'Our Story'…is just that

     The name "Our Story" for the Leader-Telegram's bicentennial documentary originated on one of those moments when a though flashes by.
     However, it could not be more appropriate when I review the amount of help and assistance from contributors and others.
     "Our Story" really has a two-fold meaning. One, it is the story of our Chippewa Valley and beyond, and two, it is the story of the people telling it, those reading it, those who have lived it and those living it today.
     There are accounts of area history chronicled in books, pictures and tales. But much as been lost, particularly the story if individuals and their attempts to carve out a home when the region was first developed.
     "Our Story," then is our effort to preserve and record some of these events for those in the coming years to reflect upon, the same as we are doing during the 200th anniversary of our country.
     History, of course, is behind us and the real test is to recognize its lessons and to apply them in shaping the future.

--Arnie Hoffman
Editor, "Our Story"

Extracted from the Eau Claire Leader Telegram
Special Publication, Our Story 'The Chippewa Valley and Beyond', published 1976
Used with permission.

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