State: Wisconsin

 1930 United States Federal Census

Enumeration District: 3
Enumeration Date: April 24 & 25 1930
County: Clark
City, Township: Butler
Date 2 Jan. 1920

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Last, First Sheet Line First Last
Andorff, Alfred 1-A 30 Alfred Andorff
Andorff, August 2-A 7 August Andorff
Andorff, Ernest 2-A 10 Ernest Andorff
Andorff, Everitt 1-A 31 Everitt Andorff
Andorff, Flora 1-A 29 Flora Andorff
Andorff, Jenna 2-A 9 Jenna Andorff
Andorff, Johannes 1-A 28 Johannes Andorff
Andorff, Rosy 2-A 8 Rosy Andorff
Bader, Charles 1-B 98 Charles Bader
Barnes, Arthur 1-B 97 Arthur Barnes
Bowring, Simon 2-B 98 Simon Bowring
Brandt, Bertha 1-A 36 Bertha Brandt
Brandt, LoraE. 1-A 37 LoraE. Brandt
Brandt, Ruth 1-A 38 Ruth Brandt
Brandt, W.D. 1-A 35 W.D. Brandt
Burrington, Harriet 1-B 100 Harriet Burrington
Burrington, Perl 1-B 99 Perl Burrington
Butler, David 1-A 19 David Butler
Butler, Doris 2-A 47 Doris Butler
Butler, Ida 1-A 20 Ida Butler
Butler, Minnie 2-B 97 Minnie Butler
Butler, Wm.C. 2-B 96 Wm.C. Butler
Cole, BederA. 2-A 22 BederA. Cole
Cole, BirdC.H. 2-A 24 BirdC.H. Cole
Cole, CharleyG. 2-A 25 CharleyG. Cole
Cole, MarthaJ. 2-A 23 MarthaJ. Cole
Collins, Capp 2-B 83 Capp Collins
Collins, Edna 2-B 85 Edna Collins
Collins, Georgia 2-B 84 Georgia Collins
Collins, Margaret 2-B 86 Margaret Collins
Collins, Nancy 2-B 87 Nancy Collins
Collins, Raymond 2-B 88 Raymond Collins
Conklin, BerthaO. 2-A 5 BerthaO. Conklin
Conklin, HomerC 2-A 4 HomerC Conklin
Conklin, Jack 2-A 6 Jack Conklin
Duram, Minnie 2-B 52 Minnie Duram
Fainter, Alice 1-A 40 Alice Fainter
Fainter, W.T. 1-A 39 W.T. Fainter
Fillipeck, Anna 1-A 6 Anna Fillipeck
Fillipeck, Clara 1-A 9 Clara Fillipeck
Fillipeck, Frank 1-A 5 Frank Fillipeck
Fillipeck, Martha 1-A 8 Martha Fillipeck
Fillipeck, Mary 1-A 7 Mary Fillipeck
Greer, Edward 1-A 44 Edward Greer
Greer, Mary 1-A 45 Mary Greer
Hoge, Ralph 2-A 46 Ralph Hoge
Hunter, Chester 1-A 46 Chester Hunter
Jefferson, Theodore 1-A 47 Theodore Jefferson
Jefferson, Verbena 1-A 48 Verbena Jefferson
Kile, Alma 1-B 85 Alma Kile
Kile, Daisy 1-B 96 Daisy Kile
Kile, DavidJ. 1-B 88 DavidJ. Kile
Kile, E.June 1-B 86 E.June Kile
Kile, ElvinE. 1-B 87 ElvinE. Kile
Kile, Jennie 1-B 95 Jennie Kile
Kile, JohnM. 1-B 94 JohnM. Kile
Kile, JohnW. 1-B 84 JohnW. Kile
Kile, KennethE. 1-B 91 KennethE. Kile
Kile, LaurenceW. 1-B 89 LaurenceW. Kile
Kile, Lyle 1-B 90 Lyle Kile
Kuehl, Esther 1-B 82 Esther Kuehl
Kuehl, Hattie 1-B 79 Hattie Kuehl
Kuehl, Hugo 1-B 78 Hugo Kuehl
Kuehl, James 1-B 83 James Kuehl
Kuehl, Victor 1-B 80 Victor Kuehl
Kuehl, Wallace 1-B 81 Wallace Kuehl
Laplaca, Andrew 1-B 59 Andrew Laplaca
Laplaca, Charlie 1-B 52 Charlie Laplaca
Laplaca, Danrinae 1-A 49 Danrinae Laplaca
Laplaca, Elizabeth 1-B 55 Elizabeth Laplaca
Laplaca, Grace 1-B 57 Grace Laplaca
Laplaca, Guy 1-B 53 Guy Laplaca
Laplaca, Joe 1-B 51 Joe Laplaca
Laplaca, Josephine 1-B 58 Josephine Laplaca
Laplaca, Lena 1-B 54 Lena Laplaca
Laplaca, Mary 1-A 50 Mary Laplaca
Laplaca, Sammy 1-B 56 Sammy Laplaca
Lindsley, Mildred 1-A 41 Mildred Lindsley
Markee, Dice 1-B 76 Dice Markee
Markee, EAda 1-B 77 EAda Markee
Markee, Elvine 2-A 50 Elvine Markee
Markee, Evelyn 2-A 49 Evelyn Markee
Markee, Lovell 2-A 48 Lovell Markee
Markee, Thomas 2-B 51 Thomas Markee
Mayenschein, Curtis 2-A 42 Curtis Mayenschein
Mayenschein, Esther 2-A 43 Esther Mayenschein
Mayenschein, Lavern 2-A 44 Lavern Mayenschein
Mayenschein, Lydia 2-A 45 Lydia Mayenschein
Mayenschein, Rose 2-A 41 Rose Mayenschein
Mayenschein, Wm 2-A 40 Wm Mayenschein
McKinzie, Mary 1-A 42 Mary McKinzie
Millus, Alvina 1-A 12 Alvina Millus
Millus, Francis 1-A 11 Francis Millus
Millus, Matta 1-A 10 Matta Millus
Millus, Melvin 1-A 13 Melvin Millus
Mock, AlfredL. 2-A 15 AlfredL. Mock
Mock, Dennis 2-A 17 Dennis Mock
Mock, Fred 2-A 11 Fred Mock
Mock, Irene 2-A 13 Irene Mock
Mock, Laura 2-A 14 Laura Mock
Mock, Ruth 2-A 12 Ruth Mock
Mock, Wayne 2-A 16 Wayne Mock
Moeller, Fred 1-B 65 Fred Moeller
Moeller, Harvey 1-B 62 Harvey Moeller
Moeller, Henrietta 1-B 64 Henrietta Moeller
Moeller, Henry 1-B 60 Henry Moeller
Moeller, Johnnie 1-B 63 Johnnie Moeller
Moeller, Mary 1-B 61 Mary Moeller
Morgan, FredR. 2-A 1 FredR. Morgan
Morgan, Hellen 2-A 3 Hellen Morgan
Morgan, Iva 2-A 2 Iva Morgan
Morrison, Arthur 2-A 38 Arthur Morrison
Morrison, E.G. 2-A 36 E.G. Morrison
Morrison, Evelyn 2-A 39 Evelyn Morrison
Morrison, Midge 2-A 37 Midge Morrison
Ociezek, George 1-A 1 George Ociezek
Ociezek, Hellen 1-A 4 Hellen Ociezek
Ociezek, Kate 1-A 2 Kate Ociezek
Ociezek, Rose 1-A 3 Rose Ociezek
Reasby, Clarence 1-B 71 Clarence Reasby
Reasby, Edward 1-B 75 Edward Reasby
Reasby, Elden 1-B 72 Elden Reasby
Reasby, Hellen 1-B 70 Hellen Reasby
Reasby, Loyd 1-B 68 Loyd Reasby
Reasby, N.L. 1-B 66 N.L. Reasby
Reasby, Noble 1-B 74 Noble Reasby
Reasby, R.Vervina 1-B 67 R.Vervina Reasby
Reasby, Ruth 1-B 73 Ruth Reasby
Reasby, Toussaint 1-B 69 Toussaint Reasby
Reincke, Arthur 2-B 74 Arthur Reincke
Reincke, Dorotha 2-B 82 Dorotha Reincke
Reincke, Elvin 2-B 78 Elvin Reincke
Reincke, Emil 2-B 71 Emil Reincke
Reincke, Ethel 2-B 73 Ethel Reincke
Reincke, Harrietta 2-B 80 Harrietta Reincke
Reincke, Lavern 2-B 79 Lavern Reincke
Reincke, Lavern 2-B 81 Lavern Reincke
Reincke, Lester 2-B 75 Lester Reincke
Reincke, Lizzie 2-B 72 Lizzie Reincke
Reincke, Mildred 2-B 77 Mildred Reincke
Reincke, Roy 2-B 76 Roy Reincke
Richard, EthelM. 1-A 33 EthelM. Richard
Richard, WilliamT. 1-A 34 WilliamT. Richard
Shoemaker, Arthur 2-B 66 Arthur Shoemaker
Shoemaker, Billy 2-B 91 Billy Shoemaker
Shoemaker, ClioL. 2-B 63 ClioL. Shoemaker
Shoemaker, Clyde 2-B 65 Clyde Shoemaker
Shoemaker, Delbert 2-B 70 Delbert Shoemaker
Shoemaker, Dorotha 2-B 68 Dorotha Shoemaker
Shoemaker, ErnestA. 2-B 89 ErnestA. Shoemaker
Shoemaker, Fern 2-B 93 Fern Shoemaker
Shoemaker, FlorenceL. 2-B 60 FlorenceL. Shoemaker
Shoemaker, FrankL. 2-B 59 FrankL. Shoemaker
Shoemaker, GuyA. 2-B 61 GuyA. Shoemaker
Shoemaker, Harold 2-B 69 Harold Shoemaker
Shoemaker, Hazel 2-B 90 Hazel Shoemaker
Shoemaker, JoeT. 2-B 62 JoeT. Shoemaker
Shoemaker, Leo 2-B 94 Leo Shoemaker
Shoemaker, Lucille 2-B 95 Lucille Shoemaker
Shoemaker, Lynn 2-B 67 Lynn Shoemaker
Shoemaker, Paul 2-B 92 Paul Shoemaker
Shoemaker, Sidney 2-B 64 Sidney Shoemaker
Smith, Emmett 1-A 18 Emmett Smith
Smith, JeanonsC. 1-A 14 JeanonsC. Smith
Smith, Lois 1-A 17 Lois Smith
Smith, MyrtleR. 1-A 15 MyrtleR. Smith
Smith, Wilbur 1-A 16 Wilbur Smith
Taylor, Bertha 1-A 26 Bertha Taylor
Taylor, Curtis 1-A 27 Curtis Taylor
Taylor, Elsie 1-A 25 Elsie Taylor
Taylor, Kermit 1-A 24 Kermit Taylor
Taylor, Leon 1-A 22 Leon Taylor
Taylor, Raymond 1-A 21 Raymond Taylor
Taylor, RaymondJr. 1-A 23 RaymondJr. Taylor
Thompson, John 1-A 43 John Thompson
Tieman, Arlene 2-A 29 Arlene Tieman
Tieman, CharlesR. 2-A 31 CharlesR. Tieman
Tieman, CharlieJ. 2-A 27 CharlieJ. Tieman
Tieman, CharlieSr 2-A 32 CharlieSr Tieman
Tieman, EarlJ. 2-A 20 EarlJ. Tieman
Tieman, EarlSr. 2-A 18 EarlSr. Tieman
Tieman, ElsieM. 2-A 35 ElsieM. Tieman
Tieman, Glen 2-A 34 Glen Tieman
Tieman, Hellen 2-A 28 Hellen Tieman
Tieman, LorenA. 2-A 21 LorenA. Tieman
Tieman, NellieM. 2-A 33 NellieM. Tieman
Tieman, PearlM. 2-A 19 PearlM. Tieman
Tieman, Shirley 2-A 30 Shirley Tieman
Timmler, Edwin 2-A 26 Edwin Timmler
Wilson, ThomasB. 1-A 32 ThomasB. Wilson
Winterer, Frank 1-B 92 Frank Winterer
Winterer, Hannah 1-B 93 Hannah Winterer
Worthington, Archie 2-B 53 Archie Worthington
Worthington, Berla 2-B 58 Berla Worthington
Worthington, Bessie 2-B 55 Bessie Worthington
Worthington, Dortha 2-B 57 Dortha Worthington
Worthington, Eva 2-B 56 Eva Worthington
Worthington, Verna 2-B 54 Verna Worthington




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