Rock County Jail

From The City Jail: A Symposium

edited & compiled by Fay Lewis


©1903 Calvert-Wilson Company Press, Rockford, IL


pp. 88-89

A visit to the Rock county jail and sheriff's residence on September 15, 1903,
disclosed that this institution, which was erected in 1900, is modern in all its appointments, including a prison hospital. There was little ground for criticism manifest aside from the bunks, which were canvas hammocks suspended from the sides of the cells. These were too short for a man of ordinary height, sank badly in the middle and, as no mattress was allowed, were very uncomfortable. The jailer, Mr. GRAVES, who has the writer's thanks for courtesies extended, related that, of those in authority who discussed methods of punishment, some contended that the prisoners should be denied the use of tobacco and others held for the uncomfortable hammock. Yet the conclusion was quickly forced that this institution put the Winnebago county jail at Rockford to shame.

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