"Lima School Records - III"

by Albert Salisbury


From The Whitewater Registry, July 27, 1906

In my second batch of selections from these records, the protracted contest
over the location of the second schoolhouse was recounted. A few more selections will exhibit the outcome of the struggle and some other items of possible interest, and also illustrate the earnestness with which the local legislation was conducted.

Oct. 1, 1860. (Adjourned meeting.)

Met pursuant to adjournment at a few minutes past seven o'clock. The house
was called to order by Henry ANDERSON, Chairman of the meeting held one week previous.
Some of the voters present objected to the meeting doing any business as it
would not be lawful at that late hour. The meeting broke up without doing any business.

M. A. CHILD, District Clerk.

Upon the written request of five legal voters of School District No. 9, of the
Town of Lima, a special meeting was called to be held at the school house in said District, Oct. 16, 1860, at seven p.m., by posting written notices and notifying parents, three-fourths of all the legal voters in the District. The request for the call is on file in this office.

Oct. 16, 1860.

Electors met pursuant to notice as above mentioned, when J. CHILD was
chosen Chairman. Clerk present.
Resolved, 1st, That we sell the old school-house.
Resolved, 2nd, That the school-house be sold this evening to the highest
Resolved, 3rd, That Tyler STILSON act as auctioneer in selling the house.
School-house sold to P. C. STILLMAN for $23.00.
Resolved, 4th, That we sell the old stove and pipe; which was sold at auction
to Joshua VINCENT for $8.00.
Resolved, 5th, That we have eight months school, four in the winter and four
in the summer.
Resolved, 6th, That we get twelve cords green wood, 2 feet long.
Resolved, 7th, That the getting of the wood be let to the lowest bidder.
Getting of the wood let to Salem TWIST for 93 1/2 cents per cord.
Resolved, 8th, That the District Board be authorized to hire a male teacher
eight months this year.
Resolved, 9th, That the interest on the loan be indefinitely postponed.
Resolved, 10th, That the District raise a tax of $18.00 to pay for last summer
Resolved, 11th, That the District raise by tax, $25.00 to buy a stove and pipe
for new school-house.
Resolved, 12th, That we raise by tax $75.00 for the support of schools the
ensuing year.
Resolved, 13th, That $11.25 of the money for the old school-house be
appropriated to pay for the wood.
Resolved, 14th, That the remainder of the school-house money, being the
money received from the sale of the old school-house, be appropriated for incidental expenses.
Resolved, 15th, That the meeting adjourned.

M. A. CHILD, District Clerk.

As late as 1862, the currency question was still troublesome, as will be seen
from the following:

Sept. 29, 1862.

At the annual meeting of School District No. 9, held on the 29th day of
September, 1862, A. PRATT was chosen Chairman. The Clerk was present.
Motioned and seconded that the $13 uncurrent money now in the Treasurer's
hands be disposed of for current money. Carried.
The meeting then voted by ballot for Clerk, when L. H. CHILD was declared
Motioned and seconded that we have four months school this winter and
three months summer school; and if the District Board think best they can hire two months more, but not to exceed five months summer school. Carried.
Motioned and seconded that we raise $50.00 for teacher's wages. Carried.
Motioned and seconded that we raise $20.00 to build two privies. Carried.
Motioned and seconded that we get 20 cords of wood this winter. Carried.
Motioned and seconded that the wood be got by the lowest bidder. Carried.
Motioned and seconded that the wood be green, 2 feet long; and one-half
delivered at the school-house by the 1st of December and the remainder by the middle of February next. Carried.
The getting of the wood was then put up at auction and struck off to B.
PRATT at 91 cents per cord. Carried.
Motioned and seconded that Mr. ANDERSON be credited for one cord of
wood over furnished, $1.00. Carried.
Motioned and seconded that the privies be 4 1/2 feet wide and 5 1/2 feet long
and 6 feet high. Carried.
Motioned and seconded that 45c be allowed L. A. WOOSTER for fixing
windows; also 40c to R. CHILD for nails, etc., for platform. Carried.
Motioned and seconded that we raise $25.00 for putting shutters and door in
the basement under the school house. Carried.
Motioned and seconded that the District Board superintend the building of
the blinds and the door. Carried.
Meeting then adjourned.

M. A. CHILD, Clerk.

By 1867, the methods of business had become a little more formal,
apparently. At least, the records became a little more systematic. And the dog-tax seems to have then been an appreciable item of school revenue. The appropriations show a notable increase over the earlier years.

    1867 Dec. 20 To. E. HULL $4.85
    1868 Jan. 14 To FERGUSON Bros. 3.12
    " " Jan. 18 To Andrew BROWN 52.06
    " " Mar. 20 To John H. SMADES 4.00
    " " " " To Sarah PHILIPS 160.00
    " " " " To E. HULL .95
    " " Mar. 25 To John MAHER 1.50
    " " June 13 To C. M. JONES 9.00
    " " Aug. 27 To Sarah PHILIPS 40.00
    " " Sept. 28 Due Sarah PHILIPS at close of term 130.00
    " " Sept. 28 Amt. in treasury 67.48
    1867 Sept. 30 Cash on hand $14.37
    1868 Jan. 1 School Dist. Money 275.00
    " " Apr. 6 County Money 102.42
    " " Aug. 21 State Money 58.74
    " " " " Dog Fund 22.43

F. P. BUZZELL, Clerk.

Minutes of the Annual School Meeting of District No. 9 of Lima, Held Sept. 28, 1868.
Meeting called to order by Dr. STILLMAN, and on motion P. C. STILLMAN
was chosen Chairman. Minutes of previous meeting read.
Report of officers called for and the following committee was appointed to
examine the same and report thereon. Ezra SAXE, F. ELLINGWOOD, and D. A. RICHARDS were appointed as such committee.
Committee reported the reports of the officers correct.
Report of committee adopted.
Proceeded to election of Clerk. N. SMITH, Jr., and Ezra SAXE appointed
Moved that we proceed to a formal ballot for Clerk. Carried.
Result of first ballot:
H. B. CORNELL - 25
S. SAXE - 2
C. W. SAXE - 1
Scattering - 2
Moved that H. B. CORNELL be declared unanimously elected. Carried.
Moved that we paint and repair the school-house. Also the basement.
Carried. Division called. Aff. 19. Neg. 6.
Moved that a committee be appointed to estimate cost of repairs. Carried.
Messrs. SPANGLE, MAXSON, and Dr. STILLMAN were appointed as such committee.
Committee reported expense of painting between $90.00 and $100.00, and for
stopping windows and doors in basement, $5.00. Report rejected.
Moved and seconded that we move the school-house off the foundation on
which it now stands. Lost.
Moved that we do adjourn. Lost.
Moved that we raise $150.00 for incidental expenses. Carried.
Moved that the board receive bids and let the painting of the house, inside
and outside, to the lowest bidder. Carried.
Moved that we have nine months school for ensuing year. Carried.
Moved that the Board hire a male or a female teacher, as they may choose.
Moved that we raise $200.00 for teacher's wages. Carried.
Moved that we buy 25 cords of wood. Carried.
Moved that the wood to be furnished be white oak or burr oak 2 ft. long and
prepared for the stove; 10 cords to be delivered by the 1st of Dec. next, and 15 cords by the 1st of Jan. next.
On motion the furnishing of the wood was let to the lowest bidder. The
furnishing of the wood was let to Andrew BROWN at $2.43 per cord.
Moved that the school be taught but five days in each week, Sundays and
Saturdays to be the days excepted. Carried.
Moved that when wood belonging to this District is used by anyone for other
than school purposes, payment be collected therefor by School District officers for value of said wood. Carried.
Moved that whenever the school-house is allowed to be used for any purpose
where a fee is demanded for admission or attendance, the Board shall charge for the use of the house. Carried.
On motion, adjourned.

F. P. BUZZELL, Clerk.

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