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USGenNet Legacy

USGenNet Legacy is a service which is offered to USGenNet account holders (a.k.a webmasters). USGenNet Legacy is not a project, a program, or an archives. Legacy offers the continued publication of websites after the disappearance or death of the webmaster.

The online publication of the website will continue for so long as USGenNet is able to provide online publication services. Any website accepted as a Legacy Site would have the same Safe Haven Site protections as any non-Legacy website on the USGenNet server.

There are certain requirements that the account holder must meet in order to qualify for Legacy.

  1. The website must be published on the domain prior to inclusion in Legacy.

  2. Proper permission forms must be submitted by the account holder.

  3. The website must be approved by the USGenNet Legacy WebMaster.

  4. The website home page must carry a Legacy logo (with link-back to the Legacy home page) in a prominent location.

  5. When transferred to Legacy, the website will become inactive. No message boards or mailing lists will be linked within the website. All links to pages not on the website will be removed.

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