German Presbyterian Church


City of Beloit, Rock County, Wisconsin

Courtesy of Carol

The German Presbyterian Church. May 23, 1869, this church was organized by
Rev. Jacob KOLB, and, until 1870, services were held in the American Presbyterian Church. During that year they built a frame church with a capacity of five hundred, and cost $2,464. The pastors have been: Rev. Jacob KOLB, 1869 to 1872; Rev. Joseph WITTENBERGER, 1872 to 1874; Rev. Mr. WINDER, 1874 to 1876; Rev. Martin WITTENBERGER, 1876 to 18__. Rev. F. W. WITTE followed and remained for about five years. Rev. J. CONZETT, December 1, 1884 to June 21, 1891; Rev. L. ABELS, October 1, 1891 to January, 1892. Several students supplied the pulpit until 1893, when Rev. J. F. MUELLER took charge and remained until September, 1894. Rev. W. F. VOGT, November, 1894 to November, 1896; Rev. F. WAALKES, June 15, 1897 to February 1, 1899; Rev. E. SCHUETTE, D.D., February 1, 1899 to May 31, 1900; Rev. J. FIGGE, December 2, 1900 to March 27, 1904; Rev. H. KRAWSHAAR, May 1, 1904 to November, 1904. September 1, 1905, Rev. A. KREBS took charge and is still (1908) the pastor.
The church, which is located on St. Lawrence avenue, west side, in the center of the
city, and the parsonage, together valued at about $5,000, have recently undergone extensive repairs and improvements.
[Source: Rock County, Wisconsin: A new history of it's cities, villages, etc., Vol. I, by William Fiske Brown (editor-in-chief); ©1908 C. F. Cooper, Chicago, IL; p. 272]

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