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The U.S. Military at Turtle Village

Wisconsin Official Marker

Located on the Rock River Heritage Walkway just north of the


intersection of Public and State streets, Beloit

Courtesy of Kurt Wheeler, Rock County Planning & Development Agency
    The U.S. Military at Turtle Village
    In this vicinity, during the Black Hawk War of 1832, Sac Indian leader
    Black Hawk and his followers left Illinois and entered the Michigan Territory (now Wisconsin), seeking refuge with the Ho-Chunk Indians at Turtle Village. On July 1, 1832, more than five weeks after Black Hawk left Turtle Village and continued his northern retreat up the Rock River, General Henry Atkinson and his troops arrived here, only to find an abandoned Indian settlement with extensive gardens and fields of grain.
    Erected in 1998; Sponsored by the B.H.S. - F.O.R.


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