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Welcome to USGenNet's Texas Safe Sites! With a few key strokes and the click of a mouse, you can search Texas on USGenNet. Use the drop down menus to customize your search (the defaults are quite reasonable), enter one or more words describing what you are looking for, and click on the Search button. Enjoy!

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Match All A match is reported if ALL specified words occur in a single document.
  Any A match is reported if ANY specified word occur in a document.
  Boolean Refined search supporting and, or, and not. (e.g. car and (blue or green) not expensive)
Format Long Display links and part of the text for each matching document.
  Short Display only links for each matching document.
Sort Score Order all matches based on how closely they match the search terms.
  Time Try to order all matches so the newest come first.
  Reverse Time Try to order all matches so the oldest come first.

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