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Sherman Twp., Clark Co., WI

The contact for this cemetery is Stan Schwarze.


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Birth Death Notes & Military Spouse Married Parents
x Mais, Eskea A. 29-Dec-1880 23-Aug-1936   John G. Mais 6-Jun-1900 Burnett
xo Mais, John G. 11-Dec-1874 29-Jul-1935 b. Two Rivers, Wis. Eskea A. Burnett 6-Jun-1900  
ox Manina, Clara 14-Dec-1925 13-Mar-1999   John Manina 19-Jan-1946 Archie & Grace (Seeley) Pease
xy Manina, John Stanley 27-Jul-1925 28-May-1990 WWII-S1 US Navy Clara Pease 19-Jun-1946  
xoy Manthe, Albert F. 26-Nov-1876 9-Dec-1944 b. Iron Ridge, Wis.  Mathilda Marten 8-Jun-1899  
txo Manthe, Charles A. 23-Sep-1902 2-Jun-1971   Mabel E. Herman 13-Jun-1935  
tx Manthe, Mabel E. 6-Apr-1916 30-Apr-1979   Charles A. Manthe 13-Jun-1935 Herman
xy Manthe, Mathilda 1877 1958   Albert F. Manthe 8-Jun-1899 Marten
o Marden, Gerald R. "Jerry" 1-Jan-1943 8-Aug-2022   Colleen Howard - Div 5-Dec-1964  
x Margelowsky, Albert C. 1868 1944   Louisa H.?    
x Margelowsky, Louisa H. 31-Aug-1884 17-Nov-1954   William Foth

Albert C. Margelowsky



x Marin, Joseph D. 15-Aug-1894 21-Sep-1960 Vet Canadian Army Mabel A. Schuetz 5-Dec-1921  
x Marin, Mabel A. 19-aug-1902 10-Apr-1969   Joseph D. Marin 5-Dec-1921 Schuetz 
x Markowski, Anna 16-Sep-1890 11-Oct-1960        
xy Markowski, Theodore 2-May-1893 14-Oct-1968 WWI-Pvt Co E. 120 Inf      
x Marrow, Esther A. 30-Nov-1897 17-Apr-1957   Merton V. Marrow    
x Marrow, Linda 1949 4-Aug-1951 Age 20 mo; D. Polio     Robert & M. Marrow
x Marrow, Merton V. 13-Mar-1892 1-Jan-1947 WWI Vet Esther A.    
xy Martell, Narissa 21-May-1850 8-Feb-1928        
to Marten, Anna 1879? 7-Feb-1948   H. Marten    
tx Marten, Dorothea E. 13-Apr-1909 24-Jan-1999   Herman A. Martin    
x Marten, Dorothy M. 8-May-1913 15-Jun-1964 D. St. Joseph's Hospital Walter E. Marten    
tf Marten, Frank C. 21-Apr-1886 10-Jul-1974   Elsie P.    
tf Marten, Elsie P 19-Apr-1895 11-Nov-1989   Frank C. Marten    
tx Marten, Herman 14-Feb-1874 19-May-1951   Anna    
  Marten, Herman A. 15-May-1907 13-Jan-1987 D. Cancer  Dorothea E.    
xo Marten, Emil W. 9-Oct-1884 7-Nov-1952   Mathilda Justman 28-Oct-1908  
x Marten, Mathilda 1885 1964   Emil W. Marten 20-Oct-1908 Justman
x Marten, Walter E. 29-Jun-1911 13-Apr-1997 D. St. Joseph's Hospice  Dorothy M. Scherer

Nellie Boehning



Herman & Anna (Voelker) Marten 
o Marten, William 4-Jun-1892 2-Oct-1939 Obit says buried here Elsie Schmidt 13-Dec-1916  
tx Marti, Emma A. 31-Jul-1891 22-Apr-1974        
x Martin, Albert W. 5-Oct-1871 17-Jul-1952   Laura D. Farrington 20-Oct-1909 August & Minnie Martin
tx Martin, Amanda 24-Mar-1907 21-Jan-1924   Alvin Martin    
x Martin, Anna 1879 7-Feb-1948   Herman Martin    
x Martin, August 1847 1926   Minnie    
x Martin, Elsie P. 19-Apr-1895 11-Nov-1989   Frank C. Martin    
tx Martin, Erna 9-Mar-1904 9-Dec-1921       Herman & Anna Martin
x Martin, Frank C. 21-Apr-1886 10-Jul-1974   Elsie P.    
xo Martin, Laura D. 19-Aug-1876 6-Jan-1945 B. Dodge Co., Wis.  Albert W. Martin 20-Oct-1909 Farrington
x Martin, Minnie 1850 1907   August Martin    
x Martin, Nellie 1918 1926 D. Continental Manor Abbotsford     Frank & Elsie Martin
x Martin, Nellie 31-Mar-1919 16-Sep-1999        
x Mason, Earl H. 2-Mar-1889 21-Aug-1889       W.H. & E.F. Mason
x Mason, Henry 1833 1907 Civil War-Co B 14 Wis Inf Elsie McDonald    
x Matter, Bertha 24-Oct-1890 16-Feb-1960   Edward Matter    
o Matter, Betty Jane 18-Mar-1942 12-Feb-2018   DuWayne G. Matter 13-Aug-1960 Donald & Mary Jane (Gasby) Hebert
txo Matter, Delores M. 5-Apr-1922 30-May-2013   Walter E. Matter 23-Jun-1943 John & Rachel (Gennett) Sautner
x Matter, Edward 26-Feb-1883 29-Apr-1936   Bertha    
tx Matter, Ella Frances 9-Jan-1912 30-Oct-2000 d. Colonial Center Colby Raymond H. Matter 18-Jun-1936 Wenzel & Amelia (Stelzl) Huber
txo Matter, Orval G. 30-Mar-1915 13-Dec-1970   Violet A. Walti 18-Oct-1945  
tx Matter, Raymond H. 16-Nov-1908 2-Sep-1980 d. St. Joseph's Hospital  Ella Huber 18-Jun-1936  
txo Matter, Violet A. 18-Jun-1925 29-Apr-2009   Orval G. Matter

Ernest Koenig



to Matter, Walter E. 23-Jun-1917 8-Apr-2011   Delores M. Sautner 23-Jun-1943 Edward & Bertha (Mellenthin) Matter
x McDonald, Elsie 1870 1957       Henry & ? Mason?
x McCoy, Nelson 4-Oct-1867 21-Jan-1955        
xo McCoy, Stella "Rue" 24-Nov-1875 10-Sep-1970 b. Orion, Wis. James E. Rue

Thomas E. McCoy



James & Rachael Truax
x McCoy, Thomas E. 1862 1946   Stella (Truax) Rue 30-Jun-1919  
x McIlhattan, Austin J. 1890 1950   Maude S. Jones?   Patrick & Libbie (Amey) McIlhattan?
x McIlhattan, Eva 15-May-1890 25-Aug-1981   Foster V. McIlhattan    
x McIlhattan, Foster V. 4-Jan-1888 18-Sep-1964   Eva   Patrick & Libbie (Amey) McIlhattan? 
tx McIlhattan, Libbie 3-Jul-1861 Feb-1933   Patrick A. McIlhattan   Amey
x McIlhattan, Maude S. 10-Feb-1893 11-Jul-1980 B. may have been 1892 Austin J. McIlhattan?   Jones 
x McIlhattan, Norma C. 26-Sep-1914 15-Nov-1914       Foster & Eva McIlhattan
tx McIlhattan, Patrick A. 5-Oct-1864 11-Jan-1927   Libbie Amey    
tx McIlhattan, Vernald G. (Capt.) 26-apr-1916 28-Jan-1945       Foster & Eva McIlhattan
tx McNeely, Fay C.       Keith McNeely    
txo McNeely, Keith ; #2 6-Apr-1925 27-Dec-1970 WWII-AOM3 US Navy Fay Dittrich 4-Jun-1944 A.E. & ? McNeely
txo McNeely, Monte Jack 21-Oct-1952 16-Nov-1983 b. Marshfield, WI Single   Keith & Fay McNeely
x McPherson, Emeline Rosetta 13-Sep-1841 3-Apr-1890   W.B. McPherson    
x McVean, Annie E. 1871 31-Jul-1961        
fx McVean, Edmund 1858 1922   Emma C. Durkee 11-Nov-1896 Peter & Marian McVean
x McVean, Emma Cordella       Edmund McVean 11-Nov-1896 Durkee
x McVean, Emon A. 3-Sep-1869 27-Feb-1955        
to McVean, Eugene "Mac" 10-Sep-1926 23-Jun-2011 WWII - PFC U.S. Army Single   Richard "Norman" & Faith (Freeman) McVean
txo McVean, Faith 2-Jun-1903 5-Dec-1970 b. Chicago Norman McVean 2-June-1925 Freeman
x McVean, Frank 2-Dec-1902 27-Feb-1995        
xo McVean, Harriet A. 17-Jun-1865 26-Jun-1954   Single    
x McVean, John   (No dates) Civil War?-Pvt Co G 20 Wis. Inf      
fx McVean, Marion 27-Oct-1834 24-Nov-1892   Peter McVean    
tx McVean, Norman; #2 27-Aug-1901 16-Apr-1993 Eng2- U.S. Navy Faith Freeman 2-June-1925  
fx McVean, Peter 25-May-1825 20-Nov-1892   Marion    
x Meacham, Alice 21-Oct-1906 16-Jun-1979        
ft Meacham, Alice Marie 26-Jun-1914 24-May-1991   Roscoe Meacham 20-Nov-1933 Henry & Alice (Pond) Holmes
o Meacham, Durane 16-Jan-1935 12-June-2020   Ila Kruse 8-Dec-1957 Roscoe & Alice (Holmes) Meacham
xo Meacham, Edward E. 22-Dec-1882 12-May-1959   Mildred Wichman 1920  
tx Meacham, Evelyn R. 1863 1917   Myron Meacham    
xo Meacham, Fred Earl 2-Jul-1888 8-Feb-1951 B. Conde, S.D.  Myrtle E. Hebert 16-Oct-1912  
tx Meacham, Harvey J. 19-Jul-1904 3-Jan-2003   Myrtle Holmes 25-Dec-1932 John & Mary (Smith) Meacham 
x Meacham, Horace 2-Jan-1850 18-Mar-1905 Co. A 46 Reg Wis. Vol Inf Mother    
x Meacham, Ina 15-May-1894 30-Apr-1961   Ira Meacham 24-May-1919 Wallace & Amelia (Church) Beimis
x Meacham, Ira 4-Nov-1893 27-Jan-1973   Ina Bemis 24-May-1919 M.J. & ? Meacham
tx Meacham, John D. 18-May-1867 7-Sep-1929   Mary Smith 1901 Lyman R. & Mary H. (Dorn) Meacham
xo Meacham, Joyce M. 19-Jun-1915 17-Nov-1943   Single   John & Mary Meacham
t Meacham, Lenord G.; #2 8-Jan-1885 14-Oct-1911        
x Meacham, Lloyd M. 16-Jan-1896 14-Jun-1914   Mildred D.?    
x Meacham, Lyman Russell 28-Dec-1831 17-Apr-1911 B. Pa. Mary H. Dorn 1856?  
x Meacham, Mary Hannah 27-Jul-1835 27-Nov-1912 B. Pa.  Lyman R. Meacham 1856? Dorn 
to Meacham, Mary 9-Oct-1871 1-Nov-1963   John Meacham 1901 Smith
x Meacham, Mildred D. 17-Jun-1903 12-Jan-1988   Lloyd M. Meacham?    
x Meacham, Mother 1856 1930   Horace Meacham    
tx Meacham, Myron 1859 1932   Evelyn R.   L.R. & M.H. Meacham?
tx Meacham, Myrtle 12-Jul-1909 11-Aug-2000   Harvey J. Meacham 25-Dec-1932 Henry & Alice Marie (Ponds) Holmes
xo Meacham, Myrtle E. 14-Sep-1893 22-Jul-1986   Fred E. Meacham 16-Oct-1912 William Louis & Mabel (Pickett)Hebert
tx Meacham, Roscoe 30-Jul-1912 26-Jan-1994        
tx Meier, Vila B. 8-Apr-1921 4-Nov-1977        
x Mellenthin, Herman F. 4-Jul-1887 19-May-1926        
co Mellenthin, Vera E. 29-Sep-1918 5-Aug-1996 Age 77; D. St. Joseph's Hospice Rudolph Schweke

Eldor Mellenthin



Wenzel & Emelia (Stelzl) Huber
to Messer, Agnes Rose 6-Jan-1908 22-Apr-2005   Alvah Messer 17-June-1930 August & Rose (Laurich) Sauter
to Messer, Alvah "Brownie" 17-May-1899 22-May-1978 WWI-US Army Agnes Sauter 17-June-1930  
x Messer, Livonia 10-Feb-1830 21-Jul-1928        
x Messer, Robert E. 9-Feb-1932 3-Dec-1982 War Vet?- US Army      
xy Metzger, Blanche 29-Sep-1896 7-Apr-1985   Herman Metzger    
xy Metzger, Herman 1892 1947   Blanche    

Major portions of the updates to this cemetery have been provided by Lorraine Markee & Ken Wood on 05/01/2006; Some pictures provided by Tanya Paschke

Updated 13 Mar 2023

Explanation of the Sources (Column A)

o = obituary, f = family record, t = tombstone, c = cemetery record, n = Neillsville Court House record, s = social security death index, m = marriage announcement, q = query, x = info provided from obits and tombstone readings by Lorraine Markee, transcribed by Ken Wood, y = Info provided by Kathy Englbrestson




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