Rock County, Wisconsin

Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Augustana Synod

Historical Marker located on Hwy. 140, about 5 miles south of Clinton

in Bergen, Clinton Township

Courtesy of Rhonda McNurlan
    On this spot and in a small frame church known as the Norwegian Lutheran Church of Clinton, Rock County, Wis., gathered on the 5th day of June, 1860, the following named ministers of the gospel:
    L. P. Espjörn T. N. Hasselquist
    P. Anderson O. Andrewson
    O. C. T. Andreen Erland Carlson
    Jonas Swensson M. F. Hakanson
    O. J. Hatlestad P. A. Gederstam
    Erik Norelius A. Andreen
    P. Asbjornsen L. H. Norem
    P. H. Pedersen P. Beckman
    Peter Carlson J. P. C. Boren


    Together with these laymen:
    P. Palmquist B. Olson
    Chr. Newhouse E. Dahlgren
    Swan Olson J. Nyman
    S. Gabrielson John Jonason
    J. Erlander C. J. Hansen
    J. Enberg F. H. Osmunsen


    and did then organize the Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Augustana Synod, from 1894 known as the Evangelical Lutheran Augustana Synod. This marker was erected by the said Synod on the fifth day of June, 1930, the Norwegian Lutheran Church of Clinton, Rock County, Wis., graciously donating in perpetuity the site for this monument, to commemorate the goodness of God to the early fathers and to their descendants during the past seventy years, and to come humbly owning our sins and shortcomings of the past, we plead that it might be given unto the Holy Spirit to keep us in the true faith, to cause our love to the Kingdom of God greatly to increase and our efforts for the same continually to multiply.
    Soli Deo Gloria.


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