Immanuel Evangelical Church

Chili, Fremont Twp., Clark Co., WI




Immanuel Evangelical Church



The Chili Immanuel Methodist Church traces its origin to between 1879 and 1883, when a few courageous and God-fearing pioneers came to the Town of Fremont to start clearing the forest to make their homes here.


They began worshipping in homes, then in a schoolhouse, and after 1896 in the frame church they built one mile west and one mile south of Chili.


The Immanuel Evangelical Church was organized on October 20, 1883, with twelve charter members.


In 1885 the Chili church was added to the Marshfield Mission and remained a part of this field until 1929 when the Wisconsin Conference granted permission for the organization of the Chili Mission with the S. Dokeville Evangelical Church as part of the charge.


The present church was built in Chili in 1927 while Rev. G. E. Zelmer and his assistant, Rev. M. D. Betzold, served the Chili Mission. The parsonage was built a few years later during the pastorate of Rev. G. W. Zimmerman.


The Spokeville congregation was discontinued in 1937.


The Chili church became self-supporting in 1952.


Some years later the Evangelical Denomination united with the United Brethren Church and became known as the Evangelical United Brethren Church.


In 1963 Rev. L. L. McCormick, the present pastor, began serving the Dorchester E.U.B. Church in conjunction with the Chili field. In 1967 the Dorchester Church was assigned to another charge, and the Marshfield E.U.B. Church was added to the Chili field.


In 1968, when the E.U.B. denomination joined the Methodist Church, the Chili church became the Chili Immanuel United Methodist Church.