Christ Episcopal Church


City of Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin

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In the year 1859, owing to some differences which are liable to occur, and which
did occur, there was a division in Trinity Church, and steps were taken toward organizing another. Meetings were held in Lappin hall, and the Rev. Thomas J. RUGER was chosen as their rector. On September 20, 1859, they effected a permanent organization, and the following officers were elected: George CANNON, senior warden; Frank M. SMITH, junior warden; vestrymen, John R. R. PEASE, L. F. PATTEN, Lewis E. Stone, Shubael W. SMITH, Hiram JACKMAN, B. WHEELER, John E. JENKINS and George BARNES. Lappin's hall being very much in demand, they were compelled to look elsewhere for a convenient place to worship. Colonel Ezra MILLER offered the society the use of the Ogden house dining room, which was accepted and used until 1861. At a meeting of the vestrymen held April 4, 1861, a lot was purchased of Hamilton RICHARDSON on Court street, near the east end of the public square, and a contract made with V. G. NETTLETON to build a church. It was consecrated October 31, 1861, by the Rt. Rev. Jackson KEMPER, D.D., bishop of the diocese of Wisconsin. The following gentlemen have officiated as rectors of the church since its organization: Revs. Thomas J. RUGER, Henry W. SPAULDING, D.D., Robert W. WOOLSEY, E. Tolson BAKER, Joseph WOOD, George W. DUNBAR and Rev. Lee ROYCE in 1877, who was succeeded in 1881 by Rev. C. M. PULLEN. In 1887, Rev. H. W. SPAULDING, who took charge as rector of the church in December, 1859, was recalled, and remained in charge until September, 1889, when Rev. H. Baldwin DEAN became rector. Rev. A. H. BARRINGTON was called to the rectorship February 1, 1891, and resigned November, 1895. The church was without a rector until May 9, 1906, when Rev. John McKINNEY, the present incumbent, became rector.
Church societies: Christ Church Guild, Mrs. L. C. BREWER, president; St. Agnes
Guild, Mrs. F. F. STEVENS, president; Daughters of the King, Mrs. William RUGER, president; Women's Auxiliary, Mrs. John McKINNEY, president; Junior Auxiliary, Mrs. Abby WINSLOW and Miss Bessie WOODRUFF, presidents.
Vestry: Senior warden, William RUGER; junior warden, Robert M. BOSTWICK,
Jr.; vestrymen, George S. PARKER, Jr., William SAYLES, George SMITH, William SKELLY, Joseph L. BOSTWICK and Norman L. CARLE. Robert M. BOSTWICK, Jr., is treasurer of the society and William RUGER, Jr. , is clerk of the vestry.
New windows and new pews have been placed in the church during the present
year (1908).
[Source: Rock County, Wisconsin: A new history of it's cities, villages, etc., Vol. I, by William Fiske Brown (editor-in-chief); ©1908 C. F. Cooper, Chicago, IL; pp. 293-295]

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