Rock County, Wisconsin

Historical Districts



Bluff Street Historical District -- Listed January 7, 1983
      Roughly both sides of Bluff Street from Shirland Avenue to Merrill Street
Merrill Avenue Historical District -- Listed February 19, 1993
      103, 107, 111, 115 Merrill Avenue
Near East Side Historical District -- Listed January 7, 1983
      Roughly bounded by Pleasant Street, Clary Street, Wisconsin Avenue and East Grand Avenue


Cooksville Historical District -- Listed October 25, 1973
      Both sides of street bordering the public square and Rock Street


Fulton Street Historical District -- Listed July 1, 1999
      Along Fulton Street, roughly bounded by Main Street and Albion Street; 11-21 Swift Street


Evansville Historical District -- Listed November 16, 1978
      Roughly bounded by Allens Creek, Liberty Street, 4th Street and Garfield Street


Benton Avenue Historical District -- Listed March 7, 1996
      Roughly bounded by Benton Avenue, Wilton Avenue, Sherman Avenue, Richardson Street, Blaine Avenue and Prairie Avenue
Conrad Cottages Historical District -- Listed March 11, 1993
      235 - 330 Milton Avenue
Courthouse Hill Historical District -- Listed January 17, 1986
      Roughly bounded by East Milwaukee Street, Garfield Avenue, Oakland Avenue, South Main Street, East Court Street and Milton Avenue
East Milwaukee Street Historical District -- Listed February 8, 1980
      North Parker Drive and East Milwaukee Street
Look West Historical District -- Listed March 26, 1987
      Roughly bounded by Mineral Point Avenue, North Franklin Street, Race Street, Laurel Avenue and North Chatham Street
Look West Historical District -- Boundary Increase Decemer 10, 1993
      Roughly bounded by Laurel Avenue, North Madison Street, West Court Street and North Palm Street
North Main Street Historical District -- Listed February 8, 1980
      North Main Street and North Parker Drive
Old Fourth Ward Historical District -- Listed May 30, 1990
      Roughly bounded by Washington Street, Center Avenue, Court Street, Franklin Street and Monterey Park
Prospect Hill Historical District -- Listed November 5, 1992
      Roughly bounded by Eisenhower Avenue, Prospect Avenue, Atwood Avenue, Milwaukee Street, Parker Drive and Centerway
South Main Street Historical District -- Listed June 1, 1990
      Roughly South Main Street from Milwaukee Street to Rock County courthouse grounds and East Court Street from Parker Drive to Rock Road
West Milwaukee Street Historical District -- Listed May 17, 1990
      Roughly bounded by Wall Street, River Street, Court Street and Academy Street


Milton College Historic District -- Listed May 27, 1980
      Milton College

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