Rock County Bank (of Janesville)

Including the Rock County National Bank and

the Rock County National Bank Savings & Trust Co.

1855 - 1925 - ?

Rock County Bank was incorporated on March 16, 1855, (some sources say
October 16, 1855) with a capital of $60,000; it began business on the east end of the Milwaukee Street Bridge.
On January 24, 1865, it was converted to the Rock County National Bank with a
capital of $100,000.
Later, it became the Rock County National Bank Savings & Trust Co., which was
still in operation in 1925.
Further information can be found below from 1889's Portrait & Biographical Album
of Rock County, Wisconsin.

The Rock County National Bank of Janesville was chartered and organized on the
24th day of January, 1865, by the proprietors of the Rock County Bank, one of the pioneer banking houses of the county. The original Rock County Bank was organized on the 16th day of October, 1855, by the following named business men of this county: John J. R. PEASE, L. E. STONE, Timothy JACKMAN, J. B. CROSBY, J. L. KIMBALL, Andrew PALMER, B. F. PIXLEY, M. C. SMITH, S. W. SMITH and J. C. JENKINS. Of the company Timothy JACKMAN was elected President; Andrew PALMER, Vice-president; and J. B. CROSBY, Cashier; while the capital stock was $50,000. Of these gentlemen only Mr. PEASE and Mr. PALMER are now living. Mr. JACKMAN continued to serve as President of the original bank during its existence and was chosen President of the National Bank at its organization. He was reelected and filled that position until his death, which occurred Aug. 13, 1868. He was succeeded by S. W. SMITH, who served until Nov. 9, 1881, when he declined to fill the position longer on account of failing health and was succeeded by B. B. ELDREDGE. The latter gentlemen served until January 17, 1887, when C. S. JACKMAN, the present president, was chosen to the position.
J. L. KIMBALL succeeded J. B. CROSBY as cashier of the old bank April 20,
1857, and yielded the position again to Mr. CROSBY on the 10th day of January, 1860. Mr. CROSBY then filled the office during the remaining years of the existence of the Rock County Bank and was chosen cashier of the National Bank at its organization, serving in that capacity until Jan. 16, 1872, when he was succeeded by Chester S. CROSBY, who served until Aug. 17, 1880, when C. S. JACKMAN was appointed to the position and served till Sept. 30, 1886, when S. B. SMITH, the present cashier, was chosen to the office.
On the 19th day of January, 1885, the charter of the bank was renewed for twenty
years. From its long and successful career this bank has won its way to popular favor and is recognized as one of the most important financial concerns of Rock County.
[Source: Portrait & Biographical Album of Rock County, Wisconsin. 1889 Acme, Chicago, Illinois; pp. 1026-1027]

1855 Organizers
  • J. B. CROSBY
  • Timothy JACKMAN
  • Andrew PALMER
  • John J. R. PEASE
  • B. F. PIXLEY
  • M. C. SMITH
  • S. W. SMITH
  • L. E. STONE
1855 Officers
  • Timothy JACKMAN, President (until his death in 1868)
  • Andrew PALMER, Vice-President
  • J. B. CROSBY, Cashier
1855 Stockholders
  • J. B. CROSBY
  • Timothy JACKMAN
  • John C. JENKINS
  • J. Lang KIMBALL
  • John KIMBALL
  • Jesse MILES
  • Peter MYERS
  • Andrew PALMER
  • John J. R. PEASE
  • B. F. PIXLEY
  • Morris C. SMITH
  • Shubael W. SMITH
  • Lewis E. STONE
1902 Officers
  • C. S. JACKMAN, President
  • A. P. BURNHAM, Cashier
1902 Employees
  • F. H. JACKMAN, Banker

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