Surname List

1920 United States Federal Census

County: Clark
Supervisors District # 6
Township: Butler
Town Enumeration District # 12
Date 2 Jan. 1920

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Last, First Sheet Line First Last
Andorff, AugustA. 13-A 22 AugustA. Andorff
Andorff, ErnestO. 13-A 25 ErnestO. Andorff
Andorff, JohannisG. 13-A 23 JohannisG. Andorff
Andorff, John C. 13-A 19 John C. Andorff
Andorff, LudwigW. 13-A 21 LudwigW. Andorff
Andorff, MetaH. 13-A 20 MetaH. Andorff
Andorff, PhoebeN. 13-A 24 PhoebeN. Andorff
Arnold, AgnesV. 13-B 70 AgnesV. Arnold
Arnold, EvaL. 13-B 71 EvaL. Arnold
Arnold, NoraM. 13-B 69 NoraM. Arnold
Arnold, Simon 13-B 68 Simon Arnold
Belden, Carl 14-A 25 Carl Belden
Belden, DaleH. 14-A 29 DaleH. Belden
Belden, EttaGrace 14-A 23 EttaGrace Belden
Belden, GlenD. 14-A 28 GlenD. Belden
Belden, Guy 14-A 22 Guy Belden
Belden, GuyW. 14-A 24 GuyW. Belden
Belden, HazelV. 14-A 26 HazelV. Belden
Belden, IdaG. 14-A 27 IdaG. Belden
Belden, Matha A. 13-A 40 Matha A. Belden
Belden, Wm. 13-B 66 Wm. Belden
Brown, Elsworth 13-A 36 Elsworth Brown
Brown, EttaB. 13-A 35 EttaB. Brown
Brown, GeralaM. 13-A 37 GeralaM. Brown
Brown, James 13-A 34 James Brown
Brown, JamesW. 13-A 39 JamesW. Brown
Brown, MarthaI. 13-A 38 MarthaI. Brown
Butler, David N. 14-A 18 David N. Butler
Butler, IdaM. 14-A 19 IdaM. Butler
Butler, Isaac H. 14-A 30 Isaac H. Butler
Butler, Rosina 14-A 31 Rosina Butler
Cole, Bedert A. 13-B 95 Bedert A. Cole
Cole, BirdC.H. 13-B 97 BirdC.H. Cole
Cole, Charley G. 13-B 99 Charley G. Cole
Cole, LorisR. 13-B 98 LorisR. Cole
Cole, MarthaJ. 13-B 96 MarthaJ. Cole
Cole, SarahA. 13-B 100 SarahA. Cole
Collins, Capp 13-B 61 Capp Collins
Collins, EdnaG. 13-B 63 EdnaG. Collins
Collins, Gorcia 13-B 62 Gorcia Collins
Collins, MargaretC. 13-B 64 MargaretC. Collins
Collins, NancyT. 13-B 65 NancyT. Collins
Conklin, BerthaO. 14-A 14 BerthaO. Conklin
Conklin, Charles E. 13-B 93 Charles E. Conklin
Conklin, Homer C. 14-A 13 Homer C. Conklin
Conklin, MaryJ. 13-B 94 MaryJ. Conklin
Daines, Anna 13-B 90 Anna Daines
Daines, Chester R. 13-B 89 Chester R. Daines
Daines, Ronald 13-B 92 Ronald Daines
Daines, Sadie 13-B 91 Sadie Daines
Dare, David L. 14-B 52 David L. Dare
Dare, LosaJ. 14-B 54 LosaJ. Dare
Dare, MellisaG. 14-B 53 MellisaG. Dare
Dedering, Adline 14-A 48 Adline Dedering
Dedering, EdgarF. 14-A 47 EdgarF. Dedering
Dedering, ElmerH. 14-A 49 ElmerH. Dedering
Dedering, LouiseH. 14-A 46 LouiseH. Dedering
Dedering, Otto 14-A 45 Otto Dedering
Gisse, Clara A. 13-A 14 Clara A. Gisse
Gisse, ClareE. 13-A 8 ClareE. Gisse
Gisse, Clarence M. 13-A 13 Clarence M. Gisse
Gisse, Earl M. 13-A 12 Earl M. Gisse
Gisse, John 13-A 7 John Gisse
Gisse, Roy D. 13-A 11 Roy D. Gisse
Gisse, WardenFrancisM. 13-A 9 WardenFrancisM. Gisse
Gisse, Wilson H. 13-A 10 Wilson H. Gisse
Howe, Elsin 14-A 20 Elsin Howe
Howe, MaryJ. 14-A 21 MaryJ. Howe
Hoye, Ralph H. 14-A 32 Ralph H. Hoye
Kile, AlmaB. 13-B 87 AlmaB. Kile
Kile, EdithJ. 13-B 88 EdithJ. Kile
Kile, Flora 13-B 82 Flora Kile
Kile, FrancisH. 13-B 81 FrancisH. Kile
Kile, HattieM. 13-B 80 HattieM. Kile
Kile, Jamie 13-B 78 Jamie Kile
Kile, John W. 13-B 86 John W. Kile
Kile, JohnM. 13-B 77 JohnM. Kile
Kile, Margaret 13-B 84 Margaret Kile
Kile, SaraM 13-B 83 SaraM Kile
Kile, Sylvia 13-B 79 Sylvia Kile
Mayenschien, BlanchL. 13-A 42 BlanchL. Mayenschien
Mayenschien, CreolaL. 13-A 43 CreolaL. Mayenschien
Mayenschien, CurtisJ. 13-A 44 CurtisJ. Mayenschien
Mayenschien, EsterE. 13-A 45 EsterE. Mayenschien
Mayenschien, LavernW. 13-A 46 LavernW. Mayenschien
Mayenschien, LydiaW. 13-A 47 LydiaW. Mayenschien
Mayenschien, Wm. 13-A 41 Wm. Mayenschien
McMahon, Clarence H. 14-A 15 Clarence H. McMahon
McMahon, Ida 14-A 17 Ida McMahon
McMahon, JesseM. 14-A 16 JesseM. McMahon
Millus, Alvina 14-A 44 Alvina Millus
Millus, Christina 14-A 43 Christina Millus
Millus, Francis 14-A 41 Francis Millus
Millus, Marie 14-A 42 Marie Millus
Millus, Matt 14-A 40 Matt Millus
Moeller, Henry 14-B 57 Henry Moeller
Moore, Martha 13-B 85 Martha Moore
Morrison, ArthurG. 13-B 52 ArthurG. Morrison
Morrison, BertT. 13-A 50 BertT. Morrison
Morrison, Eden 13-A 48 Eden Morrison
Morrison, EvelynE. 13-B 53 EvelynE. Morrison
Morrison, RoyJ. 13-B 51 RoyJ. Morrison
Morrison, Sarah 13-A 49 Sarah Morrison
Nichols, ElsieM. 14-B 59 ElsieM. Nichols
Nichols, George D. 14-B 58 George D. Nichols
Ociseyek, George 14-A 33 George Ociseyek
Ociseyek, Hellen 14-A 39 Hellen Ociseyek
Ociseyek, Kate 14-A 34 Kate Ociseyek
Ociseyek, Mary 14-A 36 Mary Ociseyek
Ociseyek, Rosy 14-A 38 Rosy Ociseyek
Ociseyek, Sallie 14-A 35 Sallie Ociseyek
Ociseyek, Stella 14-A 37 Stella Ociseyek
Shoemaker, ClioL. 13-A 5 ClioL. Shoemaker
Shoemaker, Florence 13-A 2 Florence Shoemaker
Shoemaker, Frank L. 13-A 1 Frank L. Shoemaker
Shoemaker, GuyA. 13-A 3 GuyA. Shoemaker
Shoemaker, JoeJ. 13-A 4 JoeJ. Shoemaker
Shoemaker, SydleyP. 13-A 6 SydleyP. Shoemaker
Smith, Jeanons C. 14-A 6 Jeanons C. Smith
Smith, JeaonsW. 14-A 8 JeaonsW. Smith
Smith, MyrtleM. 14-A 7 MyrtleM. Smith
Speirs, Fred 14-B 55 Fred Speirs
Speirs, Neoma 14-B 56 Neoma Speirs
Spencer, Archer 13-B 67 Archer Spencer
Surface, AlmaG. 14-B 51 AlmaG. Surface
Surface, Walter T. 14-A 50 Walter T. Surface
Taylor, ArthurL. 13-A 29 ArthurL. Taylor
Taylor, John M. 13-A 26 John M. Taylor
Taylor, JohnJ 13-A 33 JohnJ Taylor
Taylor, LulaFrank 13-A 31 LulaFrank Taylor
Taylor, MinnieA. 13-A 28 MinnieA. Taylor
Taylor, PhoebeF. 13-A 27 PhoebeF. Taylor
Taylor, RobertM. 13-A 32 RobertM. Taylor
Taylor, RoyE. 13-A 30 RoyE. Taylor
Tiernan, Charles 13-B 54 Charles Tiernan
Tiernan, CharlesF. 13-B 56 CharlesF. Tiernan
Tiernan, Donald 13-B 58 Donald Tiernan
Tiernan, EarlL. 13-B 57 EarlL. Tiernan
Tiernan, ElsieM. 13-B 60 ElsieM. Tiernan
Tiernan, GlenL. 13-B 59 GlenL. Tiernan
Tiernan, NellieM. 13-B 55 NellieM. Tiernan
Vanderhoef, DorothaM 14-A 4 DorothaM Vanderhoef
Vanderhoef, EarlL. 14-A 1 EarlL. Vanderhoef
Vanderhoef, EarlL. 14-A 5 EarlL. Vanderhoef
Vanderhoef, LaRaeW. 14-A 3 LaRaeW. Vanderhoef
Vanderhoef, MatildaH. 14-A 2 MatildaH. Vanderhoef
Wilson, DorisE. 13-A 18 DorisE. Wilson
Wilson, EstellaL. 13-A 16 EstellaL. Wilson
Wilson, FrancisT. 13-A 17 FrancisT. Wilson
Wilson, Lewrence W. 13-A 15 Lewrence W. Wilson
Winter, GuyC. 14-A 11 GuyC. Winter
Winter, MinnieF. 14-A 10 MinnieF. Winter
Winter, RuthL. 14-A 12 RuthL. Winter
Winter, Wm. C 14-A 9 Wm. C Winter
Winterer, BernardA. 13-B 74 BernardA. Winterer
Winterer, Frank A. 13-B 72 Frank A. Winterer
Winterer, Hannock 13-B 73 Hannock Winterer
Winterer, MaudeB. 13-B 75 MaudeB. Winterer
Winterer, Salome 13-B 76 Salome Winterer




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