Rock County, Wisconsin

History of Beloit Township

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From: Wisconsin Gazetteer

by John Warren Hunt

©1853 Beriah Brown, Printer, Madison

p. 47

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BELOIT, Town, in county of Rock, being township 1 N., of range 12 E.; located
southerly, 10 miles from Janesville, the county seat. The population in 1850 was 2,750. It has 9 school districts.

From: A New Complete Gazetteer of the United States

by Thomas Baldwin and J. Thomas, M.D.

©1854 Lippincott, Grambo & Co. , Philadelphia

p. 93

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BELOIT, a post-township in Rock county, Wisconsin, about 12 miles S. by W.
from Janesville. Population, 2730.

From: Combination Atlas Map of Rock County, Wisconsin

©1873 Everts, Baskin & Stewart, Chicago, Ill.

p. 42

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The year 1835 marks the first step towards the settlement of this town. The
settlement began at the site of the present city of Beloit, at which point all the settlers were gathered until after the land sale, which took place in February, 1839. Caleb BLODGETT was the first man who settled in this township. In 1837 the New England colony, under the active agency of Dr. Horace WHITE, settled on a portion of Blodgett's claim, which they purchased. From this time dates the rising of the social community of the town, as with their coming schools and religious societies were established. The first school-house was built in 1839, and the expense defrayed by the voluntary offereing of the citizens. The first sermon was preached in a shanty building by Rev. Prof. WHITMAN, a Baptist minister. The town in well watered and timbered, and is one of the wealthiest agricultural towns in the county. Most of the farms are large and under a high state of cultivation. The improvements are first class. Beloit City furnishes a good and reliable market for all the products of the surrounding country.

From: The Portrait and Biographical Album of Rock County, Wisconsin


p. 1010

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Beloit was created a municipality Feb. 17, 1842, and then embraced an area equal
to about four townships, including the present towns of Beloit, Avon, Newark and Turtle. Its boundaries have been several times changed, and it is now co-extensive with township 1 north, of range 12 east. The settlement began where the city of Beloit now is. The first town meeting was held April 5, 1842.

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