First Church of Christ, Scientist


City of Beloit, Rock County, Wisconsin

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The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Beloit, Wisconsin, a religious corporation, was
incorporated under the laws of the state of Wisconsin in the year 1888. Later this corporation was dissolved and was re-incorporated December 23rd, 1904. The organization consists of a board of five trustees and a board of five directors, the former having charge of the business of the church and the latter of its spiritual direction and welfare.
The public service consists of two readers, first and second reader, one reading from
the scriptures and the other from the text-book of the sect, "Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures," by Mary Baker G. EDDY. These lessons are prepared under the direction of Mrs. EDDY and the publication committee and every church under the organization uses this service each Sabbath. The regular meetings are Sunday morning at 10:30 and a testimonial meeting each Wednesday evening. The present membership of the Beloit church aggregates about one hundred.
Beloit has also a new organization, called the Disciples or "Christian" Church,
formed in the summer of 1908. This society, having about thirty members, meets regularly for Sabbath services in a hall over POLLOCK's drug store, west side, and is growing.
Church services and Sunday school services are also held regularly each Sunday in
South Beloit. There is also an A.M.E. church.
[Source: Rock County, Wisconsin: A new history of it's cities, villages, etc., Vol. I, by William Fiske Brown (editor-in-chief); ©1908 C. F. Cooper, Chicago, IL; pp. 279-280]

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