Dewhurst Township Homes & Families

Township 23N, Range 3W

Clark County, Wisconsin


Ivar, Olga and Conrad Christofferson


Charles Christofferson and family of three children came form Lily Lake, Illinois in 1906. They had bought eighty acres of brush land from the Wisconsin Farm Land Company two miles west of Columbia, in Dewhurst Township, Clark Co., Wisconsin. There were no buildings. Mr. Christofferson then bought the forty acres with buildings from John Apfel which was across from his acreage. Mr. Christofferson was active in town offices of Dewhurst. The young people were active in social affairs. Another daughter, Hilda, lived with an aunt in Iowa. She came often to visit with her father, sister, and brothers. Mr. Christofferson passed on in 1926. His son, Conrad, then took the farm for two years when he went of Montana to work for Anaconda Copper Company and later at a hospital in Warm Springs, Montana. Here he married and they moved to California where they lived for many years. The home farm had tenants until it was sold to Clifford Winter of Columbia in 1945.



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Lone Grave Cemetery

Columbia Cemetery (Hewett Twp.)


Individual Family Census Records and Gedcom Files, Family & Home Photos

Achenbach: Achenbach, Edward "Ed" (First Owner's Map); Achenbach, E. (1906 Map)

Adams: Adams, W. E., (1906 Map)

Allen: Allen, D. B., (1906 Map)

Ames: Ames, O.; (1893 Map)

Anderson: Anderson, James; (First Owner's Map); Anderson, George; Anderson, F. O., (1906 Map); Anderson, Aug., (1906 Map)

Archer: Archer, Rosislo, (1906 Map)

Arnold: Arnold, George M. (First Owner's Map)

Babock: Babcock, Samuel; (First Owner's Map)

Bailey: Bailey, Asahel P.; (First Owner's Map); Bailey, E. S. or G., (1906 Map)

Bainer: Bainer, William & Mary (Fjirst Owner's Map)

Ballard: Ballard, F. Z., (1906 Map)

Batch: Batch, E.; (1893 Map)

Bates: Bates, Robert J.; (Fjirst Owner's Map)

Beard: Beard, Eva, (1906 Map)

Beckman: Beckmann, C., (1906 Map)

Benneme: Benneme, A., (1906 Map)

Blakeslee: Blakeslee, Chancey; (First Owner's Map)

Blenco: Blenco, W.; (1893 Map)

Bohac: Bohac, F., (1906 Map)

Bohnhoff: Bohnhoff, Fred C.; (First Owner's Map)

Boynton: Boyton, Rose, (1906 Map)

Borz: Borz, G. F., (1906 Map)

Briggs: Briggs, A. G. (1906 Map)

Bright Feather: Bright Feather (Civil War Service)

Brockmeyer: Brockmeyer, J. D., (1906 Map)

Brooks: Brooks, H. S.; (1893 Map)

Brown: Brown, Charlie; (First Owner's Map); Brown, C.; (1893 Map); Brown, J. P. (1893 Map); Brown, J. B (1906 Map), Brown, M., (1906 Map)

Bruce: Bruce, Ruth; (First Owner's Map)

Burton: Burton, B, (1906 Map)

Cadwell: Cadwell, Lorenzo; (First Owner's Map)

Cahoon: Cahoon, Levi; (First Owner's Map)

Canfield - Caufield: Canfield / Caufield, R. W.; (First Owner's Map); Canfield, R. W. (1893 Map)

Carr: Carr, Abram; (First Owner's Map)

Cavin: Cavin, John, (1906 Map)

Ceder: Ceder, C. N.; (1893 Map)

Cheney: Cheney Able; (First Owner's Map)

Christofferson: Christofferson, Anders Conrad; (First Owner's Map), Christofferson, C., (1906 Map)

Cisna: Cisna, Joseph, (1906 Map)

Claridhe: Claridhe, R. R.; (1893 Map)

Collins: Collins, M.; (1893 Map)

Converse: Converse, C. M.; (1893 Map)

Cramer: Cramer, Howard; (First Owner's Map)

Crocker: Crocker, F., (1906 Map)

Crosby: Crosby, William M.; (First Owner's Map)

Curts: Curts, Horatio; (First Owner's Map)

Davis: Davis, Moses & Polly; (First Owner's Map)

Deal: Deal, E. F., (1906 Map)

Denton: Denton, Henry; (First Owner's Map); Denton, H. (1893 Map)

Dickinson: Dickinson, Charles Justus; (Biography); Dickinson, C. J., (1906 Map)

Dighton: Dighton, Fletcher; (First Owner's Map)

Dolton: Dolton / Dalton, Gertrude, (1906 Map)

Douglas: Douglas, Robert; (First Owner's Map)

Doty: Doty, Orrin & Betsey; (First Owner's Map)

Dresback: Dresback, George B.; (First Owner's Map)

Drury: Drury, Franklin; Drury, Gardner P.; (First Owner's Map)

Dunn: Dunn, Bernard; (First Owner's Map)

Dvorak: Dvorak, Lowell (Obituary)

Eastman: Eastman, Lorenzo D.; (First Owner's Map)

Eckwall: Eckwall, E., (1906 Map)

Edwards: Edwards, Theodore; (First Owner's Map)

Erickson: Erickson, Jno., (1906 Map)

Essex: Essex, W.; (1893 Map)

Evans: Evans, Robert Douglas; (First Owner's Map); Evans, R., (1906 Map)

Everson: Everson, Arne, (1906 Map)

Finley: Finley, Capt. Joseph (War of 1812 Veteran)

Fisher: Fisher, William H.; (First Owner's Map)

Flint: Flint, O. E., (1906 Map)

Freedlund: Freedlund, Norman C. (1910 - 1983)

French: French, Robert B.; (First Owner's Map)

Frysly: Frysly, Ole, (1906 Map)

Foster: Foster, Alonzo P. (First Owner's Map); Foster, G. N., (1906 Map)

Fryslie: Fryslie, Ole; (First Owner's Map)

Funke: Funke, W. H. (1906 Map)

Garret: Garret, James M.; (First Owner's Map)

Gates: Gates, J. L.; (1893 Map)

Gaylord: Gaylord, David A.; (First Owner's Map); Gaylord, L; (1893 Map); Gaylord, A. A.; (1893 Map), Gaylord, A. A. (1906 Map)

Gloyd: Gloyd, David & Mary; (First Owner's Map)

Goodell: Goodell, H.; (1893 Map)

Green: Green, Anna; (1893 Map), Green, Howard, (1906 Map);

Grotohorst: Grotohorst, M. (1906 Map)

Haenel: Haenel, Louis; (First Owner's Map)

Hake: Hake, Leopold; (First Owner's Map)

Hampton: Hampton, H. O., (1906 Map)

Hanscome: Hanscome, Charles G.; (First Owner's Map)

Harms: Harms, Joseph; (First Owner's Map)

Healy: Healy, Benjamin B.; (First Owner's Map)

Hearn: Hearn, Thomas O.; (First Owner's Map)

Heiner: Heiner, Mrs. William (1906 Map)

Hewitt: Hewitt, J.; (1893 Map)

Hicks: Hicks, William & Mary; (First Owner's Map)

Higgins: Higgins, Mrs. C., (1906 Map)

Hines: Hines, M. J., (1906 Map)

Hinn: Hinn, Bros., (1906 Map)

Hixon: Hixon, Gideon C.; (First Owner's Map)

Hogan: Hogan, J. J.; (1893 Map)

Holub: Holub, Joseph & Frieda

Holway: Holway, (1906 Map)

Holt: Holt, W. C. (1906 Map)

Holtz: Holtz, A., (1906 Map)

Holz: Holz, William; (First Owner's Map)

Hopkins: Hopkins, R. C., (1906 Map)

Howell: Howell, Charles; (First Owner's Map)

Huebenthal: Huebenthal, Mike; (First Owner's Map)

Huemme: Huemme, A.; (1893 Map)

Harwick: Harwick, Ry;

Hines: Hines, M. J., (1906 Map)

Huntington: Huntington, J. P., (1906 Map)

Hyslop: Hyslop, Alexander; (First Owner's Map)

Impala: Impala, B. R. (1893 Map)

Iverson: Iverson, John A. & Emma (Biography); Iverson, J. A.; Iverson, Ruth (Marriage-1915); Iverson, R., (1906 Map); Iverson, Jno., (1906 Map)

Kanka: Kanka, Anton; (First Owner's Map)

Karel: Karel, J. G., (1906 Map)

Keagy: Keagy, H. R., (1906 Map)

Kelley: Kelley, Ervin; (First Owner's Map); Kelley, David M.

Ketch: Ketch, S. E.; (1893 Map)

King: King, George W.; (First Owner's Map)

Kitch: Kitch, Samuel E.; (First Owner's Map)

Knaggs: Knaggs, S.; (1893 Map)

Kral: Kral, M., (1906 Map)

Krisinski: Krisinski, Anton; (1906 Map)

Lange: Lange, E. W., (1906 Map)

Langworthy: Langworthy, James S.; (First Owner's Map)

Lawrence: Lawrence, R. E., (1906 Map)

Leach: Leach, Lewis; (First Owner's Map)

Levis: Levis, William K.; (First Owner's Map)

Lewe: Lewe, John; (First Owner's Map); Lewe, J. F. (1906 Map)

Lockman: Lockman, Harry (First Owner's Map), (1906 Map); Lockman Family

Lowery: Lowery, Henry E.; (First Owner's Map)

Manchester: Manchester, E. J., (1906 Map)

Martin: Martin, N. R., (1906 Map)

Masters: Masters, Henry; (First Owner's Map)

Matheson: Matheson, G. W., (1906 Map)

McCloskey: McCloskey, D., (1906 Map)

McNamara: McNamara, George; (First Owner's Map)

Mead: Mead, Eli; (First Owner's Map)

Meier: Meier, Henry; (First Owner's Map)

Merrill: Merrill, Benjamin H.; (First Owner's Map)

Meyer: Meyer, Hy., (1906 Map)

Miller: Miller, J. B. (1906 Map)

Moore: Moore, Levi; (First Owner's Map)

Morgan: Morgan, J. R.; (1893 Map)

Morrison: Morrison, John; (First Owner's Map)

Morse: Morse, Frank; (First Owner's Map)

Morstad: Morstad, Erick Olsen; (1893 Map), Biography

Neverman: Neverman, William (First Owner's Map)

Nickerson: Nickerson, E., (1906 Map); Nickerson, I., (1906 Map)

Norman: Norman, Ervin; (First Owner's Map); Norman, A. J. (1893 Map)

Novak: Novak, Thomas (1881 - 1959) (Obituary), Novak, Kasmer, (1906 Map)

Nowak: Nowak, Anton (Obituary)

Olsen: Olsen, Even; (First Owner's Map)

Olson: Olson, J.; (1893 Map)

Parker: Parker, Irvin L.; (First Owner's Map); Parker, I. L., (1906 Map)

Parmly: Parmly,, H. C. (1893 Map)

Petra: Petra, Anton (1906 Map)

Pollack: Pollack, John; (First Owner's Map)

Porter: Porter, Emma, (1906 Map)

Presher: Presher, Rufus S. (First Owner's Map)

Primmer: Primmer, Charles; (First Owner's Map); Primmer, Charles & Lotta Lockman; Primmer, Chauncy; Primmer, O. (1893 Map)

Purnel: Purnel, G. W. (1893 Map)

Raether: Raether, Frank Emil (History - 1855)

Rahwedder: Rahwedder, A.; (1893 Map)

Reindel: Reindel, John; (First Owner's Map)

Roberts: Roberts, L. D., (1906 Map)

Robinson: Robinson, A.; (1893 Map)

Rohr: Rohr, John, (1906 Map)

Root: Root, H. M., (1906 Map); Root, Mary J., (1906 Map)

Rotinski: Rotinski, M., (1906 Map)

Rotleff: Rotleff, Herman, (1906 Map)

Rouse: Rouse, E. L., (1906 Map)

Rublee: Rublee, Francis M.; (First Owner's Map)

Schunck: Schunck, J., (1906 Map)

Sedgwick: Sedgwick, Daniel; (First Owner's Map)

Seymour: Seymour, Henry E.; (First Owner's Map)

Sisno: Sisno, J.; (1893 Map)

Smith: Smith, Joseph W.; (First Owner's Map)

Specht: Specht, S. J.; (First Owner's Map)

Staples: Staples, Jay & Alta (Biography)

Steckling: Steckling, F., (1906 Map)

Stevens: Stevens, D. W., (1906 Map)

Strain: Strain, Neillie R., (1906 Map)

Stoples: Stoples, R. E., (1906 Map), Stople, J. I., (1906 Map)

Sturdevant: Sturdevant, John R.; (First Owner's Map); Sturdevant, Lafayette M.; Studevant, L. M. (1893 Map)

Thomas: Thomas, Winslow & Charity; (First Owner's Map)

Tilly: Tilly, J. A., (1906 Map)

Tompkins: Tompkins, Ezra; (First Owner's Map)

Thompson: Thompson, William J.; (First Owner's Map)

Totge: Totge, John, (1906 Map)

Trow: Trow, Alvin S.; (First Owner's Map); Trow, A. S. (1893 Map)

Tscharmer: Tscharmer, W. B., (1906 Map)

Tykac: Tykac, Zdenek; (First Owner's Map)

Uceny: Uceny, John; (First Owner's Map)

Vander: Vander Scharft; (1893 Map)

Varney: Varney, George T.; (First Owner's Map)

Wakefield: Wakefield, G. M.; (1893 Map)

Wedge: Wedge, Hugh; (First Owner's Map)

Weld: Weld, Russel, (1906 Map);

Wellington: Wellington, Richard H.; (First Owner's Map)

Wesenberg: Wesenberg, August; (First Owner's Map)

Westlun: Westlun / Westlund, F., (1906 Map)

Weston: Weston, Samuel F.; (First Owner's Map)

Wilson: Wilson, Jacob; (First Owner's Map)

Wingert: Wingert, R. M., (1906 Map)

Wright: Wright, Horace & Emma (Biography); Wright, Horace V. (Obituary), Wright, E., (1906 Map)

Yordi: Yordi, Fred; (First Owner's Map)

Young: Young, A., (1906 Map)





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