1882 Atlas and Plat Map of Wisconsin

Submitted by:  "Fadden, Peter" <pfadden@co.dutchess.ny.us>

This is a heavily used site.  You can get at it through the following: http://www.loc.gov/rr/geogmap/gmpage.html
Look for the following on the left side of the screen: Digital Collections
Online Map Collections: 1500-2004 and click on it.
When you get to the next screen, click on

and Communication

located in the lower right of the screen.

When the next screen comes up, scroll down to and click on

Railroad Maps Collection located on the left.  When that screen comes up, click on  Browse by Geographic Location located immediately below the steam locomotive.

When the next screen comes up, scroll down until you see the map of the US.  You can either click on the state of Wisconsin on the map, or where listed in the text below.  When the next screen comes up, click on item 9 in the table to see the map of 1882, or check out any of the maps.