Taylor County, Wisconsin

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Public/Private Schools

Brookside Elementary

Clearview Elementary

Cloverdale Elementary

Gilman High School Village of Gilman

Golden Willows Elementary

Green Meadow Elementary

Greenwood Elementary

Hillside Elementary

Holway Elementary

Holy Rosary Catholic (City of Medford)

Jefferson Elementary + (City of Medford)

Immanuel Ev. Lutheran Day School (City of Medford)

Medford High School * (City of Medford)

Medford Senior High School (City of Medford)

Medford High School (Class of 1964)

Medford High School (Class of 1965)

Medford High School (Graduates - 1960)

Medford High School (Graduates - 1961)

Medford High School (Graduates - 1962)

Medford High School (Graduation - 1963)

Medford Area Middle School (City of Medford)

North Central Tech College (City of Medford)

Pleasant Heights Elementary

Pleasant Valley Elementary

Popular Grove Elementary

Rib Lake High School (Village of Rib Lake)

Silver Creek Elementary

Stetsonville Elementary (Village of Stetsonville)

Taylor County Normal Demonstration School ** (City of Medford)

School: Taylor County Normal School (1912 - 1980)

Taylor County Normal School *** (City of Medford)

Taylor County Teachers College (City of Medford)

University of Wisconsin-Medford Campus (City of Medford)

Victory Elementary

Westboro High School **** (Village of Westboro)

* Predecessor of Medford Senior High School

** Teaching unit of Taylor County Normal School

*** Predecessor of Taylor County Teachers College

**** Merged with Rib Lake High School

+ Merged into Medford Area Middle School System

Compiled by Bob Lipprandt.



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