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Sherman Twp., Clark Co., WI

The contact for this cemetery is Stan Schwarze.


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Birth Death Notes & Military Spouse Married Parents
x Wachhholz, Donald H. 2-Aug-1923 2-Jan-1981 d. Heart trouble Laura E. Hoernke    
to Wachholz, Isabelle Helen 8-Apr-1921 13-Jul-2002 d. St. Joseph's Hospital Norman Wachholz 9-Oct-1943 Arthur & Tillie (Sedlack) Georges
xo Wachholz, Laura E. 31-Jul-1926 14-Feb-2008   Donald Becker

Donald H. Wachholz

  Herman & Elvina (Passhel) Hoernke
txf Wachholz, LaVerne J. 3-Jan-1920 31-May-2009 Updates provided by Lois Gersich  Maynard G. Wachholz 5-Jun-1948 Hans & Minnie (Messner) Sorenson 
txf Wachholz, Maynard G. 8-Jul-1918 3-Oct-1971 Updates provided by Lois Gersich LaVerne J. Wachholz 5-Jun-1948 Henry & Linda (Andre) Wachholz
tox Wachholz, Norman G. 13-Dec-1916 15-May-1971   Isabell H. Georges 9-Oct-1943 Henry & Linda (Andre) Wachholz
xy Wagner, Elmer 1905 1945        
xf Waldhart, Ernest 28-Aug-1900 20-Jan-1977   Mildred Hemberger 21-Apr-1921 Friedrich & Margaretha (Brunner) Waldhart
xf Waldhart, Mildred 29-Jan-1903 12-Nov-1985   Ernest Waldhart 21-Apr-1921 Edward & Martha (Jenke) Hemberger
xof Waldhart, Ralph 12-Jan-1931 14-Sep-1945       Ernest & Mildred (Hemberger) Waldhart
x Walter, Amelia Bertha 5-Sep-1875 23-Jul-1963   Gus Walter 5-Jan-1898 Miller
xo Walter, Gustave "Gus" 6-Mar-1868 27-Nov-1940 b. Germany Amelia B. Miller 5-Jan-1898  
tx Walti, Emma K. 5-Jul-1899 21-Jan-1980 d. St. Joseph's Hospital Frank L. Walti    
tx Walti, Frank L. 5-Oct-1892 28-Dec-1976 d. Heart problems  Emma K.    
o Walti, Kathrine 2-Dec-1948 7-Mar-1949 Obit says buried here      Harold & Viola (Vanderhoof) Walti
x Warren, James 29-Oct-1809 22-Nov-1891   Pheby    
x Warren, Pheby 13-Jun-1811 19-Mar-1892   James Warren    
x Weeks, Ethel Bixby 1862 1903        
xo Wegner, Emma I. 13-Jun-1885 8-Sep-1942 d. Owen, Wis.  Otto G. Wegner    
x Wegner, Eva Elsie May 8-Sep-1906 11-Sep-1906       Otto & Emma Wegner
x Wegner, Otto G. 11-Jun-1878 21-Aug-1951   Emma I.    
tx Weidman, Donald Durward 8-Feb-1926 8-Mar-1989 Korea/Vietnam-Sgt M US Army Kimi Kusada 16-Sep-1954 Ralph & Eva Weidman 
t Weidman, Guy H. 1950 Living   Marcella 1953  
txo Weidman, Marcella Elaine 5-Jun-1933 21-Feb-2003   Guy H. Weidman 1953 Paul P. & Elsie P. (Margelowsky) Sersch
tx Weiland, Adelina 16-Aug-1914 14-Mar-1937   Emil Weiland?   Schade?
oy Weiland, Emil 27-Apr-1912 21-Feb-2004   Adeline Schade / Marie Loos 16-Aug-1932 / 10-Jun-1941 Arthur & Mathilda (Kromrie) Weiland
y Weiland, Marie M. 4-Mar-1924 Living   Adeline Schade / Marie Loos 16-Aug-1932 / 10-Jun-1941 Arthur & Mathilda (Kromrie) Weiland
x Weis, Anton P. 28-Dec-1897 11-Mar-1988        
xy Weis, David E. 20-Mar-1948 21-Mar-1948        
xy Weis, Donald E. 1-Jul-1927 13-Aug-1999        
xy Weis, Donald W. 24-Nov-1955 24-Nov-1955   Marjorie Gennett 15-Oct-1949  
xyf Weis, Edward W. 23-Jun-1924 11-Dec-1994   Joanne    
x Weis, Elsie A. 27-Jul-1900 Sep-1964   John P. Weis    
xyf Weis, Joanne 13-Mar-1930 6-Mar-1994   Edward W. Weis    
xy Weis, John P. 24-Jan-1896 8-Mar-1968 WWI-Wis Pvt HQ Co 353 Inf Elsie A.    
xy Weis, LaVern 26-Dec-1926 ?   Mary Ann Weix    
oy Weis, Marjorie Alice 30-Jul-1932 23-Jul-2009   Donald Weis 15-Oct-1949 Mark & Monica (Endreas) Gennett
xy Weis, Mark W. 29-Oct-1959 29-Oct-1959       Edward & Joanne Weis?
o Weis, Mary Ann 29-Jul-1932 9-May-1980   Lavern Weis 2-Jun-1951 Martin & Mary (Tamborino) Weix
y Weis, Nancy L. 12-Feb-1930 24-Nov-2004   Nancy Blanchard 8-Sep 1979 William E. & Nellie (Skoine) Weis
txy Weis, Nellie V. 12-Mar-1905 30-Nov-1996   William E. Weis   Skoine
oy Weis, Raphael "Ray" J. 12-Feb-1930 24-Nov-2004   Nancy Blanchard 8-Sep 1979 William E. & Nellie (Skoine) Weis
txy Weis, William Edward , #1 13-Oct-1894 26-May-1964 WWII-PFC Co M 353 Inf Nellie Skoine    
txy Weis, William J. 8-Apr-1963 8-Apr-1963       Edward & Joanne Weis?
t Welch Family Stone            
txf Welch, Abigail ? 21-Oct-1917   Thomas Welch? 24-Dec-1868 Green 
tx Welch, Anson 22-Oct-1923 ?        
  Welch, Rollo A. 25-Apr-1901 29-Mar-1986   Theresa A. Weis

Carol A. Byrd



Anson C. & Mabel (Stevens) Welch
tx Welch, Ruth 13-Mar-1917 ?        
  Welch, Thomas 13-Feb-1840 5-Dec-1924 Civil War-Sgt Co I 112 Inf; 1862-1865 Abigail Green? 24-Dec-1868 Levi & ? Welch 
x Wellman, Anton H. 14-Dec-1901 21-Mar-1998   Eva M.    
x Wellman, Eva M. 6-Dec-1904 14-Mar-1995   Anton H. Wellman    
x Wellman, Flordenna 8-Mar-1932 26-Sep-1941       Anton & Eva Wellman
x Wellman, Jerald 18-Mar-1945 23-Mar-1945        
x Wellnitz, Eldor F. 22-May-1928 25-May-1928       Paul & Linda Wellnitz?
x Wellnitz, Linda A. 11-Nov-1894 12-Nov-1964   Paul Wellnitz    
x Wellnitz, Paul 1-Aug-1885 16-Feb-1967   Linda A.    
xo Wendel, Adolph 27-Aug-1861 1943   Louise Straub 2-Jan-1882 Adolph & Mary (Kratech) Wendel
xo Wendel, Louise 1-Jul-1862 4-Jul-1938   Adolph Wendel 2-Jan-1882  Straub
x Wendel, Willie A. 2-Jun-1890 27-Jul-1891       Adolph & Louise (Straub) Wendel
x Wendell, Catherine "Kate" 9 Apr 1853  2-Aug-1905 Age 52 yr, 3 mo, 23 da

1. ? Row

2. Galipsy Washington Wendell

 3 Nov 1906 Henry & Catherine (Blanchen) Lefever
  Wendell, Galipsy Washington 8 Apr 1851 8 Aug 1908 assumed buried here

1. Meliss Butler

2. Kate (Lefever) Row

1. 31 Aug 1869

2. 3 Nov 1906

Washington W. & Mary A. (Smith) Wendell
  Wendell, Melissa (Butler) 1854 Apr 1892 assumed buried here Galipsy W. Wendell ca 1870 ? & Joanna Butler
xy Wendorf, Rose 28-Feb-1883 2-May-1958        
o Wentzel, Clifford Martin 19-Apr-1934 6-Feb-2022 b. March Rapids, WI Patricia Stuttgen 26-Sep-1956 Earl & Naomi (Kurtzwiel) Wentzel
o Wentzel, Patricia A. "Pat" 18-Aug-1937 15-Oct-2016 To be buried here later Clifford Wentzel 26-Sep-1956 Nicholas & Hildegard (Wettstein) Stuttgen
to Wenzel, Charles W.; #2 23-Jul-1936 28-Oct-2010 Sp 4 U.S. Army Donna L. Dunbar 7-Jan-1983 Robert & Lillian (Gotz) Wenzel
txo Wenzel, Lillian E. 26-Mar-1909 29-Mar-1983 b. Auburndale, Wis. Robert C. Wenzel 28-Jun-1928 Wenzel & Marie (Schroeder) Gotz
txo Wenzel, Robert C. 12-Oct-1903 16-Jun-1971 b. Hewitt, Wis. Lillian E. Gotz 28-Jun-1928  
to Wenzel, Robert E. 5-Aug-1943 12-Jul-2010   Sally A. Conrad 30-Apr-1979 Robert & Lillian (Gotz) Wenzel
t Wenzel, Sally A. 6-Apr-1953 Living   Robert E. Wenzel 30-Apr-1979 Conrad
tx Westfall, Bernice M. 10-Oct-1900 7-Aug-1953   Erwin L. Westfall 25-Feb-1922 Jacobitz
txo Westfall, Erwin L. 12-Mar-1897 18-Apr-1983 WWI-Pvt US Army Bernice M. Jacobitz 25-Feb-1922 Charles & Pauline (Kegbein) Westfall
tx Westfall, Perry Lynn 12-Dec-1942 29-Nov-1992        
xo Westfall, Russell 19-Sep-1924 20-Feb-1983 WWII-PFC US Army Single   Erwin & Bernice (Jacobitz) Westfall
x Whipple, Henry   (No Dates) Civil War?-Co H 18 Wil Inf      
x Whipple, Israel C. 12-Nov-1866 28-Nov-1882        
x Whitmore, Riley T.   10-Dec-1888 Age 17 yr, 8 mo, 10 da     J. & M. Whitmore
x Whitford, Alan George 7-Mar-1899 8-Jun-1946 Wis Seaman 1 Class US NRF Evelyn Ayer?    
x Whitford, Evelyn 16-Nov-1909 2-Nov-1941   Alan G. Whitford?    
tx Whitford, Pat O'Connor 1933 1951       Alan & Evelyn Whitford?
x Willard, Emil 27-Apr-1912 21-Feb-2004        
tx Williams, Collins 28-Feb-1838 5-Apr-1923 Civil War-Corp Co D 44 Wis Inf Julia 1870?  
tx Williams, Effie 15-Apr-1874 22-Jun-1938       Collins & Julia Williams?
tx Williams, Julia 23-Nov-1852 16-Dec-1935   Collins Williams 1870?  
x Williams, Maggie M.   7-Dec-1892 Age 28 yr, 1 mo, 14 da Alex Williams    
o Willcome, Clarence H. 12-Dec-1926 21-Sep-2014 WWII/Korea - U.S. Army Mary Lou Staeven 22-Oct-1955 William & Katherine (Zimmerman) Willcome
xy Willner, Apalonia  , #1 6-Jun-1896 26-Mar-1972   William J. Willner 1915 Ellis
xyo Willner, William J. , #1 16-May-1894 12-Feb-1965 b. Evanston, Ill. Apalonia Ellis 1915  
tx Wilson, Delores V. 5-Aug-1934 Living   Kenneth O. Wilson    
tx Wilson, Kenneth O.; #2 15-May-1913 23-Jun-1988 WWII-Tec 5 US Army; D. St. Joseph's Hospital Delores V.    
x Wilson, Mary 9-Jun-1851 26-May-1917        
x Wilson, Richard   22-Sep-1895 Age 83 yr Sarah?    
x Wilson, Robert 13-Feb-1843 26-May-1920   Mary    
x Wilson, Sarah   19-Mar-1894 Age 74 yr Richard Wilson    
x Winters, Clistaeldora 1892 1927       Marvin & Dora Winters?
xy Winters, Dora 1858 1-Oct-1943   Marvin Winter    
xy Winters, Marvin 3-Feb-1857 8-Aug 1944   Dora    
x Winters, Marvin H. Jr. 1887 1918       Marvin & Dora Winters
x Winters, Oscar 6-Dec-1887 23-Jun-1966   Single    
o Witmer, Harry D. 14-May-1945 11-Mar-2016 b. Chambersburg, PA Diane M. Weyer 28-Jul-1973 Paul & Catherine (Shoemaker) Witmer
x Witt, Hugh H.   1-Nov-1880 Age 1 yr, 9 mo, 26 da     S. & J. Witt

Major portions of the updates to this cemetery have been provided by Lorraine Markee & Ken Wood on 05/01/2006; Some pictures provided by Tanya Paschke


Updated 09 Feb 2022


Explanation of the Sources (Column A)

o = obituary, f = family record, t = tombstone, c = cemetery record, n = Neillsville Court House record, s = social security death index, m = marriage announcement, q = query, x = info provided from obits and tombstone readings by Lorraine Markee, transcribed by Ken Wood, y = Info provided by Kathy Englebretson 




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