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BaiCon Genealogy began in the spring of 1996 and has since grown to what it is today and continues to grow. It has helped countless people find their roots or find answers to questions long asked by their family. It has done this at no cost to the person requesting the information.

To this I give thanks to people like the ones who host this page and to you the readers who make it all possible.

I have put this site together to help everyone. Please think of this as your site as well as mine. If you have anything to offer this site please do so and you will be mentioned if you so wish.

Join us and let’s find the answers together.

Family Data
I have 51390 individuals, in 19900 family groups in my data. All search able and free.

Here you may leave your queries on all your Bailey  relatives. 

Here you may leave your queries on all your Conley relatives. 

Genealogy Links
Here you will find some of the best genealogy pages on the net.

About Genealogy books
Before you go out and order some book that you think is going to have all the answers please read this. And for all who want to sell their books please read this. 


Surnames of Kentucky
This is the page that started it all. Here you will find such great pages as Kentucky's Most Wanted Ancestors, Kentucky's Unsolved Mysteries, Kentucky's Missing, Kentucky Folklore, Kentucky Surname Network & links to other great KY pages.

Data folder
On this page we hope to supply data from our research. For now there are records of two cemeteries which are in Breathitt, Co., KY. We now have free GedCom files for you to download or submit. More data will follow as this page grows. 


This site along with many, many others are in danger. Please help!

You may come in and ask my faithful hound things such as: What day of the week you were born - What state did that S.S. # come from. You can even build your own home page with ease. Give it a try. 

Here you will find some links to great tools for all your genealogy needs. 


Do you have a webpage and would link to link it to us? This is the place to go.  

Credit page
 On this page I give credit to the people who have made this site and other sites like this possible. Please stop in and see some of the greatest people on the internet

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These pages have been created on the behalf all my family. 
And dedicated to the memory of my loved ones listed below.
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I miss you and love you Mom! You are the keeper of the flock.
Ida Elizabeth Conley 
October 13, 1929
June 22, 1981
The leader of the band. Dad, I love you
Cecil Bailey
Nov. 30, 1920
May 13, 1985
You are my hero, I love you brother
Cecil Jr. Bailey
October 28, 1949
April 09, 1982
You was the sunshine of my life, and the jewel of the family. I love you little sisiter.
Eloise Jean Bailey
Sept. 29, 1964
January 22, 1986


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