Congregationalist Church


City of Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin

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The first meetings of this denomination held in Janesville were composed of a few
members, who met in the school house or at the residence of some member in 1843. Their numbers were small at first, and they held no regular services until 1844, when the Rev. C. H. A. BUCKLEY took up the work, and on February 11, 1845, with the assistance of the Rev. Stephen PEET, he organized the First Congregational Church of Janesville. The following is a list of the organizing members: Joseph SPAULDING, Erastus DEAN, Benjamin MORRILL, Chester DEAN, Mrs. Elmira H. DEWEY, Mrs. Lamira CULVER, Miss Susan FRENCH, Mrs. Lydia SPAULDING, Mrs. Judith DEAN, Mrs. B. MORRILL, Mrs. Hannah T. FRENCH, Mrs. Lydia SEARS, Mrs. Eleanor STRUNK, Frances CHESEBROUGH and Luke CHESEBROUGH.
In July, 1846, the Rev. Mr. BUCKLEY was succeeded by the Revs. William C.
SCOFIELD, M. P. KINNEY, G. W. MACKIE, F. B. [word missing], Rev. Hiram FOOT. Other successions in order have been: The [word missing] NORTON, Luman WHITING, George WILLIAMS, T. P. SAWIN and S. P. WILDER. In 1849 a brick church was built, and in the summer of 1851, an addition to the building was made. In 1865-66 the entire structure was torn down and a new church was constructed throughout at a cost of $57,000, including an organ that cost $6,500. In May, 1875, the church was destroyed by fire. They immediately set to work to rebuild the burned structure, and the result of their efforts was one of the handsomest church buildings then in Wisconsin.
The officers now (1908) are: William BLADON, J. T. WRIGHT, E. HELLER,
J. F. SPOON, S. B. LEWIS, J. A. CRAIG, O. D. BATES, C. A. THOMPSON, W. S. JEFFRIS, H. M. DEDRICK, A. M. FISHER, H. C. BUELL, George DAVIS and Peter JAMIESON, deacons. The trustees are J. M. WHITE, head president; F. F. LEWIS, secretary; A. E. MATHESON, treasurer; F. A. SPOON, W. S. JEFFRIS and C. S. CLELAND.
The church societies, Women's Missionary, Ladies' Benevolent, The Social Club,
Social Club Auxiliary, Loani Band of King's Daughters, Y.P.S.C.E., Wee Folks Band, Covenant Cub, Congregational Boy's Club, Congregational Young Men's Cub. The present pastor is Robert C. DENISON.
[Source: Rock County, Wisconsin: A new history of it's cities, villages, etc., Vol. I, by William Fiske Brown (editor-in-chief); ©1908 C. F. Cooper, Chicago, IL; pp. 285-286]

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