Rock County, Wisconsin

What was new in 2002?


October 6, 2002-- More ramblings

Several more how-to essays now online; more to come (of course).

October 4, 2002-- New link

Added a link to John R. Sill's History of Avon, Wisconsin, website.

September 8, 2002-- A little catch up...

Finally managed to get Mr. Enters essay on why people came to Wisconsin in the mid-1800s online (sorry for the delay).

August 15, 2002-- Still more churches

More from Carol regarding churches in Beloit, Janesville and Luther Valley.

August 13, 2002--Beloit Churches

More from Carol regarding churches in Beloit.

July 25, 2002--Doctors and schools...

Added another link to Ruth Ann Montgomery's wonderful site about Evansville (this one for the Millard School). Also another submission from Carol (Rock County doctors in 1856 and 1906).

July 18, 2002--Magnolia information

Put a history of the village of Magnolia online.

July 15, 2002--Miscellaneous Markers

Added two local historical markers, both from Clinton Township.

June 14, 2002--The rest of the story

The final part of the history of Edgerton is now online; also a history of Janesville Business College.

June 14, 2002--Carol's found another book...

Just can't keep Carol down! She's now working on a different book on Rock County's history and has submitted a history of Edgerton. Also added some additions to Essay #1, thanks to Kathy.

June 13, 2002--New additions...

Added a narrative about coming to America and starting out anew--a must-read for all--and the first of a series of essays to help you survive Rock County research.

June 8, 2002--Restructuring and such . . .

A couple of more additions from Carol, a few more links and some major restructuring of the main page. Hopefully, the site will be easier to navigate now.

May 3, 2002--More Township histories . . .

Carol has submitted nearly all the township histories from "The Portrait and Biographical Album of Rock County, Wisconsin." Since many of the sketches contain village and city histories, I have cross linked to the appropriate locations.

April 29, 2002-- Thanks Carol . . .

One of my favorite volunteers, Carol, has submitted several histories of Rock County's townships (Avon, Bradford, Center, Clinton, Fulton and Harmony). Carol has previously submitted sketches about the settlement by whites of the county, the police department in Janesville and a listing of Janesville's Harris Manufacturing Company's executive employees. She has also submitted over 350 biographies to Rock County's WIBiographies site (and she's still typing away) . . . see why she's one of my favorites?

April 15, 2002-- In the beginning . . .

WI-ALHN-Rock County is up and running. All information on this site will relate to the history of the county. We can always use volunteers to transcribe historical data for the county. Contact me if you have something you'd like to submit to the site.
If you want genealogical information, try the other Rock County sites I host or administrate...
Other good sites for the county include can be find on the far left side of the main page. I'd also highly recommend Cyndi'sList which links to thousands of genealogical and historical information.

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