Cook Family Cemetery
This cemetery is located in a grove of trees in a field just off county road 141, near Texas, Heard Co., GA.
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Last First Middle Birth Death Age Comments
Cook Fannie L 2-2-1893 6-2-1894   Daughter of NJ and AR Cook
Cook Infant         Daughter of MM and ME Cook
Cook Infant         Daughter of MM and ME Cook
Cook C E 7-12-1875 5-3-1879    
Cook E E 9-31-1885 7-30-1888    
Cook Mary Elizabeth (Adams) 6-18-1844 3-25-1928   S = Milledge M Cook
Cook Milledge Minton 7-15-1830 1-3-1915   S = Mary Elizabeth (Adams) Cook
There were about 21 unmarked graves in and around this family cemetery. At the back there was a built up grave that was unmarked and two fieldstone marked graves.

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