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Compiled by Dee Zimmerman


Clark County News

 April 1874


Mr. James Ferguson has decided to cut loose from the cares of the post office for a trip of several weeks to Colorado.  We hope that he may have a pleasant time while on the trip, but that he may return entirely cured of the “Western Fever.”


Mr. J. Prosser lives at Lake of the Two Woods, Dakota twelve miles west of the Minnesota line.  Several settlers live near Prosser and as they have no regular mail service, letters and papers are carried between the Two Woods settlement and Captain Herrick’s, at the state line by private enterprise.


For sometime this service has been performed by a dog belonging to Mr. Prosser.  The mail is placed in a small sack, tied about the dog’s neck, and when he is told to “go,” he goes never once having failed to reach his destination without delay.  Captain Herrick overhauls the mail, gives the shaggy mail carrier a good dinner, places the Two Woods mail sack about his neck then he is off running on the return trip.  There is no more faithful carrier in Uncle Sam’s service than “Curly,” the fine long black curly-haired spaniel-type dog, who has proven himself very capable as a mail carrier.


The maple syrup crop threatens to be a failure through the protracted cold weather that has prevailed so far.  Owners of sugar bushes have placed their only hope upon the “three good runs” that are always expected after the frogs become vocal in the spring. 


The feasibility of establishing Turkish baths here is being discussed.  Dr. French and James Hewett each offer $200 to the person who will go into the enterprise.


The Presbyterian Society has purchased the lot on the corner opposite Mr. Lynch’s residence. They propose to erect a church as soon as practicable and the people here should make it practicable as soon as possible.


An appropriation of $500 was made at the last town meeting for building a bridge across O’Neill Creek west of the mill. The bridge is needed by a few who reside upon the north side of the creek.  For them it would be a convenience, to all at times and before long it will be a necessity.


According to a recent notice published, there will soon be a new bridge across the creek west of the mill. We understand there is (to) be an east west street laid out north of the mill to intersect the two streets running north and south.


(The east-to-west, street along the creek is now known as 10th Street connecting Grand Avenue and Hewett Street. D.Z.)


There were 155 days of sleighing in Clark County during the past snow season, according to a statistician here who has kept track of it, reports to us.


Mills & Hoyt have changed their stage time so as to meet passengers at the Black River Station from the 12 midnight train and return to Neillsville in time to connect with the Greenwood stage.


The new Town Board has lowered the license fees of saloon keepers to $75 and drug stores to $40.  Last year they were $100 and $50.


A Norwegian whose name we can not learn, but feel perfectly safe in calling Ole Olson, met with a very painful accident while engaged on the log drive on Cunningham Creek last Saturday.  It seems that he was in the act of stepping upon a log just as a fellow countryman was in the act of driving his pike-pole into it and unfortunately selected the exact spot to step on that the other man had selected for as the pike-pole target.  The consequence was that the pole’s spike was driven through Ole’s foot, making a dangerous and painful wound.


The newly elected authorities of Black River Falls have decided that the good people of that place may take their spirituous sustenance in the front rooms during the coming year instead of having to skin their shins on dry goods boxes and saw bucks in getting in at the back doors.  There is hardly a man at the Falls that cannot show scars that are eloquent in favor of liquor license and yet the hard-hearted women of that place, to the number of several hundred, signed a petition to the Board praying that licenses might not be granted.


W. S. Covill, who recently leased the saw mill here, has got that ancient institution running in good shape.  It is a good thing to be able to get a little lumber without going on a day’s journey after it.


Geo. Lloyd has received a large stock of fresh lime and any amount of new hardware, including 500 kegs of nails. George says he means business his spring and he certainly will not fail in it for want of goods.


April 1939


Although cold, disagreeable weather on recent days has not been conducive to thoughts of fishing, the hardier of Clark County’s anglers are going over their tackle in preparation for the opening of the fishing season.


The first assault on Wisconsin’s finny population will be made May 1, when the season for trout of all varieties except lake trout, opens in Ashland, Bayfield, Douglas and Iron counties.  However, most other seasons get under way May 15.


Regulations concerning licenses remain the same, at least for the time being, as last year.  A bill has been introduced in the state legislature to require a license for cane pole fishing; but the bill has not as yet been enacted.  Resident licenses are one dollar and non-resident licenses are three dollars.


County Clerk Calvin Mills has received 2,500 resident licenses and several non-resident licenses, which have been distributed to 37 agents in the county.  All of the agents will carry the residence license, and only a few in strategic locations will carry non-resident licenses.


Neillsville’s new fire truck will be delivered April 29 city officials were notified late last week by the General Fire Truck Co-op of Detroit, which as the contract for building the truck body.


The notification, coming at long last, settled the minds of mildly perplexed city officials, whose repeated letters to the company had failed to bring response.  However, a telegram requesting an immediate reply sent to the company C.O.D. turned the trick.


The fire truck, a 500-gallon pumper with a Diamond T chassis, will have to undergo an underwriter’s test for several hours after arriving here.  The test will be made to determine whether the pumper will perform specifications by the insurance underwriter’s codes.


The truck will cost the city in the neighborhood of from $3,800 to $3,900.  The chassis bid, let to the Reinhard-Davis Co., of Neillsville was for $1,228.50, less federal tax; and the bid for the body and equipment was let at $2,700.


The truck will be painted white with red stripes.


For the benefit of the readers of The Press who do not know where Trondhjem is located, perhaps a little explanation will help.  It is a very nice locality, located northeast of Greenwood, settled mostly by Norwegians whose fathers and mothers came here from a little town in Norway, called Trondhjem.  As they settled here and built their homes, out of forestland, they called this part of Greenwood area, Trondhjem.


The women of the Neillsville Country club will gather at the clubhouse for a kitchen bee on April 27th at one o’clock.  They are urged to come and help clean and paint the kitchen.  Mrs. Kurt Listeman will serve a chow mein luncheon after the work is finished.


The Neillsville Country Club is now open for play.  Family memberships are $25, single men over 21 is $25, Minors, non residents and Ladies, $10.


The measles epidemic, which ran its course on the south side of our city during the latter part of the winter, forded the O’Neill stream last week and infested almost every home on the north side, where there are children.


Register of Deeds Henry Rahn and his assistant, Joe Wavrunek, this week were putting the finishing touches on what is believed to be the largest mortgage recording ever made in the county.


The mortgage contains an estimated 185,000 words and requires 133 pages in a mortgage register book.  The pages of the book are nine inches wide and 16 ½ inches deep and hold 98 single spaced typewritten lines.


The mortgage is that of Northern States Power Co. in which real estate, personal property flowage rights, easements and all other equipment of the utility are given as security for a $17,500,000 bond issue.  The mortgage is made to the First Wisconsin Trust Co. of Milwaukee, as trustees.


The recording of the deed will cost in the neighborhood of $185 according to Mr. Rahn. Mortgage recordings are charged at 10 cents each 100 words, or any part thereof.


The natural beauty of O’Neill Creek has made a strong impression upon Dr. Milton Rosekrans.  He has drawn this to the attention of The Clark County Press, and suggested this as a natural spot for the expression of civic pride.


“O’Neill Creek plays a part in the lives of all of us who live in or near Neillsville, said the Doctor.  “Practically all of us cross its bridges, some of us several times a day, particularly the bridge at Hewett Street.  The view east from the Hewett Street Bridge, while not in all respects admirable now, has distinct charm and perhaps would be found to have possibility of development without much expense.


“The upper reaches of the pond are very picturesque, with a clump of large rock outcroppings at one point, a beautiful curve, and an island just at the head of still water.  The upper reaches of the pond are quite accessible, but not much seen by most of us.


“We go through this life only once, and those of us who live here depend mainly upon what we see here for enjoyment of the out-of-doors.  Here is a spot, which we all see.  Could it be developed upon a plan which would be feasible under present conditions?”


(Dr. Milton Rosekrans, having grown up in Jackson County, was a great sportsman-outdoorsman, who enjoyed the scenery of the land, which was one reason he chose to live here with his wife, Sarah and daughters.  Some things don’t change, as Dr. Milton said 70 years ago, we who live here pass over the creek’s bridges once or more times a day, oblivious to the creek and its shorelines. D.Z.)


Free! Chrysler and Plymouth Car Show to be sponsored by Feirn’s Complete Service, of Neillsville, will be held Wednesday, May 3rd at the Silver Dome Ballroom.  There will be dancing with Schweitzer’s Orchestra, featuring Old Time and Modern music, starting promptly at 8:00 p.m. Free Admission


March relief costs in Clark County were $5,248.86, according to the monthly report made this week by H. L. Trewartha, county welfare director.


The report revealed there were 151 active relief cases in the county during the month, with 53 applications for relief filed, and that 44 cases were closed.  Twenty-one other cases are waiting assignment.


Receipts of the month, according to the report, included: old age pensions, $8,346.35; mother’s aide for dependent children, $2,968.79; and pensions for the blind, $149.


The Neillsville Ping Pong team, composed of Marcus Baumann, Billy Hoepner, and Wells Harvey, Jr. placed second in a four-team invitational tournament at Marshfield Sunday.  After defeating the St. John’s team of Marshfield 3 to 0, the Neillsville squad lost to City Point CCC team, 2 to 1 in finals.


Down and Out Sale!  We mark them down; you drive them out at Whaley Service, formerly Kurth Oil Co. in Neillsville.


1937 Nash Ambassador 6, 1937 Lafayette, 1936 Nash “400”, 1936 Nash Ambassador 6, 1935 Ford V-8, 1930 Ford Pickup, 1929 Chevrolet Coupe, 1929 Ford Model “A”, 1930 Studebaker and 1928 Oldsmobile.


(The 1929 Ford Model “A’ Coupe brings back memories as a kid, riding up and down small hills on a country road by the James River in South Dakota.  The young fellow, Bill, drove the car taking his nephew, the same age as me, on that ride; and as we rode up and down the hills, we squealed over the tummy-tickling sensation while Bill laughed. D.Z.)


The Neillsville Hatchery, a branch of the Merrill Hatchery, has a Special on Custom Hatching, at 1 ½ cents per egg.  Call the Neillsville Hatchery, Phone 308


(Custom hatching required customers bringing in eggs laid by their own flock of chickens to be sent to a hatchery for incubating, baby chicks to be added to the flock. D.Z.)


Rugs and Carpets Shampooed, 9’x12’ size, for only $2.00 at the Model Laundry, Neillsville.


Let us clean your Rugs and Carpets, gently shampooed with mild, specially prepared rug soap, in our specially built Rug and Carpet Shampoo Machine.


100% Pure Pennsylvania Motor Oil Special Sale at Wadhams Dealers and stations, 3 gallons for $1.90, including tax and the can it comes in.


Meats can either be the best and tastiest, eatable or the most discouraging part of a meal.  No one realizes this more than we do and no one tries harder to give the best.  We handle only Quality Meats at Bollom’s Market in Neillsville.


An Oil Change to ISO-Vis Motor Oil in any model of car is only $1.00 at Zilk Villa Service Station.



“The Old Mill Stream” would also be an appropriate name for O’Neill Creek, as in the mid-1800s the damned up creek supported a saw mill business along its banks, the first industry in Neillsville.


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