First Methodist Episcopal Church


City of Beloit, Rock County, Wisconsin

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This society was formed October 15, 1842, and like other organizations held their
services in the village school houses, until their building was erected in 1846. During the pastorate of Rev. C. R. PATTIE, from 1870 to1872, a discussion arose in the society which resulted in the formation of the M.P. Church.
The pastors have been Rev. Mr. HODGE, Rev. Mr. WARREN, Rev. Mr.
ALLEN, Rev. Mr. LEWIS, Rev. Mr. BEECH, Rev. Mr. FORD, Rev. Mr. THOMAS, Rev. Mr. WOOD, Rev. Wesley LATTIN, Rev. P. W. CASE, Rev. C. R. PATTIE, Rev. A. C. HIGGINSON, Rev. T. E. WEBB, Rev. Mr. BAIN, Rev. G. S. HUBBS, Rev. Wesley LATTIN, Rev. E. L. EATON, and the Reverends A. J. BENJAMIN, W. F. WARREN, G. F. REYNOLDS, Geo. H. TREVOR, D.D., George W. WHITE, Henry COLMAN [COLEMAN], D.D., J. D. COLE, T. DeWitte PEAKE, R. W. BOSWORTH, D.D., and William A. NEWING, the present incumbent, who has served the church for one year previous.
During the pastorate of Rev. George F. REYNOLDS the old church was
remodeled and repaired at a cost of $3,200. During the pastorate of J. D. COLE the church was again remodeled.
November 30, 1903, was the sixty-first anniversary and grand rally day for the
Beloit Methodists. Mr. J. W. POWELL of Buffalo, N.Y., was present and conducted the campaign for a new church. August 27, 1904, the corner stone was laid. Bishop WARNE of Calcutta, India, gave the principal address. The new church, a red brick modern structure, stands on the site of the old church. It was erected at a cost of $31,000, and dedicated May 29, 1905. Great credit is due to the pastor and his people in the hard work done to give to Beloit such a house of worship. The Ladies' Aid Society pledged $6,000 toward the church and over $4,000 has been paid. The membership is now upwards of 500.
[Source: Rock County, Wisconsin: A new history of it's cities, villages, etc., Vol. I, by William Fiske Brown (editor-in-chief); ©1908 C. F. Cooper, Chicago, IL; pp. 275-276]

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