"The State of Wisconsin"

"Embracing Brief Sketches of its History, Position, Resources and Industries, and a Catalogue of its Exhibits at the Centennial at Philadelphia, 1876"

©1876 Atwood & Culver, Madison, Wisconsin.


pp. 20-21

... Janesville also is making fine progress in the use of her excellent privileges. The
"Janesville Cotton Factory," established in 1875, has the honor of making the first cotton cloth in the state of Wisconsin; and the enterprise has been eminently successful. No better cotton goods are made than at this factory, and the demand for them exceeds the capacity to supply it. There are also woolen mills, fine flouring mills, and numerous other manufacturing establishments at this point. The aggregate capital invested in the water power here is stated to be about $600,000. Beloit is also a point where a large amount of manufacturing is done.

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