Memories of Clark Co., Wisconsin Churches

Compiled by Judy Hansen



My ancestors that lived in the Twp. of Green Grove-Colby had their information transferred from their originating churches in various parts of Germany to show the new church in America that they were of high moral standards and were held in high esteem by the church they left. Robert L.


Do any of you know of the Peaceful Pines Church/Sunday School? Henry Elmhurst was its Pastor. His Wife's name was Dorothy and they had a large number of children. I don't know the exact years this Church/Sunday School existed, but know it did before 1952. I don't know it's exact location, but it was on Henry's farm very near Neillsville. Judy H.


I knew all the Elmhorst family, and as a teenager attended that Sunday School. Henry is still living to my knowledge. Dorothy died many years ago. The Sunday School was on a corner of, I believe it was Co. Trunk C about 1 mile from Hwy. 73 and I believe at the time, it was Elton Imig who lived on that corner on the highway where we turned to the right off the Hwy. At the time we attended, Rev. Leo J. Chapman was the pastor. I believe the Elmhorsts had 12 children, and I am the eldest of a family of 11 who attended there. Dolores K.

Last I heard, Henry was still living and in his own home. I vaguely remember the Chapmans. Was he the minister before, or after, Henry Elmhorst? Judy H.


I do not recall what year we started going to the Peaceful Pines Sunday School. I am not sure if I was still in grade school or not. I don’t recall how many years Rev. Chapman was there, but later he started a church in Neillsville, I think. Likely he was pastor there before Henry. Henry has to be well into his mid 90's I would guess. Dolores K.