First Burying Site
This cemetery has a wooden sign erected in the middle of it that states: "First Burying Site", "Rededicated 7-18-1976". It's located on Arlington Road, between Gratiot Ave. and Big Hand Road, about 3 miles N.E. of Richmond, Michigan. There seems to be much missing from this site. It isn't cared for, or at least by appearances, and there is quite a bit of damage to stones as well as missing stones. Some has sunk completely into the loose dirt so this list is in no way complete. I have provided info. on every available stone left standing and some that weren't. There is likely to be mistakes due to unreadable aged stones. I inquired at the Twp. Treasurer's office and she informed me that the records were given to the St. Clair County Historical Society in Port Huron, Michigan. I have not been able to speak with them regarding any of the information. But I hope that what is here will help someone.
Last  Names	First	Middle          Birth		Death         	Age	Comments

Ayers John 9-28-1808 1-14-1888 S=Sally Ayers Ayers Sally 2-8-1813 3-22-1899 S=John Ayers Breese Niles 3-5-1862 23 days old P=E.K. & Margaret Breese Clark Sabra G. 6-13-1870 Clark Luman(sp) A. 77-8-16 Folts Michael 11-3-1814 9-25-1904 S=Mary Folts Folts Mary 6-15-1808 10-25-1899 S=Michael Folts Folts George 11-12-1870 89- - Fuller Norman 3-3-1828 3-15-1894 S=Dorcas Fuller Fuller Dorcas 7-14-1826 12-22-1871 S=Norman Fuller Fuller Elijah 2-25-1860 5-25-1862 P=Norman & Dorcas Fuller Gleason Emaline 1-11-1824 7-10-1906 S=S. Mugridge Gross E. S. 7-14-1872 77- - S=Hannah Gross Gross Hannah 11-2-1868 S=E.S. Gross Gross Alley M. 4-19-1845 P=E.S. & Hannah Gross Johnson Carrie 1844 1875 Johnson Flora 1864 1882 Johnson Hiram 1817 1871 S=Eleanore Johnson Johnson Eleanore 1824 1893 S=Hiram Johnson Johnson Charles 1856 1887 Johnson John H. 1848 1899 Magary George R. 7-10-1811 5-17-1884 Magary Charles 6-24-1848 4-12-1872 Robertson Zerviah L. 11-1-1869 Stephenson Jennett (Magary) 1-27-1851 9-17-1874 Young Michael 9-22-1876 72-11-22 S=Barbara Young Young Barbara (Arnot) 4-16-1885 77-10-8 S=Michael Young Young Norman 7-15-1836 9-22-1912 ? Isabella 1843 1890 (found by Norman Young) (Poss. spouse?)

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