Hauser Grocery

Beloit, Rock County, Wisconsin

? - 1851 - 1934

John HAUSER started his grocery on 136 State Street. In 1851, he moved the
business to 138 State Street, where it the HAUSER family operated it until 1934 - about 83 years in the same family.
John's daughters, Sarah HAUSER and Hannah (HAUSER) SCHLENK, took over
the grocery upon his death in 1904. Sarah, who never married, continued to run the store after Hannah died in 1931.
Most of this information was gathered from The Beloit Daily News, especially
Hannah and Sarah's obituaries (Hannah's obituary ran on the front page of the newspaper). Ironically, the newspaper office stands on the site of the grocery (138 State Street). This information was kindly submitted by John's great-great-granddaughter, Sue Ellen HAUSER-BERENDSEN.

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