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John H Goswick March 12, 2005
Am writing for my mother Helen May Walter (maiden name) as she is 87,born 1918 in or around Glendo, her fathers name was Harry Vernon Walter and he had 2 half brothers with the last name of Burkett (spelling ?) her mother was Rebecah Hurst of Wheatland they lived in Douglas, Glenrock, Casper before they divorced and that was the last she saw of her father, we know he drifted to Colorado and then to California. Any help would be great thanks. 



Kathleen February 15, 2005
My family and I have started a family history project that has led me to you.  The family surname is Winiker.  To be precise, Albert F. and Jessie Stephens Winiker.  According to a census we found they were married in Natrona.  Our information is sketchy.....but we are determined!  I think my mother, Helen M. Winiker was born there.  Her birth affidavit says Big Muddy.  Could that be Muddy Gap?  Any direction in which you can steer us would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much,




Pat Ratcliff-Milanese February 6, 2005
My paternal great-great grandmother was Elizabeth "Betsey" Naomi Slater-Stites-Riley who married Edward Riley 10 Dec 1888 in Converse County, WY.  I have the original marriage certificate.  Trying to find out more about Edward Riley and his family or life in Converse? Also looking for the following surnames:

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. The Milanese & Ratcliff Homepage



Debra Robinson November 3, 2004
I am looking for a couple Ira Cephas Harlan and wife Mary J.
DONAGHU. Some records we have place the death Ira Harlan in Jiren, Converse County, Wyoming on Oct, 22, 1909. They were both school teachers, both born in Illinois married on may 2, 1887 in Alta, Buena Vista County, Iowa He was the supertentent of the Alta Schools at that time. 1901 they were living in Souix City, Ia teaching and maybe a Rev, for the Christian Church in that area.
Would Jiren be in Converse County? Would there be any records of School teachers? Listing of death record for Ira or Mary?  I am pretty sure they had NO children.  Any help you could offer would be a blessing. Thank You,



Richard L. Hardesty January 7, 2003
Well, for starters, there's the BARTSCHE family.  They owned an
appliance business in Douglas for many years.  It was still in business
when I graduated from CCHS in 1966.  My second cousin Bob Hardesty of Casper married into the family as well.
And we mustn't forget the STRANGE family.  Father was William (Bill) and his son Tom was my best friend.  Can't remember his mom's name.  Owned a gas station on the curve at the south end of 4th street (curve is gone now).
And GOODWINS!  Lots of Goodwins -- all cousins of mine.  Associated with this family are several others including STONER.
I see you have SCHNEIDER already.  My dad & I put some fench in for Jake Schneider on his ranch just across the river near the old drive-in.  Man, his wife could cook!  What a spread she had for noon meal.  Never ate so much in my life, left the table stuffed.  Then had to back out and work another four hours building fence.  Good times.  :-)
Lessee, hmmm, coming quickly to mind are HOLLON (also assoc. with Lusk, WY), WESNITZER, BRUNER --nope, you've got that!, MORTON (as in Morton's, Inc., a family ranch gone corporate & big),  GROOTHUIS, HAND.  Oh heck, let me dig out one of my HS annuals!  Hope this helps.


Elizabeth ( Smith) Schneider October 1, 2002
Looking for the family's of ROE; PETERSON and RICE that married into the SCHNEIDER Family in Douglas Wyoming; Converse County   Thank you   


Nancy Holsted September 9, 2002
I have a picture of John Harp and on the back it says John W. Harp, Glenrock, Wyoming. Unfortunately there is no date.  I know that he was married to Susie Cress and they had children. I also have a picture postcard of them mailed from Hillsboro, Illinois on July 29, 1913 to his sister, Alice Harp Gunter living in Raymond, Washington.  Mary Alice Gunter as she was called, was my G.G.Grandmother. Any information on this Harp family, if available would be greatly appreciated.


Bob Schoonover June 22, 2002
The Bureau of Land Management records show that ARTHUR E. SCHOONOVER acquired land in Converse county on 3/20/1922.
The 1900 census shows the following family in Laramie County:
James Schoonover; b. Dec 1859 40 yrs b.IL living on 27th St in Cheyenne
township with the following:
Barbara, wife, . Mar 1856, 44 yrs, IL
Arthur E., son, b. June 1886, 14yrs, NE
Grace, daughter, b. Jan 1888, 12yrs, NE
May, daughter, b. Aug 1891, 9yrs, NE
Bell, daughter, b. Apr 1893, 7yrs, IL
Harry, son, b. June 1886, 4yrs, --
Fred, son, b. May 1887, -- , --
John, son, b. July 1899, 1yr, NE
Wm, son, b. July 1899, 1 yr, NE
I'd appreciate any information about these SCHOONOVER's. 


H. Andrew BROWN May 25, 2002
Seek contact with descendants of Timothy J. RYAN born c1884 Iowa s/o Martin RYAN and Mary CONRY/CONERY.  Living 1944 Douglas, Converse Co. WY.
Rhoda M
 Lois M.
 Ora F.
 Elizabeth J.
 Helen A.


David Fletcher April 23, 2002
My gr-uncle Norman Reed FLETCHER came to Converse County, WY, ca. 1908.  He was originally from PA, b. 1881 in Bedford County.  He appears on the 1910 census for Converse in Manville (before Niobrara County was created) on the bottom of p. 18 as a single farmer.  By August of 1915, he was in Lost Springs, where he married Celestia PELLANT, daughter of Joseph PELLANT and
Emaline Kelly.  Questions:  when did he actually come to Converse?  Is there a deed record, or any other court data?  Was his marriage recorded in Converse?  One of his grandchildren relates that he worked in an oilfield near Lost Springs.  Which one?  Would there be any paperwork documenting his presence there?  Any help with the above would be appreciated.


Bev. Hopkins March 20, 2002
I am searching for information on a Ralph or Dudley HICKOK family.  I believe they lived in Converse County in the late 1800's to the 1915
period of time.  I have several pictures of the HICKOK family but don't know how they connect to my family the PHILLIPS or McCOY's.
Can anyone help?


Janet Thomason February 21, 2002
My grandfather homesteaded in Converse County,  north of Douglas, with his brother and father sometime during the 1920's?  His name was Willard C. MOORE, (C for Clifford?) his brother was  Ed MOORE, do not remember their Dad's name. The homestead is adjacent to Tom Robinson's spread.  Any info  will be appreciated!


Sylvia Haynes February 6, 2002
I am looking for information for William and Carrie SCHOFIELD, any of there children. also for info on George or Tom LAMBE.  Also Mary or Mayme KREBARDIS.


Richard A. Hardesty August 4, 2001
Looking for HARDESTY family ca 1930 in Douglas, WY. O. W. HARDESTY married Ella May McCOY there and had three children...looking for someone that is willing to visit courthouse for me. I would also like a name and address of someone that belongs to the Converse county genealogical society..., Tampa, Florida


Kristi Savage-Clarke July 19, 2001
I am searching for information about Thomas Jefferson GUTHRIE.  He and his family moved to Douglas WY in the early 1900's and he died there in 1918.  I would like to know where he is buried and also to read the obituary if one is available.  I would also like to know if there would be any information about his children, and whether any descendents might be in the area still.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.



Cecil "Steve" Martin July 2, 2001
Looking for the BAKER family. There was a son named Harold H. Baker that married a Carry Ridgeway in 1930. He has a younger sister named Clara Louise Baker.   Clara Louise Baker married Owen VanPelt and they eventually migrated to California.  Would like any info on this Baker family or any VanPelt info you may have. The VanPelts migrated from Iowa, Bakers from Iowa or Illinois.




Linda Swanson April 30, 2001
Would like to know if there are any old timers in Glenrock, Wyoming who either remember or know about Henry and Ida BAHRS or James G. and Marie BECKLEY?  Henry BAHRS was a miner and would have been living there from the mid-1910's and into the 1920's.  He would have been about 55 years old.  Ida died there in 1919.   James BECKLEY was a traveling violinist and Marie was a music teacher and piano teacher.  They lived in either Parkerton or Glenrock until about 1921.   If anyone can provide any information on these people, I would appreciate it.  I already have the death information on Ida.   Thank you.   



Kathy Sadler Miklovich Sun, Mar 18,  2001
I am looking for descendants of David Timothy ROGERS who died at Hat Creek in 1898.  His wife was Martha May BROWN.  It is not know whether or not she predeceased her husband.  They were from Ontario, Canada.  Known children were: Sarah Josephine ROGERS (born about 1848); Mary E. (Mrs. James HAIGHT); Julia B. (Mrs. John McKENZIE); David A. ROGERS (born about 1862); James B. ROGERS (born about 1864); Martha J. ROGERS (born about 1866); and Walter ROGERS (born 1871).  Some of the children were born in the States.  It is not known if they too were living in Converse County.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Chuck Stutzman Sun, Mar 18, 2001
I am researching Andrew J. TROYER born December 15, 1851 in Champain Co., Ohio and died in Wyoming 1938.  He married Sarah STUTZMAN about 1876 in Lagrange Co., Indiana.  She was born about 1855 in Elkhart, Indiana.  The only clue I have that they lived in Converse County is the obit for Sarah's mother (Barbara Stuckey STUTZMAN).  It lists Sarah from Douglas, Wyoming at the time of her mother's (Barbara) death (June 9, 1907).  Andrew supposedly died in Wyoming but no information on Sarah.  These families parents were Amish Mennonites.  Andrew's brother was Noah J. TROYER, the "Sleeping Preacher" of Johnson County, Iowa.  Since many of the Amish settled together in the same area, there could have been a short lived Amish Mennonite Settlement near Douglas. 


Susan Giehm Wed, Mar 14,  2001
I am looking for any information on the surname GIEHM.  Charles or Carl GIEHM would have been my husbands grandfather.  He was married to Marie Louise MAYER, not sure of the date.  They moved to Wyoming from Wisconsin, after coming to the US from Germany.  Any info would be appreciated.  Susan Giehm


Douglas Garriott Tue, Mar 13, 2001
I am looking for information on anyone with the GARRIOTT surname that lived in Converse Co, WY, or the surrounding counties.  Charles David GARRIOTT, Charles Theodore GARRIOTT, Chester H. GARRIOTT, Clair Otis GARRIOTT, James Arthur GARRIOTT, James Richard GARRIOTT, and Wesley Lynn GARRIOTT. Thank you for any assistance you may provide.



Sharon L. Barry, nee Murphy
Looking for any information on my father's family. He was Gerald Lee MURPHY, born May 12, 1914. His brothers, George (m. "Bert", children, Don and Anne) and Walter (Jan 13, 1918 - Jan 29, 1998, m. Helen, children, Colleen and Shannon). I'm not sure of my grandfather's name - it was either Walter or Frank. I know he worked for either the City of Douglas or Converse County. I do not know my grandmother's name - she was just Grandma MURPHY. I know my dad played basketball for the high school. My mom, Verlie Amber DELANEY (MURPHY) (SULLIVAN), and he were married in either Douglas, Cody or Sheridan, probably sometime in 1939, 1940 or 1941. My mother (b. Mar 25, 1916 in Dickinson, ND, d. May 2, 1982, Casa Grande, AZ) owned a beauty shop in Cody, I think. Thank you for any help available.  (520) 327.8097 phone/fax 327.5753 


Janet Blackwell
Looking for descendants of James Charles (J. C.) SAUL, Jr. who established the La Bonte Livestock Ranch in Douglas around 1900.  Are there any SAUL's left in or around Douglas?  Has anyone researched this family?


Gary Baughn
Seeking information on Charlotte Amanda VINCENT. b. Aug 31, 1908 near Lost Springs WY. d. Feb 28,1964 Evanston WY. m. Matthew E HAKALO Apr 1, 1926 in Casper, WY.
Also looking for information on her father Orville Lewis VINCENT no other info known.


Sharon Leon
Seeking additional information about the ancestors and descendants of Eli Morris SKINNER b. 14 June 1845 near Straitsville, Perry Co., OH.   Parents were Eli & Emma (aka Millie, Amelia, Emily, Meleca) (ALLEN) SKINNER. Married Mary Eve BUCHMAN 1867 Perry Co., OH. Eli Morris SKINNER d. 2 Oct. 1845 Glenrock, Converse Co., WY. Children: Flaura Annis b. 1868 m. Eli McINTYRE, Laura Etta b. 1870 m. William RIDGE, George Morris b. 1872 m. Mary Millar McNALLY, William Sherman b. 1874 m. Rose MASTERSON, Charles Richard b. 1876 m. Cora Hannah GOFF, Mary Roseanna b. 1880 m. 1) James MASTERSON, 2) Clifford GOFF, Olive Grace b. 1883 m. John MILLAR, Lewis Frederick b. 1889 m. Elizabeth BENJAMIN, and Eli Franklin b. 1878 d. 1878 bur. St John's Cemetery, Perry Co., OH.


Tim McCord
Seeking information about Bessie Dean (PRESTON) PAXTON who died Jan 19th, 1929 in Douglas, Converse County, Wyoming. Also, the entire PAXTON family that lived there during the late 1920's. Thanks


Linda Swanson  
I am searching for information and descendants of Ida Sophia Elisabeth SWANSON BAHRS. Ida was born in Persnäs Parish in Oland, Sweden on 31 Jan 1854. She had a daughter named Marie. I just received a photo of her grave on which it indicates it was taken in Glenrock, WY. She died 2 Mar 1919 in Glenrock.  She is buried in the Glenrock Cemetery.  A headstone no longer exists.  Her death certificate is signed by a Mrs. J. G. Beckley.  One could presume that this would be her daughter Marie who may have married a Mr. James G. BECKLEY.  But this is not a certainty. If anyone has any information regarding the BAHRS or BECKLEY families, I would appreciate hearing from you.


Jim O'Keefe 
I live in Pembroke, MA.  In 1920, my father Daniel O'KEEFE ran away from home in Salem, MA to become a cowboy in Wyoming.  He left me a legacy of stories about where he worked and his adventures.  One of his stories described how he lived in a sheep wagon, on a railroad siding, in a remote region around Casper, Wyoming.  The ranch was owned by a Mrs. Morton, who was a very demanding boss, and eventually fired my father for wasting time by breaking wild horses.  I hold no grudge against Mrs. Morton - my father was probably goofing off and deserved to be fired.  However, I would love to know if this ranch still exists so I could go there and walk or ride through the area where he spent 2 years of his life.  I believe this ranch was in Converse County.  If you have any information that would aid me in my  search, I would appreciate hearing from you.


Linda Swanson
Ida Sophia Swanson BAHRS lived and died in Glenrock, WY.  She was divorced but had a daughter named Marie BAHRS.  Marie may have (emphasis on may have) married James G. BECKLEY.  The BECKLEY's lived in Parkerton and Glenrock, WY.  Looking for information on them plus descendants.  Thank you.


Bill Long
Looking for brothers and sisters and ancestors of my great great grandmother Elizabeth BUCK (Martha Elizabeth BUCK WOODSIDE), daughter of Joe BUCK. She may have been named Martha Elizabeth HUGHES or Elizabeth Martha GARDNER at one point. She married Homer Lonzo WOODSIDE in 1907 in Kaycee, Johnson County.  Elizabeth ("Martha") BUCK was born June 1855 or 1856 in Clark County, Arkansas or Alabama.  Death certificate says Clark County, Arkansas, but census indicates Alabama.    Martha Elizabeth BUCK had at least two half-siblings, Mary Ellen HUGHES and John GARDNER.  They lived in Glenrock and Ralins in late 1800s before coming to Kaycee.   Her daughter Mary Ellen HUGHES JARRARD  (Mrs. James JARRARD) (1873-1933) and John GARDNER lived in Glenrock and Ralins before going to Kaycee.  Martha WOODSIDE ended up staying in Kaycee with her children in Johnson County in the early 1900s.  Mary Ellen HUGHES married James JARRARD, had 18 kids and raised 10.  She lived in Glenrock and Ralins in the early days.  She was the daughter of Joe BUCK.   She was somehow related to a Charles BUCK who shared a cattle brand with James JARRARD in Johnson County, Wyoming in 1896.  I am also interested in Franklin BUCK, 9 Sep. 1890, Evanston, Wyoming; Lewis BUCK, 16 Oct. 1894, Almy, Wyoming; and Walter BUCK, 31 August 1886, Almy, Wyoming.  I welcome any type of information.  Thank you.  Bill Long, Olympia, WA  98502-5414. 



Jinx & Karen Tucker
We are searching for information on Lawrence and Amanda MURPHY who lived in Glenrock.  Lawrence died in 1923 and Amanda in 1944.  We believe she may be a step sister to my great-grandfather, Chauncey Tucker.   We are also looking for more information on May GARNER who also lived in Glenrock.  She died in 1978.  All three of these people are buried in the Glenrock Cemetery. The TUCKER that we are researching is Francis TUCKER.  We believe she is Amanda MURPHY's mother.  She passed away in Glenrock in 1915 and is buried in Nebraska.   If anyone has any information that may help, please let us know.
Jinx & Karen Tucker
1310 Tippecanoe Terr
Torrington, WY 82240



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