Linking to the SoKY Network

If you have a web page, we ask that you please take the time to link back to us, so others may benefit from this free service.

If you are new to HTML, or you prefer text link. Please copy and paste this code into your page.

<A HREF="">Surnames of Kentucky Network</A>

If you like to add one of the graphics below to your page, you can put your mouse pointer over the graphic of your choice, click the right button on your mouse, then scroll down to "Save picture as". This will download the graphic on your hard drive so you can upload it to your page. Remember once you upload it to your page, you will have to link it to the network. The tag for such a link will look like you see below. The part in blue "image name" needs to be changed to match the graphic you pick.


Once you have linked to us e-mail us with the page that has the link, and we will return the favor by linking your site to ours.

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