Cargill Memorial Methodist Church


City of Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin

Courtesy of Carol

A fine new church was erected during 1905 and 1906 on the corner of South
Franklin and Pleasant streets by the united societies of the First Church of Janesville (Methodist) and the Court Street Methodist Church, then under the name of the Central Methodist Episcopal Church, which, in consideration of a donation of $10,000 from Mr. William CARGILL, of La Crosse, Wis., was named the Cargill Memorial. The buildings belonging to the earlier Methodist societies were sold and the proceeds used toward the erection of the new church, which cost about $60,000, and was dedicated March 4, 1906.
Rev. J. H. TIPPETT, who was appointed October 1, 1901, as pastor of the Court
Street Methodist Church, is the present pastor of the new church. The trustees of this society are H. F. BLISS, T. E. BENNISON, W. F. CARLE, R. W. CLARK, E. E. CLARK, E. E. LOOMIS, E. W. LOWELL, C. W. KEMMEREE, F. T. RICHARDSON and W. I. ROTHERMEL. The stewards are H. G. ARNOLD, F. J. BARFOOT, S. C. BURNHAM, W. J. CANNON, J. A. CANNIFF, A. W. HALL, J. B. RICHARDS, J. L. HAY, F. HURD, George A. JACOBS, W. J. McINTYRE, T. W. NUZUM and I. RICHARDS. T. E. BENNISON is superintendent of the Sunday school. The Ladies' Aid Sodality has for its president, Mrs. Elizabeth BOOMER. There is a men's league of 100 members connected with the church, of which Prof. Delbert D. MANROSS is president. The Epworth League is a society of young people and has for its president George A. JACOBS.
[Source: Rock County, Wisconsin: A new history of it's cities, villages, etc., Vol. I, by William Fiske Brown (editor-in-chief); ©1908 C. F. Cooper, Chicago, IL; pp. 284-285]

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