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Welcome to the American Local History Network.

What is the American Local History Network?

The American Local History Network is a non-profit, unincorporated association of historical and genealogical researchers and volunteers. The purpose of this network is to link together various local history web sites that would like to participate in free association. The purpose of the American Local History Network (ALHN) is to furnish students, educators, and genealogical researchers with the historical and genealogical information. To accomplish this mission, we believe that volunteer efforts are indispensable, and solicit volunteers to develop information which will be made available electronically to a wide audience. ALHN also will gratefully accept donations of information in electronic format to be made available on the same terms as for any active participant. The donor of the information shall retain copyright to the donated information, and may rescind permission to use it at any time, for any reason, although we as an organization would hope that would not happen.

Extracted from the Draft -Charter - American Local History Network

How can I contribute informtaion for Dunn County?

Simple. E-mail the county coordinator, Susan Fanning (SuziQ@Cyberjunkie.com) with any submissions you may have. If the information you have needs to be scanned you can use the US Postal Service and mail to: Susan Fanning, 625 McClellan Street, Wausau, WI 54403. If you would like your documents returned please provide a self-addressed envelope with proper postage.

I have information to submit, but it doesn't fit in the categories listed on the main page.

Send it anyway! This website is always growing and changing. If the information you have is concerning history and or genealogy for Dunn County it would be wonderful to see it here. If it is for another area you can do one of two things. Either send it to the location that it belongs or send it to Susan Fanning and ask that she forward it to the proper person.

How can I help?

There are several ways to help. First of all, since you are on the Dunn County page, you probably have an interest in the area. You may have done some research already. Send it in for others to see! Perhaps you know what kind of content you would like to see. Make a suggestion. Participate. Perhaps you absolutely dislike the style of something on this page. Have a voice. Say something. Perhaps you have interest in another area that has no coordinator yet. Volunteer to design a page. Perhaps you have a reference material but no time to transcribe it. Let me know. I will see it gets done. Perhaps you have time and would love to help but you are not sure what to do. Let me know. I can share ideas with you.

So, to simplify every scenario......BE INVOLVED.

I have feedback to share with someone about this county coordinator.

Hmmmm, I hope it is good feedback, so I will start there. There are several ways to voice your good feedback.

  1. E-mail me!
  2. E-Mail the Wisconsin State Coordinator
  3. E-Mail the Wisconsin Local History Network
  4. And, the all time kicker, nominate this site for an award !!

Now, for the bad feedback. I would really be disappointed in myself should this be the case........however, I guess we should cover it. You can use steps 1, 2 or 3 above. I would appreciate being notified first so that I may right any wrong that has been done.

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