History of the Village of

Clinton Junction

Clinton Township, Rock County, Wisconsin

[Continued from the atlas' HISTORY OF ROCK COUNTY following the City of Beloit]
located at the crossing of the Chicago and Northwestern and Western Union
Railroads, is one of the finest villages in the County, possessing equal railroad to any other town. The trade of the town is good, being surrounded by a very rich agricultural district. No better evidence of the business prosperity of the place can be had than to see the number of business places all well stocked up in their respective lines of trade. The buildings, public and private, are good, reflecting credit on their owners as well as the town. The society of the place is good, and schools and churches are supported with a zeal highly commendable. The present school building is a commodious frame structure, sufficiently large to accommodate the public who patronize the school. At present there is but little manufacturing done in the place. The carriage-works of F. P. WALLIS & Co., located here, belong to a thriving business. The reputation they hold has been well earned by turning out a superior class of work, excelled by none, and equalled by but few in the State. They make fine work a specialty, and are shipping all over the country. A view of their buildings can be seen in this work.
[Source: Combination Atlas Map of Rock County, Wisconsin, ©1873 Everts, Baskin & Stewart, Chicago, IL; pp. 8½; Courtesy of Lori]

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