1957-1958 Owen-Withee Senior High School Yearbook

"The OWithian"

O-W Senior High School

Band, Concert
(Pages 10 & 11)

Row One, Left to Right: L. Clark, J. Bjorn, D. Arola
Row Two, Left to Right: D. Burhop, E. Kangas, J. Svenson, K. Thorson, A. Dearth, B. Peissig
Row Three, Left to Right: B. Johnson, D. Missling, S. Emmerson, S. Rathsack, L. Stewart, D. Sluzewski, E. Melin, J. Auburg, L. Kurhais
Row Four, Left to Right: L. Carlson, P. Wagener, G. Frtiz, S. Zimbal, R. Shattuck, S. Lew, J. Melbinger, C. Keskimaki, E. Christensen, B. George, G. Simon
Standing: L. Ciokiewicz, V. LePage
Row One, Left to Right: A. Zalbasky, K. Potocnik, R. Fritz
Row Two, Left to Right: N. Himes, R. Anderson, F. Hendriks, A. Mills, J. Grimes, J. McCorison
Row Three, Left to Right: B. Sommer, B. Munson, P. Gustafson, E. Duval, P. Jarchow, C. Allen, S. Hardrath, R. Holopainen, R. Cieslik
Row Four, Left to Right: J. Peterson, D. Jablonic, B. Petersen, D. Kozikoski, J. Hawks, C. Thompson, R. Miller, L. Bulgrin, C. Wirtala, B. Amacher, J. Habighorst
Row Five, Left to Right: J. Rasmusen, D. Manglos, J. Albert
Standing: B. Fritsch, Mr. Schulze

The band, with Mr. Schulze as director, is one of the most active organizations in school. Rehearsals are held every other day during fourth period, plus lessons once a week for each group of instruments. 
The band practiced very diligently for their performances at the football games. After football season it was time to concentrate on Concert Band. The first major event was the Musical-Merry-Go-Round, which the band sponsored. 
After Thanksgiving vacation the band practiced for the Christmas Concert, which was presented jointly with the Chorus.

Band, Dance
(Page 12)

Standing: A. Mills
First Row: E. Duval, C. Allen, P. Jarchow, J. Grimes, M. McCorison, J. Bjorn
Row Two: L. Ciokiewicz, L. Kurhais, E. Melin, D. Sluzewski, B. Sommer, B. Munson, K. Potocnik
Row Three: L. Bulgrin, B. Amacher, J. Habighorst, D. Jablonic

Band, Pep
(Page 12)

Row One, Left to Right: F. Hendriks, P. Gustafson, J. Svenson, K. Thorson, D. Burhop, E. Kangas, J. Bjorn, L. Clark, K. Potocnik, R. Fritz
Row Two, Left to Right: C. Allen, P. Jarchow, J. McCorison, J. Grimes, D. Sluzewski, J. Auberg, E. Christensen, C. Keskimaki, B. Sommer, B. Munson
Row Three, Left to Right: J. Rasmusen, J. Albert, R. Miller, C. Wirtala, B. George, J. Peterson, D. Jablonic
Row Four, Left to Right: Mr. Schulze, D. Arola, L. Ciokiewicz, V. LePage

(Page 14)

Row One, Left to Right: V. Raatz, J. Bucheger, S. Hardrath, K. Potocnik, P. Prock, C. Will, I. Christman, M. Larsen, P. Chudyk, P. Twarowski, J. Schindler, Mrs. Decker, Instructor
Row Two, Left to Right: B. Sommer, B. Molzen, R. Arp. D. Burhop, A. Zalewski, K. Lindgren, K. Hardrath, B. Grandy, M. Pabich, N. Gustafson, J. Zalewski, C. Thompson, T. Pogodzinski
Row Three, Left to Right: P. Gehrke, D. Bartosiak, E. Strohkirch, B. Fritsch, V. Kaplia, D. Manglos, M. Grube, A. Balicki, P. Bartosiak, E. Anderson, S. Sippey, G. Missling,
B. Munson, S. Lew
Row Four, Left to Right: D. Fagan, P. Devine, D. Jablonic, G. Lindgren, G. Zawadzki, C. Rohland, D. Zawadzki, J. Baake, A. Mills, S. Landrum, L. Pitts, R. Cieslik, D. Arola, R. Miller, E. Melin, W. Wall

A welcome addition to our school this year is our new Chorus director, Mrs. Decker. In our chorus of fifty-six members, there are seventeen boys and thirty-nine girls. Sectional rehearsals are held on Tuesday and Thursdays, and mass rehearsals are held on Wednesdays. 
At the Christmas Concert, the chorus marched in a candle light procession. Other performances will be the solo and ensemble contest, to be held in March, and the non-competition festival, to be held in April at Cornell in which all Cloverbelt schools will participate.  Appearances held in May will be an ensemble contest, and the annual spring concert.

(Page 28)

Row One, Left to Right: Mr. J. Ferries, Advisor, G. Alexander, President, R. Grube, Vice President, L. Rauch Secretary, D. Missling, Treasurer, R. Bartkoski, Reporter, G. Himes, Sentinel, J. Rucks, W. Delis, R. Brossow, D. Smith, M. Koplitz, K. Gayken
Row Two, Left to Right: D. Wohlt, D. Fagan, E. Reidenfels, R. Missling, G. Lenz*, R. Buss, J. Prepeluh, M. Laabs, D. Lulloff, L. Larson, F. Brodbeck, G. Lavin, L. Shilts,
Row Three, Left to Right: A. Bower, P. Cwrkla*, A Potocnik, K. Lindau, R. Quelle*, K. Micke, E. Wirtala, M. Raatz, R. Johnson, E. Zuperku, W. Johnson, L. Shattuck,
J. Southworth
Row Four, Left to Right: G. Bakken, D. Baum, E. Churkey, A. Buss, L. Dallman, N. Anderson*, J. Lindgren, J. Hoeper, G. Lessenden*, P. Niznik, W. Wisniewski*, K. Frey. G. Frane
Row Five, Left to Right: E. Melin, E. Mercier, L. Pitts, S. Landrun. A. Ericksmoen, D. Lindau, D. Rohland*, R. Londren, R. Shattuck, R. Lukas, W. Peitrzen, D. Ovyn,
A. Andersen
Not Pictured: G. Anderson, D. Delis, R. Maki, V. Vater, G. Englebretson, R. Englebretson, D. Lampi
(* Resigned)

The Future Farmers of America is probably one of the most active organizations in high school. 

The FFA is a national organization. Any boy taking an agricultural course and wanting to become a member of a farm organization may join. In many ways, the FFA has helped to better the school. They have made small repairs in the Ag room and donated something to the school each year. A portable loudspeaker system was donated this year by the FFA.
The success of the FFA can be accounted for by the enthusiasm of the students and the patience and hard work of their instructor, Mr. Ferries.

Ross Fritz received the De-Kalb award for outstanding work in Ag.

(Page 29)

Row One, Left to Right: C. Thompson, G. Doege, R. Fritz, K. Potocnik, P. Chudyk, Mrs. S. Mundt, Advisor, G. Missling, P. Twarowski, C. Thompson
Row Two, Left to Right: D. Kozikoski, C. Burtard, G. Jasinski, P. Prock*, K. Weideman, B. Fritsch, R. Lindgren, J. Zalewski
Row Three, Left to Right: V. Kapila*, K. Manglos, R. Frane, V. Raatz, I. Christman, K. Thorson, B. Peissig*, T. Wilczek 
Row Four, Left to Right: F. Churkey*, K. Lindgren, M. Grube, C. Stegeman, A. Balicki, D. Manglos, N. Himes, A. Dearth
Not Pictured: B. Arndt, E. Glenzer, M. Pabich
(* Resigned)

FHA Officers
Row One, Left to Right: C. Thompson, Treasurer, R. Fritz, Secretary, K. Potocnik, Vice President, P. Chudyk, President
Row Two, Left to Right: P. Twarowski, Reporter, G. Doege, Parliamentarian, Mrs. S. Mundt, Advisor, G. Missling, Song Leader, C. Thompson, Historian

The Future Homemakers of America is a national organization of pupils studying homemaking in Junior and Senior High Schools. Its purpose is expressed clearly in their motto “Towards New Horizons.” This means learning to live better today in order that our lives and those of our families may be better tomorrow. 
The FHA under the able guidance of Mrs. Mundt participated in different activities throughout the year. Just before Christmas the member so the FHA presented a Silver Tea for the public.
The climax of the year was the annual FHA conference held each year at Green Lake, Wisconsin. At this time, two girls  were chosen to represent their organizations.

(Page 27)

Row One, Left to Right: Mrs. L. Sorenson, Coach, A. Mills, B. Johnson, A. Zalabsky, S. Lew, J. Zalewski, C. Gaffney, Mr. G. Pauley, Coach
Row Two, Left to Right: P. Wagener, B. Sommer, J. Svensen, M Hofmann, D. Sluzewski, Pl Gehrke
Row Three, Left to Right: B. Fritsch, P. Twarowski, M. Larsen, P. Prock, K. Kindren, P. Lysdahl, P. Chudyk
Row Four, Left to Right: B. George, R. Holopainen, D. Bergstrom, E. Wendt, D. Zawadski, R. Cieslik, E. Duval. 

“A” Winners (State)
Left to Right: David Martin, Joan Sluezewski, Elizabeth Duval, Arlyn Mills
“B” Winners (State)
Left to Right: Barbara Johnson, David Zawadzki, Marilyn Wendt

The various fields, interpretive reading, extemporaneous speaking and reading original and non-original oratory and the serious and humorous declamations offer each student a wide variety of speech work. 
Dramatics is the newest featured by the forensics students. Radio skits, one-act plays, and extemporaneous acting are some of the activities. 

(Page 11)

Center: Gloria Missling
Clockwise, Left to Right: JoAnn Schindler, Fern Churkey, Phyllis Ciolkosz, Shirley Lew

The Drum Majors and Majorettes are a colorful added attraction to the Marching Band. They are all seniors except for JoAnn, who have been marching with the band from four to six years. 
Poise, alertness, co-operation and rhythmical ability are some of the necessary qualities in becoming a majorette. A sense of good timing is an essential tool. A drum major has to know to give signals, and how to control the band. 
Many hours of practice are needed to become a good baton twirler, but every girl who has become one in our school has found much satisfaction and enjoyment.

(Page 13)

Row One, Left to Right: Fern Churkey, Dorothy Sluzewski, Eileen Bower, Mary Ellen Hughes, Linda Clark
Row Two, Left to Right: Joan Haemer, Connie Kopp, Joan Rucks, Dan Arola, Agnes Zalabsky, Reva Fritz, Alice Dearth, Diane Kozikoski, Suzanne Hardrath
Row Three, Left to Right: Karen Wilksman, Conrad Oertwig, Judith Miller, Darlene Burhop, Louis Kurhais, Judy Bjorn, Lanny Stewart, Elaine Christensen, Nancy Himes, Barbara Munson, Barbara Peissig, Carole Wirtala, Barbara Sommer, Johnny Habighorst, Bruce Amacher
Row Four, Larry Ciokiewicz, Barbara Fritsch, Mr. Schulze, Instructor, David Jablonic

Thirty-five member under the able guidance of Mr. Schulze started Orchestra at the beginning of the second semester. This year, for the first time, several Junior High students joined with the Senior High members to make a successful organization. 
The Orchestra has participated in many events this year. With the band, they gave both a Christmas and a Spring Concert. There were also the annual festivals held at Cadott and Eau Claire.

O-Withian, Annual
(Page 24)
Sandra Hardrath Co-Editor
Jackie Bucheger Co-Editor
Leon Rauch Art Editor
Barbara Johnson Business Manager
Edward Wendt Sport Editor
Shirley Lew Senior Page Editor
Barb Sommer Senior Page Editor
Grace Doege Photographer
Annette Balicki Photographer
Dave Zawadzki Photographer
Getty Gehrke Photographer
Pat Chudyk Photographer
Alice Dearth Staff Member
Reva Fritz Staff Member
Gloria Missling Staff Member
Phyllis Ciolkosz Staff Member
Fern Churkey Staff Member
Mr. Pauly Advisor
O-Withian, Newspaper
(Page 25)

Row One, Left to Right: Mr. Pauly – Advisor, Barbara Sommer, Carol Keskimaki, Betty Gehrke, Jackie Bucheger, Barbara Johnson, Shirley Lew
Row Two, Left to Right: Linda Clark, Edward Wendt, David Zawadski, Gordon Alexander, Richard Cieslik, Elaine Christensen

O-Withian Important Part of School Life
Feature articles, editorials, interviews, and interesting items about the students appeared each week in the O-Withian News is a link between the communities and the school. It was the aim of the entire newspaper staff to enlighten the public on what the students did throughout the year. 
As a sideline the newspaper staff published a bi-annual magazine, “Hi-Lites.” In the Christmas issue there were TB articles besides the regular articles such as senior interviews, short stories and character sketches written by the students, and the results of a poll taken in school about senior characteristics. This magazine was entered in the 1957 School Press Project and rated in the top five of the state. It then went on to receive national recognition. 
The newspaper staff, supervised by their advisor, Mr. Pauly, did an excellent job. They certainly deserved the awards that they received. 

Barbara Johnson Newspaper Editor
Linda Clark Magazine Editor
Jackie Bucheger Reporter
Betty Gehrke Reporter
Edward Wendt Reporter
David Zawadzki Reporter
Gordon Alexander Reporter
Carol Keskimaki Reporter
Shirley Lew Reporter
Richard Cieslik Reporter
Elaine Christensen Reporter
Barbara Sommer Reporter
Mr. Pauly Advisor



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