Rock County, Wisconsin

History of Newark Township

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From: Wisconsin Gazetteer

by John Warren Hunt

©1853 Beriah Brown, Printer, Madison

p. 161

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NEWARK, Town, in county of Rock, being town 1 N., of range 11 E.; centrally
located, 13 miles southwest from Janesville. Population in 1850 was 798. It has 9 school districts.

From: A New Complete Gazetteer of the United States

by Thomas Baldwin and J. Thomas, M.D.

©1854 Lippincott, Grambo & Co. , Philadelphia

p. 768

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NEWARK, a post-township in Rock county, Wisconsin. Population, 855.

From: Combination Atlas Map of Rock County, Wisconsin

©1873 Everts, Baskin & Stewart, Chicago, Ill.

p. 68

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The first settlement made in this town was in 1842, by Mrs. GUNALE, a
Norwegian widow lady. It is said that she erected the first log cabin in the town of Newark; during the next year she was joined by several of her own countrymen. In 1844 Messrs. N. STRONG, J. B. SMITH, John STEPHENS, P. McVAIN, A. G. FELT, P. P. CHASE, and others made home in the township. These gentlemen afterwards became prominent and influential citizens. The soil of the town is what is termed a sandy loam. It is pretty evenly divided between burr-oak openings and prairie. The only stream passing through the town is Coon Creek, on which is a very good water-power, - at present used to propel a flouring-mill known as "How's Mill." The town is well watered by smaller streams, and for the growing of stock will compare very favorably with any other town in the county.

From: The Portrait and Biographical Album of Rock County, Wisconsin


p. 1019

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Newark is situated in the southwestern part of the county, its south boundary
line separating it from the State of Illinois. It was organized by act of the Legislature, approved February 2, 1846, and included the present town of Avon, adjoining it on the west. The first town meeting was held at the house of L. D. MARVIN, April 1, 1846. In 1842, Mrs. GUNALE, a Norwegian widow lady, made the first location in the town, and erected the first log cabin. The following year she was followed by several of her countrymen. In the year 1844, purchases and improvements were made by Nathaniel STRONG, J. B. SMYTH, John STEPHENS, Peter McVAIN, A. G. FELT, P. P. CHASE and others. A Lutheran Church was organized in 1844, a Congregational Church in 1845, and a Baptist Church in 1849.

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