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Rock County

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Charter Documents - Domestic Nonstock Corporations
Founding Industries of Wisconsin


Beloit Savings Bank (1889)
Beloit Sickle & Reaper Works
Eclipse Windmill Co./Wind Engine Works
Hauser Grocery (current)
John Foster Co.* -- shoe manufactory (mailing list posting)
Kerwin's Agency (real estate)* (current)
Northwest Paper Co. (1872)


American Clay Works* (current)
Memorial Community Hospital* (current)
Norse Pottery* (current)
Pauline Pottery* (current)


county's first print shop (1929)


pioneer banks - 1854 (1909)
Brennan, Steil, Basting & McDougall, S.C.* (current)
Cargill* (current)
Doty Manufacturing Company (various)
Fairview Florist* (current)
Gray Brewing* (current)
Harris & Smith (1985)
Harris Manufcaturing Company (1879, 1985)
Janesville & Madison Railroad Company (1868)
Janesville Barbed Wire Company (1985)
Janesville Cotton Manufacturing Company (1889; 1985)
Janesville Cotton Mills Company (1889; 1985)
Janesville Electric Light Company (1985)
Janesville Lumbering & Manufacturing Co. (1868)
Janesville Machine Company (various)
Merchants' & Mechanics' Savings Bank (various)
Merchants & Savings Bank (various)
Mills & Manufacturing in Janesville and Beloit from "The State of
Wisconsin... Exhibits at the Pennsylvania Centennial" (1876)
Parker Pen Company (1985)
Police Dept. history from "The History of Rock Co., Wis." (1889)
Rock County Bank (various)
Rock County National Bank (various)
Rock County National Bank Savings & Trust Co. (various)
Rock County Sugar Co. (1922)
Rock River Creamery (1922)
Samson Tractor Company (1985)
Wisconsin Wagon Company* (current)



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