Rock County, Wisconsin

National Register of Historic Places


    BELOIT (city)
    Bartlett Memorial Historical Museum -- 2149 St. Lawrence
    Beloit Water Tower -- 1005 Pleasant St.
    Blodgett (Selvy) House -- 417 Bluff St.
    Bluff Street Historic District -- roughtly both sides of Bluff St.
    from Shirland Ave. to Merrill St.
    Brasstown Cottage -- 1701 Colley Rd.
    Church of St. Thomas the Apostle -- 822 E. Grand
    City of Beloit Waterworks & Pump Station -- 1005 Pleasant St.
    Crist (J. W.) House -- 2601 Afton Rd.
    Dougan Round Barn -- 2605 W. Colley Rd.
    Dow (J. B.) House & Carpenter Douglas Barn -- 910 Board St.
    Emerson Hall -- Beloit College campus
    Fairbanks Flats -- 205, 215 Birch Ave. and 206, 216 Carpenter
    First Congregational Church -- 801 Bushnell St.
    Hanchett Block -- 307 State St.
    Hilton House Hotel -- 434 E. Grand Ave.
    Lathrop-Munn Cobblestone House -- 524 Bluff St.
    Merrill Avenue Historic District -- 103, 107, 111, 115 Merrill
    Moran's Saloon -- 312 State St.
    Near East Side Historic District -- roughly bounded Pleasant St.,
    Clary St., Wisconsin Ave. and E. Grand Ave.
    Neese (Elbert) House -- 1302 Bushnell St.
    Nye (Clark) House -- 2501 Spring Creek Rd.
    Pearsons Hall of Science -- Beloit College campus
    Rasey House -- 517 Prospect St.
    Rau (Charles) House -- 757 Euclid Ave.
    Rindfleisch Building -- 512 E. Grand Ave.
    Slaymaker (Stephen) House -- 348 Euclid Ave.
    St. Paul's Episcopal Church -- 212 W. Grand Ave.
    Strong Building -- 400-408 E. Grand Ave.
    Strong Partridge Mound Group -- 1750 Arrowhead
    Thompson (L. Waldo) House -- 1335 Chapin St.
    Yates (Florence) House -- 1614 Emerson St.
    Clark-Brown House -- 3457 Riverside Dr.
    Dean (Erastus) Farmstead -- E. of Janesville on Hwy. 14
    Wyman-Rye Farmstead -- N. of Clinton on Wyman-Rye Dr.
    CLINTON (city)
    Citizens Bank -- Front & Allen Sts.
    Clinton Village Hall -- 301 Cross St.
    Clinton Water Tower -- High St.
    Crosby Block -- 102 Allen St.
    DeLong (Homer B.) House -- 500 Milwaukee Rd.
    Pangborn (J. L.) House -- 300 Allen St.
    Richardson-Brinkman Cobblestone House -- 607 W. Milwaukee
    Smith (John) House -- 312 Pleasant St.
    Taylor (A. E. ) House -- 318 Durand St.
    Vanderlyn (Nate) House -- 408 Highland Ave.
    Jones (Samuel S.) Cobblestone House -- E. of Clinton on
    Milwaukee Rd.
    Carlton Hotel -- 14 N. Henry St.
    Culton (Charles L.) House -- 708 Washington St.
    Edgerton Depot -- 20 Main St.
    Edgerton Post Office -- 104 N. Swift St.
    Edgerton Public Grade Schools -- 116 N. Swift St.
    Fulton Street Historic District -- along Fulton St., roughly bounded
    by Main and Albion Sts.; 11-21 Swift St.
    North (Sterling) House -- 409 W. Rollin St.
    Pomeroy & Pelton Tobacco Warehouse -- 1 W. Fulton St.
    Eager Free Public Library -- 39 W. Main St.
    Evansville Historic District -- roughly bounded by Allens Creek,
    Liberty St., 4th St. and Garfield Sts.
    Footville Condensery -- Beloit St.
    Footville State Bank -- 158 Depot St.
    Owen (William J.) Store -- 220 Depot St.
    Strang (Soloman J.) House -- 231 N. Gilbert
    Fulton Congregational Church -- Fulton St.
    Mouth of the Yahara Archeological District -- address restricted
    Armory, The -- 10 S. High St.
    Belle Cottage -- 1837 Center Ave.
    Benton Avenue Historic District -- roughly bounded by Benton
    Ave., Wilton Ave., Sherman Ave., Richardson St., Blaine
    Ave. and Prairie Ave.
    Conrad Cottages Historic District -- 235-330 Milton Ave.
    Court Street Methodist Church -- 36 S. Main St.
    Courthouse Hill Historic District -- roughly bounded by
    Milwaukee St., Garfield Ave., Oakland Ave., S. Main St.,
    E. Court St. and Milton Ave.
    Crosby (James B.) House -- 1005 Sutherland Ave.
    East Milwaukee Street Historic District -- N. Parker Dr. and
    E. Milwaukee St.
    Fredendall Block -- 33-39 S. Main St.
    Janesville Cotton Mill -- 220 N. Franklin St.
    Janesville High School -- 408 S. Main St.
    Janesville Public Library -- 64 S. Main St.
    Janesville Pumping Station -- 500 block River St.
    Lappin-Hayes Block -- 20 E. Milwaukee St.
    Look West Historic District -- roughly bounded by Mineral Point
    Ave., N. Franklin St., Race St., Laurel Ave. and
    N. Chatham St.
    Look West Historic District (boundary increase) -- roughly
    bounded by Laurel Ave., N. Madison St., W. Court St.
    and N. Palm St.
    Lovejoy and Merrill-Nowlan Houses -- 220 and 202
    St. Lawrence Ave.
    Myers Opera House -- 118 E. Milwaukee St.
    Myers (Peter) Port Packing Plant and Willard Coleman
    Building -- 117-123 N. Main St.
    Myers-Newhoff House -- 121 N. Parker Dr.
    North Main Street Historic District -- N. Main & N. Parker
    North Main Street Historic District (boundary increase) --
    11-23 and 18-22 N. Main St., and Wall St. between N.
    N. Main St. and N. Parker Dr.
    Payne-Craig House -- 2200 W. Memorial Dr.
    Prospect Hill Historic District -- roughly bounded by
    Eisenhower Ave., Prospect Ave., Atwood Ave.,
    Milwaukee St., Parker Dr. and Centerway
    Randall (Brewster) House -- 1412 Ruger Ave.
    Richardson (Hamilton) House -- 429 Prospect Ave.
    South Main Street Historic District -- roughly S. Main St.
    from Milwaukee St. to Rock County Courthouse grounds
    and E. Court St. from Parker Dr. to Rock River
    Tallman House -- 440 N. Jackson St.
    West Milwaukee Street Historic District -- roughly bounded
    by Wall St., River St., Court St. and Academy St.
    Willard (Frances) Schoolhouse -- Craig Ave.
    Wisconsin School for the Blind Music Building --1700 W. State
    Wright-Amato House -- 923 Mineral Point Ave.
    MILTON (city)
    Alexander (John) Wheat Warehouse -- 304 S. Janesville St.
    Allen (Abram) House -- 205 E. Madison Ave.
    De Jean House -- 27 Third St.
    Dean-Armstrong-Englund Octagonal Barn -- NE of Milton
    Gifford House -- 308 Vernal
    Goodrich Blacksmith Shop -- 28 S. Janesville St.
    Goodrich (Elijah) Wheat Warehouse --602 E. Madison Ave.
    Goodrich-Buten House -- 528 E. Madison St.
    McEwan (Peter) Warehouse -- 711 E. High St.
    Milton College Historic District -- College St.
    Milton House -- 18 S. Janesville St.
    Kinney Farmstead - Tay-e-he-Dah Site -- address restricted
    How-Beckman Mill -- Mill Pond Rd.
    Orfordville Depot -- Beloit St.
    Smiley (Samuel) House -- SE of Orfordville on Hwy. 213
    Cooksville Cheese Factory -- Hwy. 59
    Cooksville Historic District -- both sides of streets bordering
    the public square and Rock St.
    Cooksville Historic District (boundary increase) -- streets
    surrounding the public square and roughly along Church
    St. and Main St.
    Cooksville Mill and Mill Pond Site -- on Badfish Creek N. of
    Dow (John T.) House -- Hwy. 59
    Gilley-Toffsland Octagonal Barn -- NW of Edgerton
    Miller House -- Tolles Rd.
    Porter (Joseph K.) Farmstead -- off Hwy. 59
    Richardson Grout House -- Riley Rd.
    Stebbins (Harrison) House -- off of Wilder Rd.
    Gempeler Round Barn -- SW of Orfordville
    Risum Round Barn -- SW of Orfordville
    West Luther Valley Lutheran Church -- SW of Orfordville on
    W. Church Rd.
    Murray-George House -- SR P
    Shopiere Congregational Church -- Buss Rd., near Shopiere Rd.
    Turtleville Iron Bridge -- N. of Beloit on Lathers Rd.
    Cooper-Gillies House -- SR 1
    Leedle Mill Truss Bridge -- Leedle Mill Rd. over Badfish Creek



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