Wood County, Wisconsin

Town of Lincoln Tax Roll


Contributed by Kenneth Wood


The following records include Real Estate and Personal Property Assessments and/or Tax Levies for the Town of Lincoln, Wood County from 1861 onward.  This will be a long, ongoing project so it may be a few years before all 140 + volumes are transcribed.

View document examples: [Supervisor's Office 1863]  [Overseer's 1867]  [Assessment Roll 1]  [Assessment Roll 2]

The Town of Lincoln was know by several different names prior to becoming Lincoln, including Seneca and Johnson.  It was also composed of all or part of today's towns of Marshfield, Rock, Richfield and Lincoln.  To sort out what area is being referred to use the following descriptions which are used through out the records:

Town 25  Range 2 East  Lincoln

Town 25  Range 3 East Marshfield

Town 24  Range 2 East  Rock

Town 24  Range 3 East  Richfield

[Present Day Map]

The names of the land owners are spelled as recorded in the books and no attempt has been made to standardize them.  Also Section 16 of all towns was set aside as school lands and was usually not taxable unless it had been sold to a private party.

An index for each decade will be created.  Perhaps some day a master index of the 14+ decades will be completed as well.  

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1866 1867 1868


1870 1871 1872


Ken Wood

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