1930 Clark County Insane Asylum Inmates

Transcribed by Ken Wood

Pictured above is the Insane Asylum on Hwy. 29 East of Owen, Clark Co., WI. (both my parents were employed there).  Diane Kleinke.

Name, First & Last|Birth Yr. | Nativity


Mary Ahlstram--1890, Wisconsin
Louis Anderson--1880, Wisconsin
Blanche Allen--1885, USA
Emily Anderson--1894, Finland
Theresa Atteln--1887, Wisconsin
Edward Arendt--1899, Illinois
Mary Arendt--1868, Wisconsin
Lena Anderson--1874, Wisconsin
Clara Baldwin--1853, Wisconsin
Harvey Bettis--1902, Wisconsin
Alma Binger--1879, Wisconsin
Elizabeth Berringer--1865, Wisconsin
Emma Beyer--1880, Wisconsin
Mary Bazzle--1876, Wisconsin
Kate BeBanlt--1880, Wisconsin
Annie Becker--1878, Germany
Pauline Bannach--1882, Wisconsin
Electa Brooks--1847, Ohio
Barbara Borachlin--1859, Ohio
Isabelle Boehlke--1893, Wisconsin
Margaret Baird--1865, Canada
Lyle Blood--1896, Wisconsin
Mary Buss--1871, Germany
Joseph Bishop--1904, Wisconsin
Dean Babcock--1875, USA
Floren Bresnahan--1902, Indiana
Emma Beland--1883, Germany
Anson Boardman--1870, Minnesota
Forest Burchell--1902, Wisconsin
Minnie Beer--1874, Wisconsin
Susie Cluemans--1880, Wisconsin
Wm. Curtis--1875, USA
Robert Craasdrile--1890, Wisconsin
Char Christiansen--1886, Wisconsin
Jennie Culy--1887, Wisconsin
John Chase--1888, Wisconsin
Herbert Calkins--1888, Wisconsin
Charles Chamberlain--1891, Wisconsin
Leland Cornwell--1869, Wisconsin
Victor Charland--1897, Michigan
Dexter Chipman--1898, Wisconsin
Altie Cliff--1887, Wisconsin
Alex Clark--1901, Wisconsin
Virgil Chalfant--1902, Wisconsin
Rosalie Chahoj--1871, Poland
Martha Dittler--1887, Wisconsin
Reba Darman--1889, Wisconsin
Ruth Dorelins--1901, Wisconsin
Mary Duvall--1889, Wisconsin
Rose Dural--1889, Poland
Wm. Dankert--1853, Germany
Louis Dohrwardt--1895, Wisconsin
Franklin Deal--1900, Wisconsin
Martha Delap--1885, Wisconsin
Gertrude Daniel--1895, Wisconsin
Leo Derry--1901, Michigan
Ruth Enerson--1895, Wisconsin
John Eppers--1856, USA
Julia Erickson--1897, Wisconsin
Alfred Eisherner--1889, Wisconsin
Mae Embertson--1886, Wisconsin
Maritz Engel--1857, USA
Anna Elmer--1892, Wisconsin
VernonEly--1896, Wisconsin
Edward Entzminger--1895, Wisconsin
John England--1871, Sweden
Ann Ericksmen--1880, Norway
Edward Fausg--1903, Wisconsin
Rose Faber--1869, Germany
Alta French--1895, Wisconsin
Gerturde Fowler--1878, Illinois
Wm. Fearn--1881, England
James Finkle--1853, England

EmmaFuickey--1889, Wisconsin
Glen Golden--1908, South Dakota
Stella Gerbyshako--1912, Wisconsin
John Gilson--1887, Pennsylvania
Ida Grade--1861, Wisconsin
Ellen Gillen--1882, Wisconsin
Annie Gawin--1864, Canada
Anna Gavlick--1895, Czechoslovakia
Felix Ilnicki--1895, Wisconsin
Anna Gruz, USA--1891, Wisconsin
Egnatz Grazieltis--1869, USA
Wm. Guthrie--1894, Wisconsin
Wilda Guetschow--1892, Wisconsin
Mary Gorbish--1880, Wisconsin
Freda Gardon--1890, Wisconsin
Theodore Gusche--1902, Wisconsin
Lillie Garman--1880, Wisconsin
Henry Goelz--1898, USA
Sarah Getchell--1883, Wisconsin
Edward Henning--1902, Minnesota
Florence Hamre--1891, South Dakota
Albert Hallack--1872, Wisconsin
Martha Hing--1884, Wisconsin
Beatrice Hart--1880, Wisconsin
Albert Hanke--1867, Wisconsin
Ada Hancock--1894, Wisconsin
Florence Hatch--1892, Wisconsin
Ransom Hall--1882, Iowa
Emma Head--1882, Wisconsin
Nora Heffron--1864, Wisconsin
Ralph Hilbo--1892, Iowa
Michael Harth--1890, Wisconsin
Lawrence Hadley--1889, Wisconsin
Cora Hult--1893, Wisconsin
Geneva Hanson--1902, Wisconsin
Mary Hamley--1876, Illinois
Myrthbelle Harrie--1877, Wisconsin
Herman Imm--1875Nebraska
Adelia Jendryzek--1898, Wisconsin
Kate Jesiarski--1887, Poland
Ida Johnson--1890, Wisconsin
Anna Jackson--1872, Wisconsin
Robert Johnson--1897, Wisconsin
Elizabeth Jensen--1878, Sweden
Annie Johnson--1905, Wisconsin
Julia Jacavitz--1886, Poland
Frances Johnson--1859, Germany
John Jensen--1867, Norway
Ellen Johnson--1877, Ohio
Louis Ketel--1889, Wisconsin
Kantaute Karinlowicz--1894, Russia
Henry Keller--1871, Wisconsin
Lena Kroulik--1888, Iowa
Maud Knower--1881, Wisconsin
Anna Keideth--1879, Germany
Benjamin Kengon--1888, Wisconsin
Christine Kath--1881, Germany
Ellen Keely--Wisconsin
Catherine Kapp--1902, Czechoslovakia
Edward Kennedy--1891, Wisconsin
Anna Katt--1888, Poland
Mary Kranson--1866, Germany
Henry Kern--1896, Wisconsin
John Kenn--1894, Wisconsin
Evert Kellaps--1876, Wisconsin
George Krahl--1905, Wisconsin
Joseph Katard--1875, Russia
Benjamin Karon--1894, Russia
Mallie Krohuberger--1898, Wisconsin
Alfred Kreihn--1901, Wisconsin
Margaret Lauber--1859, Germany
James Lave--1872, Ohio
Marie Laube--1905, Illinois
Margaret Langseth--1895, Norway
Ella Long--1862, Wisconsin
Elmer Layng--1883, Wisconsin

Stewart Lutz--1876, Iowa
Minnie Latzow--1867, Illinois
Lyle Loper--1892, Wisconsin
Anna Laing--1889, Wisconsin
Dorea Lumbbakken--1876, Wisconsin
Robert Lambert--1884, Kentucky
Bertha Lawrence--1872, Canada
Wm Lindau--1902, Wisconsin
Carolin Larkowski--1852, Germany
Fred Lamke--1881, Germany
Mabel Leigh--1888, Wisconsin
John Larrig--1893, Wisconsin
Hattie Leo--1900, Wisconsin
Theron Loper--1893, Wisconsin
Manford Lewison--1892, Wisconsin
Elizabeth Merkel--1872, Wisconsin
Anna Meier--1895, Wisconsin
Meta Meyers--1894, Wisconsin
Leoanharet Marski--1857, Russia
Helen Myllenan--1888, Finland
Maude McIntosh--1888, Minnesota
Amelia Mcindoe--1869, Wisconsin
Elsie McDonald--1872, Wisconsin
Anna Morgan--1886, Canada
Frank Manthey--1891, Wisconsin
Rose Molitor--1900, Wisconsin
Joseph Micheany--1900, Wisconsin
Rose Meyers--1889, Wisconsin
Mary Morseth--1873, Wisconsin
Galela Marks--1888, Wisconsin
Anna Meyer--1866, Wisconsin
Hugh McManus--1879, Wisconsin
Victor Makela--1886, Finland
Helen Nowobielski--1872, Poland
August Napioatek--1882, Germany
Elinor Nass--1892, Wisconsin
Patty Nye--1888, Wisconsin
Mamie Newberg--1894, Wisconsin
Emma Newgard--1886, Wisconsin
Emma Notbohm--1884, Germany
Wilma Nichols--1887, Sweden
Frank Olson--1894, Wisconsin
Andrew Orethum--1887, Wisconsin
Olmstead Earl--1905, Wisconsin
Dewey Osborne--1899, Iowa
Annie Olson--1878, Sweden
Albert Onsrud--1901, Wisconsin

John Opateo--1883, Wisconsin
Veronica Passig--1853, Czechoslovakia
Mary Pankonin--1863, Wisconsin
Maggie Patten??, Wisconsin
Clara Porter--1896, Iowa
Annie Podwonzek--1860, Bohemia
Ella Pagel--1905, Wisconsin
Emma Payne--1908, Wisconsin
August Parnes--1845, Germany
Minnie Paulson--1895, Wisconsin
Olma Petcher--1853New York
Christine Paulson--1888, Norway
Fred Plagman--1872, Germany
Jonas Pequinot--1854, Indiana
Augusta Pettingell--1854, Wisconsin
Charles Pett--1895, Wisconsin
Phillipina Plack--1893, Wisconsin
Roman Prue--1899, Poland
Mary Petrick--1877, Bohemia
Irvin Packer--1866, Wisconsin
Marie Rischard--1862, Wisconsin
Edward Rick--1879, Wisconsin
Julia Rieschl--1875, Austria
Anna Rosenow--1889, Wisconsin
Justina Roehl--1854, Germany
Corbin Rissell--1900, Kentucky
Edward Roan--1900, Illinois
Anna Retta--1880, Germany
Augusta Riedel--1883, Wisconsin
Lester Rinnen--1900, Wisconsin
Free Raymond--1874, Wisconsin
Anna Ceaoenkldt--1874, Texas
Anna Schaup--1881, Germany
John Stallins--1898, Wisconsin
Isabelle Smith--1894, Scotland
Ruby Starr--1899, Wisconsin
Sophie Smolne--1868, Germany
Geary Schmidmeyer--1900, Wisconsin
Peter Syleykeys--1883, Lithuania
Selma Smith--1893, Poland
Christian Sosenson--1896, Wisconsin
Carrie Schnieder--1877, Wisconsin
James Steinberger--1902, Wisconsin
Alva Sikes--1896, Wisconsin
Christ Strauss--1850Switzerland
Ida Stillman--1908, Wisconsin
Peter Speich--1897, Wisconsin
Daniel Sparks--1905, Wisconsin
Sophie Stulgo--1897, Russia
Ethel Scovell--1867, Wisconsin
Ben Shydlowsky--1910, Wisconsin
Enna Schmidt--1905, Wisconsin
Geroge Sanders--1901, Wisconsin
Joseph Shrzyprk--1865, Poland
Wayland Schmeider--1908, Wisconsin
Sarah Smith--1883New York
Eva Shaw--1874, Wisconsin
Paul Scholtz--1903, Wisconsin
Wm. Steiner--1880, Austria
Floyd Supowick--1887, Poland
Emma Smith--1873, Ohio
Robert Stair--1874, Wisconsin
Geroge Stoken--1881, Wisconsin
Frank Stempel--1898New York
Otto Sell--1889, Germany
Elizabeth Shaw--1895, Wisconsin
Victoria Soszuk--1875, Poland
Susan Scribner--1854, Wisconsin
Walter Thompkins--1890, Illinois
Ernest Tripp--1892, Wisconsin
Augusta Teubert--1894, Wisconsin
Christ Vaubel--1903, Wisconsin
Joseph Valentawicz--1901, Wisconsin
Kerstin Van Slut--1869, Denmark
Edna Van Vleck--1879, Iowa
Katie Van Hulst--1889, Wisconsin
Pia Anna Votava--1864, Bohemia
John Vanderheiden--1891, Wisconsin
Huanel Wm.s--1890, Wisconsin
Wm. Wilterding--1890, Wisconsin
Pearl Wanta--1899, Wisconsin
Emma Wheeler--1885, Wisconsin
Fred Wilaing--1860, Germany
Raymond Wm.s--1903, Wisconsin
Wm. Walters--1883, Germany
Ida Warner--1873, Kansas
John Wattering--1887, Wisconsin
Adam Wachal--1886, Czechoslovakia
Joseph Wagner--1873, Poland
Mary Waulawski--1881, Poland
Melvin Wayner--1911, Wisconsin
John Walford--1889, Wisconsin
Jeanette Wright--1889, Wisconsin
Albert Wanng--1877, Germany
Richard Wanke--1872, Wisconsin
Tony Zembal--1895, Poland
Isabelle Zostrow--1884, Wisconsin
Stella Zunker--1898, Wisconsin
Edith Zilkry--1884, USA
Wallace Zwicky--1906, Wisconsin

Source: 1930 Federal Census, Hixon Twp., Clark Co., Wisconsin





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