The Janesville Horticultural Society

[Reports of Local Societies]
Our society is twenty-one years of age, being organized in 1866. The changes in
membership are but few. At our annual meeting held October 27, 1887, the following officers were elected:
President - Geo. KELLOGG.
Vice President - James HELMS.
Secretary - E. B. HEIMSTREET.
Treasurer - J. B. WHITING.
Geo. J. KELLOGG, E. B. HEIMSTREET and James HELMS were appointed
delegates to the meeting of the State Horticultural Society to be held February, 1887.
The June meeting was a decided success. There were fifty-three members of the
State Society present. The best show of fruit ever exhibited before, and by the society. The fifty varieties of seedling strawberries by F. S. LOUDON, the wonderful show of Jessie on the tables; the visit to the grounds of Mr. LOUDON, the entertainment there; the excellent papers, good attendance and everything passed off pleasantly. There was also a commendable show of vegetables and long-keeping apples.
The list of members added to the meeting was, Geo. J. KELLOGG, H. S.
WOODRUFF, F. S. LOUDON, Edith KELLOGG, of Janesville, life membership : J. M. BOSTWICK, Cyrus MINER, Geo. HAUTHORN [HANTHORN], W. G. WHEELOCK, J. A. FATHERS, Walter HELMS, S. S. MILLER, H. TARRENT [TARRANT]; J. G. WILLIAMS, John F. SPON [SPOHN], Mrs. S. A. PLUMMER, of Janesville. Annual membership: J. W. HANCHE, Racine; C. K. SUTHERLAND, Waukau; C. C. FISHER, Center; John CROW, Center; E. E. RINOS, Sparta; F. M. TOWNE, 1331 Dunning street, Chicago, Ill.; J. B. SMITH, Clinton; O. P. FREEBORN, Milton, annual membership.
Amount received at meeting


Amount paid out for premious and expenses


The premiums offered amounted to one hundred and fourteen dollars ($114.00) of
which there was awarded ninety-eight dollars ($98.00).
I also enclose a list of premious offered.
Our member is now, life members, 28; honorary members, 13. Total membership,
              E. B. HEIMSTREET,
[Source: Transactions of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society, Vol. XVII edited by H. C. Adams, ©1887 Democrat Printing Co., Madison, WI; pp. 277-278]

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