Doty Manufacturing Company

1853 - 1866 - ?

[1853] marked the birth of DOTY Manufacturing Co., cited in the 1908 history as
an institution that "has withstood the ravages of time and survived through many changes of ownership." PIXLEY, KIMBALL & OLSEN built the general machine shop on the site of the old HODSON brewery and started making agricultural implements.
A New York outfit, PHELPS, DODGE & Co., bought them out shortly
thereafter, and it sold the plant to HAMILTON and R. J. RICHARDSON in 1865. They reorganized the business and formed a stock company that included the interests of Metropolitan Washington Machine Co., New York. They engaged almost exclusively in making DOTY Washington washing machines and by 1874 were making 8,000 machines a year to sell throughout the United States.
But their success was noted and business mimicked to the point that washing
machine factories "were started all over the country." The local firm then turned its energy to making punching and sewing machines, grain drills and wind mills.
[Source: "Water power turned wheels of first industry," The Janesville Gazette, August 14, 1985, p. 2G, 6G; Courtesy of Lori]

W. H. DOTY invented the DOTY Washington machine. In 1866, the company was
known as DOTY Bros. & RICHARDSON Mfg. Co.

In 1908, the New DOTY Manufacturing Company was one of the top fifteen
companies in Janesville; they were making punches and shears.

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