Clark County, Wisconsin


Clark County Illustrated, 1890--by Saterlee, Tift & Marsh

Transcribed by Tiffiney Hill

Nearly all the religious denominations are well represented in the county, and each has its place of worship, which, in many cases is an elegant structure. We have not the statistics at hand to enable us to give the membership of the different churches throughout the county, but they are quite well supported in nearly every locality, and many of them have a large and increasing membership. There are very few towns in the county but what have from one the six churches, and in some of the villages they are quite imposing structures.

Taking the county as a whole the Methodist church probably has the largest membership, but the Presbyterian, Baptist, Congregational, Unitarian, Universalist, Adventist, as well as the Catholic and Lutheran faiths have a large following. A Secular Union has also been recently organized at the county seat. On the whole the moral and religious training of the young in the county is far from being neglected, and much time and money has been spent in preparing pleasant and comfortable places for this line of training, and in filling the pulpits of these places of worship with competent ministers and instructors. Many of the Catholic and the Lutheran churches have private schools connected with the church organization in which the young are instructed in their particular line of faith.





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