Mar-1944 Obit says buried here Vivian Dickinson 14-Feb-1929 Friedrick & Marie D. Raabe
xy Dickinson, Vivian 27-Aug-1899 20-Jun-1984   Freda Raabe  14-Feb-1929 Julius & Nancy (Smith) Dickinson
x Dietsche, Cora 1885 1962   John J. Dietsche 20-Aug-1902 Yates
xo Dietsche, David L. 1-Mar-1922 9-Nov-1940   Single   John & Cora (Yates) Dietsche
x Dietsche, Erma 2-Jun-1900 21-May-1986   Frank Dietsche 23-Aug-1933 Nonnemacher
xo Dietsche, Frank J. 10-Feb-1887 9-Mar-1974   Erman Nonnemacher 23-Aug-1933 Benjamin & Margret Dietsche
oy Dietsche, Fred Aloysius 3-Apr-1903 3-Nov-1959   Lucille Schmitt  10-Jun-1930  
xo Dietsche, John J. 23-Feb-1877 17-Sep-1938   Cora Yates 20-Aug-1902 Benjamin & Margret Dietsche
o Dietsche, Leland J. 31-Mar-1940 21-Oct-2013   Bonnie Schecklman 24-Jun-1967 Frank & Erma (Nonnemacher) Dietsche
xo Dietsche, Lillian 8-May-1925 5-Aug-1941 Killed in auto accident Single   John & Cora (Yates) Dietsche
oy Dietsche, Lucille Marie 18-Nov-1914 30-Nov-2005 b. DeWitt, Iowa Fred Dietsche Jr. 10-Jun-1939 Raymond & Constance (Reese) Schmitt
x Dietsche, Michael 3-Dec-1979 6-Dec-1979       Leland & Bonnie Dietsche
x Dietsche, Michael 30-Nov-1991 2-Dec-1991        
x Dittman, Ann A. 29-Dec-1880 26-Feb-1935 b. Illinois Charles H. Dittman  15-Jul-1897 Gustave & Emilie (Schwantes) Oelrich
x Dittman, Charles / Karl H. 25-Feb-1870 28-Nov-1925 b. Germany Ann A. Oelrich  15-Jul-1897 Gustav Wm. & Marie (Lehmann) Dittman
o Dittman, Lucille 19-May-1910 10-Jan-2003 d. Colonial Center Colby Roy  F. Dittman 8-Jun-1932 Albert & Amelia (Braatz) Brandt
x Dittman, Roy F. 19-Feb-1910 12-Oct-1975 d. Stroke  Lucille M. Brandt 8-Jun-1932 Charles & Ann Dittman?
x Dittmann, Gustav William 20-Feb-1840 11-Jan-1925   Marie Lehmann    
x Dittmann, Marie / Maria 11-Jan-1846 13-Feb-1914 b. Germany Gustav Dittmann   Lehmann
y Dittner, Doris C. 29-Mar-1913 25-Mar-1945   Rudolph A. Dittner Sr.    
o Dittner, Doris Carrie 23-Dec-1925 30-Jun-2021 Obit says buried here  Earl Stafford

Rudy Dittner



Melvin & Bessie (Dutcher) Englebretson
xyo Dittner, Ernest J. 24-Nov-1904 24-Sep-1970   Marie J. Bushman 16-Nov-1927  
xyo Dittner, Marie J. 1-Aug-1908 25-Sep-1971 b. Manitowoc County Ernest J. Dittner 16-Nov-1927 Bushman
xo Dittner, Richard M. 29-Mar-1913 25-Mar-1945   Norma Stoltenow 26-Jun-1939 ? & Esther Dittner
y Dittner,Rudolph A. Sr. 29-Mar-1913 25-Mar-1945   Norma Stoltenow 26-Jun-1939 ? & Esther Dittner
t Dodge, Adam John 22-Jul-1986 25-Oct-2005        
xo Doering, Glen R. 2-Sep-1891 23-Jun-1983 d. San Diego, California Pauline Hall  21-May-1921  
xo Doering, Pauline 27-Mar-1888 11-Feb-1963 WWI-Pvt US Army Glen R. Doering 21-May-1921 Charles H. & Josephine (Lowth) Hall 
xo Dommer, Fred Albert 19-Feb-1896 4-Mar-1974 b. Ind.; WWI-Pvt US Army; D. Stroke Ida Kuester 23-Sep-1921
Theodore & Johanna Dommer 
tx Dommer, Harold A. 28-Feb-1922 22-Jan-1998 WWII-PFC U.S. Marines     Fred Albert & Ida (Kuester) Dommer

Dommer, Ida A.



b. Saxony, Germany

Fred Halford

Fred Dommer



x Drews, Blanche 23-Dec-1907 30-Mar-1999   Ervin C. Drews    
o Drews, Charles "Carl" 26-Jun-1868 14-Jun-1941 Obit says buried here; b. Germany Hattie Stoltenow 25-Feb-1897 Harold & Elsie (Crossgrove) Drews
to Drews, Donald Warren 3-Oct-1923 13-Sep-2007 1941 Spencer HS Valedictorian Silveria "Suzie" David 14-Feb-1948 Harold & Elsie (Crossgrove) Drews
x Drews, Elsie I. 9-Jun-1901 13-Jun-1975   Harold Max Drews   Crossgrove
x Drews, Ervin C. 20-Jan-1898 16-Oct-1985 d. His home Blanche?   Karl & Hedwig (Stoltenow) Drews
x Drews, Harold Otto Max 10-Jun-1899 27-Feb-1989   Elsie I. Crossgrove   Karl & Hedwig (Stoltenow) Drews
x Drews, Hedwig "Hattie" 1874 1956   Karl / Charles K. Drews  25-Feb-1897  
to Drews, Silveria B. "Susie" 4-Jun-1926 27-Oct-2009 1944 Marshfield HS Grad. Doanld W. Drews 14-Feb-1948 Wendelin & Thecla (Youngwirth) David
x Driscoll, Ethel H. 16-Sep-1907 26-Dec-1957   Floyd H. Driscoll    
x Driscoll, Floyd A. 11-Feb-1902 7-Nov-1988   Ethel H.    
x Driscoll, Forest C. 1906 1906?       Lawrence & Mae (Andrews) Driscoll?
x Driscoll, John   30-Oct-1880 Aged 19 mo     John & Ethel Driscoll
xo Driscoll, Lawrence 27-Sep-1876 7-Mar-1952   "Mae" Marian Susan Andrews 29-Jun-1899  
x Driscoll, Mae S. 14-Nov-1876 5-Nov-1965   Lawrence Driscoll 29-Jun-1899 Andrews
x Driscoll, Neil C.   2-Oct-1908 Age 3 months     Lawrence & Mae (Andrews) Driscoll?
o Driscoll, Ruth Marie 27-Aug-1909 16-Jun-1991 D. Car Accident Driscoll   Adolph & Marie L. (Stargardt) Schultz
x DuGate, Margaret 8-May-1843 23-Feb-1886        
x DuGate, Moses H.   (No dates) Civil War-Co D 9th Minn. Inf      
x Durkee, Albert 22-Sep-1850 12-Nov-1912 found dead in bed     A. Oaks & Lucy (Raymond) Durkee  
xo Durkee, Amy Ida 10-Oct-1896 25-Nov-1918   Single   Albert & Emily Durkee
x Durkee, Frank Mar-1867 10-Jan-1950   Libbie Kayhart  Jun-1894 A. Oaks & Lucy (Raymond) Durkee
x Durkee, Libbie 26-Jun-1870 25-Feb-1955   Frank Durkee  Jun-1894 Edward & Mary J. Kayhart
x Durkee, Lucile "Lucy" Mar-1826 Oct-1914   Oaks Durkee  abt. 1848 Raymond
x Durkee, A. Oaks 1825 1915   Lucy Raymond  abt. 1848  
x Durkee, William A. 29-Oct-1859 24-Oct-1949        
xyo Duvall-Copet, Selma 16-Feb-1900 2-May-1992   Edward Copet

Leo Duvall



John & Lena (Carlson) Hendrickson
x Dygart, Leonard 7-Mar-1953 18-May-1916   Mary Brick    
xo Dygart, Mary 4-Jul-1856 29-Sep-1932 B. Cleveland, Ohio  Leonard Dygart   Brick

Major portions of the updates to this cemetery have been provided by Lorraine Markee & Ken Wood on 05/01/2006; Some pictures provided by Tanya Paschke

Updated 09 Feb 2022


Explanation of the Sources (Column A)

o = obituary, f = family record, t = tombstone, c = cemetery record, n = Neillsville Court House record, s = social security death index, m = marriage announcement, q = query, x = Information provided by Lorraine Markee / Ken Wood from obits and tombstone readings, y = Info provided by Kathy Englebretson





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