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   Selected Articles from Our Story 'The Chippewa Valley and Beyond' published by the Eau Claire Leader Telegram, 1976.
All stories used with permission.

Volume One - Beginnings and Discovery
   Regions Physical Development Encompasses Billions of Years
   Fossil Pollen Only Clue to Early Vegetation Here
   Amimals Follow Receding Glaciers
   'Bird Man' Left Legacy of Avian Lore
   Passenger Pigeons Darkened Skies
   Chippewa River Reminder of Area's Development
   First Man May Have Been in Valley 9,000 Years Ago
   Pressure From Whites Changes Indian Life Forever
   Indian Genealogy Infatuates Hayward Man
   Wisconsin is 'Home' for Winnebago
   Sioux Often Found 'Quiet' in Valley
   First Explorers Came Seeking Furs, Passage
   Fur Trade Links Indians, Whites
   Carver First to Record Travels
   Carver's Claim Covers Much of Area
   Wisconsin Area Had Role in 1776 Events
   Area Woman's Ancestors at 'Alarm'
   Many in Area Have Ties to Veterans
   Genealogy -- Engrossing Hunt Into the Past
   Surveying Impact Still Being Felt
   Traders, First Settlers Tread Unknown Paths
   Spaulding name Black River Falls Legend

Volume Two - Pine was 'King' and Settlement
   Lust for Lumber Lures First Settlers to Valley
   Area Meets Criteria for Sawmills
   Some Lumbermen Prosper, Others Don't
   Knapp-Stout Co. - Perfect Combination
   Sawmills Cluster Along Riverbanks
   'Daylight in the Swamp' Comes Early
   Log Drive Most Romantic Chapter
   Politics Comes With Lumbering Growth
   Logging Terms
   'River in the pines'
   'River Rats' Ride Rapids to Market
   Collecting Full Pay Took Some Doing
   Porter's Mills Once Bustling Village
   Suddenly the Sound of Buzzing Quit
   'Sawdust War' Ballad
   'Land Office Business' Rings True Here
   Cornell Had Foresight
   Tainter - A Legendary Figure
   Breaking Log Jam Costs 11 Lives
   Holcombe Indian Has Anniversary, Too
   The 'Inexhaustible' Pinery - An Epilog
   Spirit Greatest Asset of Area Pioneer Families
   Immigrants Flooded State Upon Invitation
   Barland Letters Reveal Life of Local Pioneers
   Wheat Once 'King' of Region's Crops
   Despite 'Gimmicks' Columbia Fades
   The American Character Came From Land
   Early Pioneer Gave Name to Truax Prairie
   Pierce County Wheat 'Best' in State
   Necessity, Not Design, Brought Dairying Here
   Machinery Changes Farm Practices
   Prescott Always a Busy River Town
   Vaudreuil's Ideal Town Design Fails
   Dell City - Another That Didn't Catch On
   Colby Cheese Resulted From Experiment
   No Panic Quite Like '62 Indian Scare
   Planned Buffalo City Never Quite Made It

Volume Three - Industry Grows and Women's Roles
   First Industries here Based on Wood Products
   Brickmaking Once Booming Business
   Most Area Inventions Arise from Need
   Cigar Making Among Skills Now Gone
   Mining Ventures Often Led to Disappointment
   Settlers Aware of Jackson Iron Ore
   Keelboats Once King of River
   Durand Man Recalls Those Steamboat Days
   Steamboat Whistles Echo in Valley
   Paths Change to Roads, but Follow Same Course
   Stage Stops Serve Varied Purposes
   Railroads Continue, but Belong Mostly to Past Age
   Railroad Towns Boom, Then Fade
   Automobile Changes Transportation Mode
   It was at Time, Country's Largest
   Value of Work a Gift From Colonists
   Shelter Among Man's Basic Needs
   Octagon House Still an Attraction at Hudson
   County Seat Location Fights 'Dandies'
   Hard Luck Ettrick Line a Losing Venture
   General Store -- A Wonderland
   Contributions by Women Vital to Nation's Growth
   Women's Rights Grow with Country
   Women Unsung Heroes of Agriculture
   Demarie Women Harty, Talented, Helpful
   Early Recipes Reflect What's Available
   Ethnic 'Games' Now Part of Culture
   Food Discoveries Intrigue Settlers

Volume Four - Foundations and Refinements
   Our Pride of Liberties from English Heritage
   20th Century Politics 'Paradox'
   Knapp Man Fought Railroads, "Boss" System
   1855 Election Fraud Involves Area
   La Follette Name, Reforms Synonymous
   'Small May be Beautiful' in New Politics
   Chippewa Lawyer Had the Last Laugh
   American Law Grows Out of Response to Situations
   Mob Action Leads to Area Lynchings
   Biblical Ideas Influence Development of America
   Various Religious Sects Occupy Region
   Church Still Has Power to Change Mankind
   Education 'Great Equalizer'
   Area Had its Educational Variety
   'Once Closer to Death Than Doctor'
   Bank Born in Depression...Grows
   Country Doctor Came to People
   Area Economy Follows National Trends
   Founders Kept Hands Off Economic Factors
   As in 1776, Newspapers Still Fight for Freedoms
   Newspapers Close Behind Early Eau Claire Settlers
   Minute Mysteries Austin Ripley's Specialty
   'Little House' Story Started at Pepin
   Editor Ager a Norwegian Advocate
   Language Called English But it's Our Own Brand
   Nye's Humor Ranks with Twain, Riley
   'Newness Delayed Nations Literature
   Music in High Esteem Here 100 Years Ago
   Opera House Once Cultural Center
   Indian Writer's Insight 'Down to Earth'
   Caddie Always Told Good Story
   Not Much Road Show Evidence Remains
   Norwegian Folk Culture Being Kept Alive

Volume Five - Spanning the Years and A Look Ahead
   Communities Draw Names from Men, Places, Events
   Distant Civil War 'Close' to Region
   That 'War Eagle' had Quite a Record
   Black River Ran Wild 100 Years Ago
   Gaiety Turned to Disaster at River Falls
   1884 Flood Drew National Attention
   90 Perish as Waves Swamp Sea Wing
   Strange Happenings a Puzzle to Area Family
   Spring Valley Just Wouldn't Give Up
   Stanley Fire Among Most Damaging
   Scores Die in Wake of New Richmond Storm
   Now it's All Peaceful at Cameron Dam
   Area Swamp no St. Louis for Balloonists
   World War I Brought Gunfire to Withee
   City Men Gained World War I Honors
   Prohibition Experiment Failed Here, Too
   Klan Exposed, Driven from Chippewa Area
   Somehow, Families Survived Depression
   Results of CCC Projects Still Present
   Burns' Blindfold Antics Mystified Locals
   Some Men Will Never Forget 'Bataan'
   Armistice Day Storm Came as a Surprise
   Five Area Men Gain Medal of Honor
   Colfax Tornado Cuts Deadly Swath
   Independence Finds Freedoms Changing
   Challenges of Future Call for Planning Now
   Diversified Industries are Likely
   Outdoor Lands Will Most Likely Shrink
   Farming to Change, But it Will Remain
   Some Indians Find '76 'Just Another Year'
   'Our Story'…Is Just That
   The Declaration -All People Equal in Possession of Common Humanity

Don't forget that these can also be a wonderful source of history! Warning: In order to make it so you could read the text on these pages they are graphic intensive. Please give them time to load. Thanks !
   Consumers Co-op Credit Union
   National Presto Industries
   Brown Company
   Falls Bait Co.
   Northern States Power
   North American Life and Casualty Co.
   WEAQ/WIAL Radio
   Kell Container Company
   The First National Bank
   Mason Shoes
   Royal Credit Union
   McDonough Manufactoring Co.
   American Materials
   Farm Supply Cooperative
   City of Chippewa Falls
   Eagle Point Mutual Insurance Co.
   Johnson Plastics
   Wood Chevrolet
   Chippewa Motor Freight, Inc.
   Armour Food Service Systems
   Holiday Inn
   Ashbaugh Printing Co.
   Landy Packaging Co.
   W. H. Hobbs Supply Co.
   Hoeppner-Bartlett Co.
   Olson Bros.
   Barstow Commons
   Lutheran Brotherhood
   VTAE - District One
   American Family Insurance
   Smith Funeral Chapel
   WEAQ/WIAL Radio
   Chippewa Savings
   Northside Business Association
   Buttenhoff Insurance
   Professional Development Services Incorporated
   Walker's Decorating Center
   Left Guard
   Johnson Printing
   Specifications, Inc.
   1st Federal Savings
   The City of Eau Claire

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